15 Games Like Dragon City

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Social Point’s best mobile game for iOS and Android devices is Dragon City, which is a lot like the most popular game Pokemon.

Enter a world full of monsters, each of which has its unique skills and abilities that you can use.

Explore the floating city at first, collect dragon eggs, build a home for them, and then wait for them to hatch so you can have a cute baby.

Train them and make a big monster with them that will help you fight. It would be helpful if you combined fire’s dragon, legend, and natures to hatch hybrids and expand your collection.

Play on almost all devices by logging in with Facebook to save your game. With tons of features, play this game and enjoy yourself.

15. Monster Rancher

Dragon City

Monster Rancher is the first video game in the series, and it was released in 1997. It is about raising, breeding, and fighting monsters.

In the fantasy setting, there are hundreds of monsters to take care of. You were put in control of the main character in the game, and your job was to collect rare breeds by exploring the world and training them to turn into enormous monsters.

To win the title of master, compete in tournaments with your trained or skilled monsters against AI or other players.

You can combine monsters to create new ones once you collect more than two.

14. Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters 15 Games Like Dragon City

Another game in the Games Like Pokémon series, Tiny Monsters, offers role-playing, fighting, breed, and puzzle elements. TinyCo builds it.

The game, which is set in a fantasy world, is playable on both Android and iOS devices. Each week, new monsters will be added to the game.

Here, you can hatch, raise, and breed strange animals. The game’s best parts are its cute monsters, rare breeds, beautiful artwork, and so on.

Relax and enjoy this game. Don’t just take on other players; learn how the game is played to increase your chances of victory.

13. Dragon Wizard

Dragon Wizard 15 Games Like Dragon City

The game Dragon Wizard offers players the chance to take on the role of the powerful Dragon Wizard and collect and raise dragons.

To use them in battle against other players, look for cute and powerful monsters in the world.

The game is set in a fantasy world and offers a series of quests to complete.

Dragon Wizard offers a mating system that allows the player to make his two dragons hatch legendary dragons.

Feed and watch the monsters grow. You have to invite other players to get a rare dragon breed.

12. Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster 15 Games Like Dragon City

The best role-playing game that Sigma Game Limited has for Android and iOS is Bulu Monster. You can find, capture, train, and fight thousands of monsters, as well as monsters from other players around the world.

With the task of becoming the best monster trainer, the game puts you in the role of the trainer.

It allows you to challenge your friends and other players in-game and immerse yourself with other players and fellows online.

Key parts of the game that stand out are the fifteen different maps, the fifty NPC trainers, and the ability to train a team.

11. Monster Squad

Monster Squad 15 Games Like Dragon City

The best role-playing, fighting, and puzzle game for iOS and Android is called Monster Squad by Nexon M.

It sent the player on an adventure to capture numerous monsters and train them to fight other players from all over the world. It’s his main goal to show off his skills and win the title of monster hunter.

By changing the world, you can find rare Pokémon and lock them up in a capture box. Unique skills and abilities are present in every monster. Win quests, engage in challenging war, and buy new items to advance in the game.

10. MinoMonsters

MinoMonsters 2 1536x824 1 15 Games Like Dragon City

Fun and exciting games like Pokémon can be found in Mino Monsters. This is a fantasy world with lots of monsters to find, train, and fight.

Take on the role of the trainer and set out on an amazing adventure with lots of goals that you must complete while playing the game.

To win the trophy and write your name in the winners’ book, you must manipulate the fantasy world, find many rare monsters, collect them, train them, and use them in battle.

9. Mino Monsters 2: Evolution

MinoMonsters2 Loading Screen 15 Games Like Dragon City

One more alternative to Pokemon is Mino Monsters 2: Evolution, which has a lot of the same gameplay. The game tells you to find monsters all over the world.

Some of them are straightforward to purchase, while others are distinctive and possess powerful and unique abilities. The in-game world has been presented by hundreds of players, and you are one of them while playing.

Take on a trainer’s role and train your monsters to be the best. You can show off your skills with monsters and prove you are the best trainer in the world by competing against and beating other trainers.

To become a trainer, you have to beat other players in tournaments like Pokémon TCG.

7. PokeMMO

Top 10 Games Like PokeMMO 15 Games Like Dragon City

For monster fights, PokeMMO is a new era. Stop playing against other players and start competing with them.

It is set in a world where monsters abound, each with their unique abilities and superpowers. It offers similar game play to Pokémon.

Take on the role of the main character, a monster trainer, and embark on an adventure to capture new and rare monsters.

You can win the title of best trainer by taking part in the tournament. The first game on the list of Pokémon-like games is PokeMMO.

6. Pokémon

Pokemon 15 Games Like Dragon City

The Pokémon video game series by Bandai Namco Entertain is very popular. Adventure, Augmented Reality (AR), Fighting, Role-Playing, Puzzles, and Strategy are just a few of the genres that the series brings.

In 1996, Pokémon Red and Blue were the first games in the series to come out. The Pokémon trainer, who sets out on an adventure to become the best monster trainer.

