Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

In Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, you’ll come across some seriously strong Pokemon that have made their way to the Alola region through Ultra Wormholes.

These wormholes act as pathways between the Pokemon world and a fascinating interdimensional realm called Ultra Space.

These extraordinary Pokemon are appropriately called Ultra Beasts and present a substantial danger to anyone unlucky to come across one.

Various organizations, such as the Aether Foundation and its leader, Lusamine, have devoted themselves to combating these formidable creatures.

During your exciting journey through Alola, you’ll have the important mission of protecting the region from an invasion of powerful Ultra Beasts.

This threat arises when Lusamine unwittingly opens the door to their arrival.

Although all Ultra Beast Pokemon are known for their immense power, there are certain ones that stand out for being particularly aggressive and hostile.

Here Are Some Of The Best Ultra Beasts Of Pokemon

12. Stakataka

ultra beast 12 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

Stakataka is made up of multiple smaller creatures that come together, creating a colossal stone tower with four sturdy legs.

Stakataka can easily blend in with its surroundings by collapsing its legs, resembling a stone tower or a wall. With its impressive ability to blend in, Stakataka gains a clear advantage in tactical situations.

However, this camouflage can also pose a danger to unsuspecting adventurers, as Stakataka harbors resentment towards anyone who dares to rest on its body.

Not many would willingly approach an Ultra Beast for a quick nap, but the anime showed how someone could easily confuse Stakataka for a fascinating ancient artifact. Or a bench that’s incredibly convenient. Uh-oh.

Nevertheless, should an individual decide to perch atop Stakataka and withstand its attempts to dislodge them, the Pokemon will adopt a calm demeanor as a sign of deference — akin to how a feral horse might be trained for riding.

Stakataka seems to be enjoying a game of king of the hill with us, where the reward is the relief of not having to worry about getting thrown off and getting injured.

Quite a nice perk, I must say. It’s quite simple to identify the real animals that have inspired Pokemon, while some others are inanimate objects that have been brought to life. Stakataka is an example of something different.

It’s actually inspired by a yokai called Mokumokuren, known for residing in walls and having multiple eyes.

Stakataka has eyes scattered all over its body, adding an intriguing dimension to this formidable wall.

11. Naganadel

ultra beast 11 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

Naganadel is a creature that resembles a dragon, with a large abdomen that resembles a bee or wasp. It is known to be an extremely dangerous Ultra Beast.

The swollen belly contains a sizable pouch capable of holding a substantial amount of toxic fluid. This fluid can be projected at adversaries using its sharp needles, reaching impressive distances.

It’s worth noting that the potent liquid has a strong adhesive quality, making it difficult for an opponent to escape once they come into contact with it.

This can lead to a rapid onset of poisoning and a challenging task of removing the toxic substance.

Despite its imposing appearance, Nagandel proves to be a surprisingly gentle Ultra Beast, thanks to its ability to communicate telepathically. Some Ultra Beasts are not malevolent creatures.

10. Pheromosa

ultra beast 10 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

Pheromosa is an intriguing Pokemon with a unique appearance, resembling a white cockroach or an insect that has transformed into a graceful woman.

Pheromosa possesses a slender physique and remarkably elongated legs, enabling it to achieve astonishing speeds that render it virtually impossible for humans to escape.

Additionally, it has a captivating pheromone that leaves anyone who encounters it completely mesmerized, which is how it got its name.

Surprisingly, this formidable insect-like Ultra Beast is quite repulsed by the Pokemon world and shows great reluctance to come into contact with anything.

Despite Pheromosa’s formidable pheromone abilities and incredible speed, it generally prefers to keep to itself and avoid interactions. As long as you don’t provoke it, there’s a good chance it will leave you be.

9. Poipole

ultra beast 8 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

Poipole may be smaller than other massive Ultra Beasts, but it is just as formidable. Poipole has a multitude of spikes on its head that it can shoot out to deliver a potent poisonous adhesive, making it and its evolution, Naganadel, some of the most formidable Poison types in the world of Pokemon.

The unhinged nature of this Ultra Beast is what sets it apart from Naganadel and makes it more dangerous.

Poipole gleefully cackles as it covers its foes with venom, seemingly deriving twisted pleasure from poisoning those it encounters.

Although it can interact with humans, it might be challenging to have a rational conversation with it. Clearly, evolution involves moving beyond the immature “it’s just a prank bro” phase that Poipole represents.

8. Blacephalon

ultra beast 7 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

This incredible Ultra Beast bears a striking resemblance to a vibrant harlequin, boasting a spherical head adorned with a mesmerizing array of multicolored dots.

Blacephalon uses its unique appearance to disarm opponents by acting in a playful manner while gradually getting closer.

Once in range, the Pokemon’s head will burst with an unexpected surprise; quite an interesting sight, isn’t it?

As the opponent stands there, completely stunned, Blacephalon skillfully drains its prey’s life force and uses it to restore its own head.

Blacephalon can be quite formidable, but with a little caution and staying at a safe distance, its main method of attack can be easily countered.

Blacephalon stands out from other Ultra Beasts due to its exclusive signature move. Mind Blown is an incredibly potent Fire move, boasting an impressive base power of 150.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Blacephalon will incur damage equivalent to half of its maximum HP. This means that if its current HP is below that threshold, it will end up knocking itself out.

Using the power can be quite tempting, but it’s important to be cautious due to the potential risks involved.

7. Xurkitree

ultra beast 77 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

Xurkitree is an intriguing Ultra Beast with a unique appearance, resembling a stick figure crafted from wire and emanating sparks.

This electrifying Ultra Beast possesses the ability to unleash powerful shocks, while also having the capability to take control of power plants and other energy sources in order to replenish and amplify its already formidable powers.

