Genshin Impact: Best Venti Build

In anticipation of his possible banner rerun in the 2.6 release, here’s all you need to know about Genshin Impact Venti builds and team composition.

Is there a Genshin Impact Venti build you’re looking for?

Since this popular Genshin Impact character has been confirmed to return in the 2.6 updates, it’s time to take a closer look at this Anemo bow-wielding character and see how we may best utilize his talents.

Venti’s major job is to keep adversaries in mid-air while swapping to other DPS-focused characters to unleash the misery.

The greatest Venti build takes this into consideration.

Uses a combination of Anemo-based skills (wind to the rest of us) and ranged assaults.

When venturing into new territories, Venti’s support skills can enhance other aspects of the adventure.

Pair him with fiery characters to create tornadoes of destruction.

Even though Venti has tonnes of innate DPS potential, it’s preferable to play him as a supporting character because of this.

Venti’s best build in Genshin Impact may be achieved with the following items.

Best Genshin Impact Venti support build

  1. Elegy for the End as a Weapon
  2. Venerer of the Viridescent Lights, artefact (four-piece)

The Elegy for the End is an excellent selection for a Venti who is looking for assistance.

Additionally, Venti’s elemental mastery is increased by 100%, and the team’s attack power is increased by 20% as a result of this (very long-winded) ability being activated even while Venti is not on the field.

However, Skyward Harp is another possible choice, however this is more focused on Venti’s DPS.

As of patch 2.5, the four-piece Viridescent Venerer is the top choice for artefacts.

Swirl damage is increased by 60%, and enemy elemental resistance to the other non-Anemo element is reduced by 40% for ten seconds if you have all four items in your arsenal.

This set of artifacts is a must for Venti, who is fond of crowd management and causing swirl (as well as genuine tornados).

If you really want to dig down in the weeds, you should look for Venerer artefacts that specifically improve elemental mastery and, failing that, some combination of attack, anemo, or crit boosting.

The Best Venti Team Composition

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It’s best to keep our “tone-deaf bard” in a low-DPS position and use his elemental burst to set up high-damage combinations with other characters.

Hydro/Cryo freeze combos could be provided by Mona and Ganyu.

Ayato, a character from the upcoming Genshin Impact anime, could also be a nice fit here.

Diona or Barbara, as well as Kokomi, are good options for a healer in the support role.

The Best Venti Build F2P

The Favonius Warbow is the finest weapon for free-to-play players in Venti.

Only by wishing in the weapon event banner or the normal Invocation banner will you be able to receive the aforementioned weapons.

It is possible to obtain the Favonius, a four-star bow from the Long Shot quest, which has a special feature that makes it easier to use Venti’s skills more frequently.

The Viridescent Venerer may only be obtained from the Valley of Remembrance, where all other artefacts are free.

Some DPS-focused setups have employed Gladiator’s Nostalgia’s two-pieces, which grant a flat 18 percent attack increase, in conjunction with the Venerer’s two-piece bonus to Anemo damage, if they were unable to obtain all four pieces.

If you’re looking to form a Venti team, Barbara and Amber are two free characters that can help out.

With Barbara’s healing prowess, as well as her Pyro bow skills, Amber is a great complement to Venti’s swirl and elemental burst abilities.

Venti’s burst ability can be interrupted by using a character like Xiangling as a stand-in while the enemy is back on the ground.

Venti’s greatest build has been revealed, and his banner replay at the start of the next update will be much anticipated.

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