The entire game takes place in a fantasy-based world that is full of adorable monsters, some of which are extremely rare.

With a task to turn it into skilled monsters, the player can use a gadget to capture Pokémon. Join a tournament with his well-trained team and win it to become the best trailer.

5. Monster Kingdom

Monster Kingdom 15 Games Like Dragon City

Turn-based, role-playing, and fighting game Monster Kingdom 2007 has both single-player and multiplayer modes. In the game, you can capture and play with hundreds of different kinds of monsters.

A world where monsters and people coexisted peacefully is the setting for The Monster Kingdom. Humans used a device called “Jewels” to capture and hold the monsters captive.

The animal becomes tamed and follows the Jewel’s owner’s orders once it is trapped inside it. While fighting their rivals, they can use monsters, and some of the monsters died in the war.

The players can take on the role of the main character, a monster trainer who wants to become the best monster trainer in the world by defeating several rivals.

4. Kung Fu Pets

kung fu pets 26081 1 15 Games Like Dragon City

The new Pets Training, Capturing, and Breeding Simulation by Com2Us is cool. A whole host of new Mystical pets that can be trained and turned into Kung Fu masters are available to players in the game.

The game is set in a lovely Village named Xiaolin, whose residents are all lovely animals who practice Kung Fu every day. The players in the game are permitted to reside in the Xiaolin Village, summon mystical pets, and train them to become Kung Fu masters.

Players can take their trained pets to Kung Fu tournaments and pit them against other Kung Fu players once they are all trained up. The players are also tasked to train the Pets and engage in epic Kung Fu battles with the Evil Forces that threaten the peace of Xiaolin Village.

By creating magical combinations of different types of elements, the game enables players to summon new Kung Fu pets. The players can also raise the adorable Baby pets and turn them into skilled Kung Fu masters. They can breed different types of Kung Fu pets.

In Kung Fu Pets, players can create their magical village in the sky, a base, and decorate it with all sorts of fun things. It’s a unique and addicting pet simulation experience.

3. GeoSociety

geosociety 12633 1 15 Games Like Dragon City

GeoSociety, created by Ben Hill, is a brilliant Action-Adventure, RPG (Role Playing Game), and Puzzle game that lets you experience Monster Hunting, Taming, and Breeding elements in a super cool way. Pokémon and other old school games like it gave the game its ideas.

GeoSociety lets you be an employee of the GeoSociety, and your task is to capture various monsters, breed them, and protect the monsters that live in the GeoSociety to make the GeoRealm safe and thriving. GeoSociety lets you be a protector of nearly 350 different monster species.

You can train them and make them available to fight other Societies and to capture more monsters and resources and deliver them to GeoSociety. Then you can capture the new monsters and keep doing this until the game is over.

GeoSociety is an incredibly addictive game to play, so if you haven’t already, try it out and enjoy all the fun. It has a beautiful world to explore, over 350 different types of monsters to capture, amazing team-based 3v3 battles, and options to make your monster parties of 9.

2. Battle Camp

battle camp 12629 1 15 Games Like Dragon City

A great Action, Adventure, Puzzle, and RPG video game for iOS and Android devices, Battle Camp was made by PennyPop. Battle Camp features a role-playing game with character and a ton of other features similar to Pokémon. It also lets you enjoy a lot of puzzles.

You can capture and train a variety of monsters in the game, and you can turn into a great trainer by following the story.

This game is cool, and people who like action, adventure, and puzzle role-playing games will enjoy it. Battle Camp offers a variety of quests, challenges, and hidden items to find and enjoy the game’s versatility.

Battle Camp simply lets you explore a wonderful virtual world full of real people and leads of various types of monsters, such as legendary dragons and epic flaming bears, and it lets you capture and train them for use as you fight all the epic and powerful bosses to save the world.

1. Here Be Monsters

here be monsters 26138 1 15 Games Like Dragon City

For Facebook, Here Be Monsters was an Online Multiplayer Monster Hunting video game. Published by Gamesys Ltd, Here Be Monsters allowed players to explore the world by traveling to multiple destinations, collecting tons of different types of rare items, crafting different types of in-game items, and hunting or capturing Monsters.

According to the game back, task in the say when the game was available, it required the players to capture all the monsters spread throughout the world.

The monsters were all infected with the corruption and required the cure. To find and capture monsters, bring them to the Ministry, and cure them, the Ministry of Monsters hires the players.

When the Starium Meteors began falling from the sky, the illness of the Corruption began a while back. The illness of corruption infected all monsters, but it did not affect humans.

The ministry hired the heroes who kept capturing and treating the infected monsters to stop the infection from spreading around the world.

Players could save the world by going on a quest to get rid of the corruption in the game because they were the main characters.

The “Tappers” in the game were the people who capture and cure monsters. There is no doubt that Here Be Monsters was a great game to play, but it was shut down by its publishers in 2015.

For those who enjoyed playing the game and still miss it, there are always games with similar features that they can enjoy.

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