When feeling a bit drained, it happily connects to the ground and draws in the soothing electrical currents from the earth.

In this stationary position, adversaries would have a golden chance to strike, provided they managed to survive the immense outburst beforehand.

Xurkitree’s immense power is enough to make even the strongest Electric types, like Zapdos, tremble in fear. Its relentless attacks are a force to be reckoned with, leaving challengers with little hope of establishing dominance.

6. Buzzwole

ultra beast 6 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

Buzzwole is an insect-like Ultra Beast that can definitely give you some chills. The creature moves gracefully on its slender limbs, showcasing its impressive strength in its well-defined muscles.

This Ultra Beast possesses immense strength, capable of obliterating a dump truck with a single punch.

Buzzwole’s immense strength and unstoppable fury make a compelling argument for it being the most powerful Ultra Beast, especially when it comes to sheer physical might. It’s worth noting that it can also utilize its proboscis to attack adversaries and absorb their energy, which further strengthens its already well-developed muscles.

Buzzwole possesses an astonishing level of raw strength, which becomes even more concerning when considering its insatiable appetite for living beings.

Its already intimidating base strength knows no bounds, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Let me tell you, Buzzwole is one of the most powerful Bug-type Pokemon out there, and for very good reasons. With its impressive base HP stat, this Bug-type Pokemon is a great addition to any Bug team, providing that much-needed boost.

5. Guzzlord

ultra beast 5 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

Guzzlord is an incredibly hefty and undeniably colossal Ultra Beast in comparison to others that have been discovered.

This Pokemon is known for its voracious appetite, devouring anything that comes its way. Guzzlord’s immense size and insatiable hunger allow it to devour entire mountains.

If it can devour a mountain, it surely has the power to devour a village. Avoiding its massive maw would be a wise decision, considering its ability to consume an entire village.

In Sun & Moon, there’s a mischievous Guzzlord causing trouble, leading Celebi to send Ash on a time-traveling mission to assist a man in saving his world from further destruction.

If you have to rely on Ash’s plot armor to protect what’s left of the world, you can tell it’s a serious situation.

4. Kartana

ultra beast 4 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

Kartana is a small Ultra Beast that has the appearance of a samurai crafted from origami paper or a carefully constructed paper plane.

The choice is yours to make. Just like Poipole, this little creature is surprisingly petite for an Ultra Beast, but its entire body is incredibly sharp, like a razor.

Attacking it becomes quite the challenge, as it effortlessly evades attacks and swiftly cuts through any Pokemon that comes into contact with it. Legend has it that with a single swipe of its powerful arms, it was able to slice through a massive steel tower.

Pokedex entries are well-known for their peculiar comparisons, but it’s impossible to deny the sheer awe-inspiring nature of slicing a steel tower in half.

Be aware of Kartana’s vulnerability to Fire-type Pokemon, which can diminish its ferocity. However, defeating a Kartana in battle is no easy task.

3. Necrozma

ultra beast 3 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

There is a lot of discussion surrounding the definition of an Ultra Beast. However, the Aether Foundation considers Necrozma, along with all its forms, to be an Ultra Beast, so it is included in that category.

In addition, Necrozma’s Pokemon TCG cards were also classified as Ultra Beasts. Ultra Necrozma is truly impressive in every way, from its majestic wings to its enormous size, making it truly deserving of its title.

When Necrozma absorbs Solgaleo or Lunala, it gains access to a wide range of impressive powers, whether it’s in Dusk Mane or Dusk Wings form.

It possesses a wide range of powerful Psychic abilities and Ghost-type moves, making it stand out among other Pokemon of those types.

There is ongoing debate about whether Necrozma truly deserves its Ultra Beast status, but there are only a handful of creatures brave enough to face it and survive.

2. Celesteela

ultra beast 2 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

This Ultra Beast has a unique appearance, resembling an extraterrestrial creature enclosed in a peculiar metal rocket. With its impressive arm strength, it effortlessly propels itself through the air at remarkable speeds.

These arms also contain a gas that is highly flammable and can ignite entire forests.

That’s not very polite. One thing to consider is its unexpectedly plant-like characteristics. It’s worth noting that Celesteela is known to extract nutrients from the soil, much like how Xurkitree absorbs electricity.

This feeding process could potentially make Celesteela vulnerable to attacks. However, it still causes significant damage to entire forests.

Caution should be exercised when dealing with the destruction of Pokemon homes, as it can have far-reaching consequences.

Avoid encountering any untamed Celesteela unless you possess a Beast Ball to safely confine this extraordinary creature.

1. Nihilego

ultra beast 1 Every Pokemon Ultra Beast Ranked

The monstrous Nihilego is definitely one of the few Pokemon that can rival Necrozma in terms of fear factor. Nihilego exudes an elegant and delicate presence, resembling a humanoid jellyfish.

This unusual contrast immediately makes people feel uneasy. Nihilego is a parasite that injects a neurotoxin, which unfortunately brings out the aggressive tendencies of the host.

This harmonious fusion enhances Nihilego’s powers greatly, along with any latent power from the host themselves. Feel free to reach out to Lusamine for assistance.

Nihilego is widely regarded as the most formidable and malevolent Ultra Beast due to its unique ability to mimic the appearance of any previous contender.

Imagine a Buzzwole overrun by Nihilego. After Nihilego has depleted its strength, it can proceed to Guzzlord, followed by Xurkitree, and ultimately choose the most suitable candidate for its next move.

Undoubtedly, Nihilego possesses an immense amount of power, making it the most fearsome Ultra Beast in the world of Pokemon.

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