9 Best Grass Starters in Pokémon

As you probably know, when a new Pokémon Trainer starts their journey, they usually pick one of three “starter” companions: a monster with the fire, water, or grass element.

Each of these animals is a good ally and can change into a stronger version of itself. However, some of them look more ready for battle than others.

We’ve already looked at the Water and Fire starting Pokémon. Today, we’ll figure out which of the Grass Pokémon has the best stats, type, and moves.

9. Grookey – Thwackey – Rillaboom

Grookey Thwackey Rillaboom 1 9 Best Grass Starters in Pokémon

When the Sword and Shield starts were announced, it seemed like they would all be useful in the game, but Scorbunny’s Libero ability made it seem like it would be the best one for competitive play.

The first part turned out to be true, but after the Isle of Armor DLC and the addition of Grassy Glide, Rillaboom became a force to be reckoned with.

But now things are different, and Rillaboom can’t do the move that made it so famous.

Even worse, it lost many of the covering moves that made it successful. It’s still a strong Pokemon with moves like Wood Hammer, Drum Beating, Drain Punch, U-Turn, and Fake Out, but it really misses some moves.

Rillaboom’s design is still great, and it will be good enough for in-game play, but it probably won’t be used in professional play for much longer.

8. Rowlet – Dartrix – Decidueye/Hisuian Decidueye

Rowlet Dartrix Decidueye Hisuian Decidueye 1 9 Best Grass Starters in Pokémon

If you want to make an interesting pair, Rowlet, a grass-type starter, might be the one for you. Rowlet is a rare starter because it starts out as a Grass/Flying type.

But when it becomes Decidueye, it changes from Grass to Ghost. Even though this gives Decidueye a lot of interesting protections and resistances, it doesn’t really help him win in games or in tournaments.

Based on how it’s made, you’d think Decidueye would be fast, but it’s actually pretty slow. The rest of the numbers aren’t very good either.

It’s a good mixed defender because of this, but it’s nothing to write home about. But in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, its Hisuian form is interesting because it changes to Grass/Fighting and gets the secret ability Scrappy, which lets its Fighting moves hit Ghost-types.

But this makes it even slower than the normal version. Both types are well-made, but there are other ways to do their jobs that are better.

7. Sprigatito – Floragato – Meowscarada

Sprigatito Floragato Meowscarada 9 Best Grass Starters in Pokémon

When Sprgatito came out for Scarlet & Violet, it made the whole internet go crazy because it was so cute.

Sprigatito quickly became a fan favorite after people gave it the loving name “Weed Cat.” It’s too bad that even though it’s popular, it probably won’t do well in fight.

Meowscarada has a base Speed of 123 and a base Attack of 110. This makes it a very fast physical fighter. But its weakness and bad Grass/Dark typing make it not as good as it could be.

That means it is weak to seven things, including Bug, which is weak to it four times. Even worse, the Sprigatito line as a whole doesn’t have many benefits against the game’s main trainers.

The most exciting thing about Meowscarada is its secret ability, Protean. However, that ability has been weakened so that it only works once per switch in.

Even though this is a magic show, it doesn’t look like there’s any real magic going on.

6. Snivy – Servine – Serperior

Grass Starters

Snivy from Unova evolves into Serperior, which looks like a snake. Fans liked how these Pokémon looked (like how Snivy loses its limbs over time), but they’re not as good as some of the other starters.

Snivy will never get a second type and will always be a pure Grass type. But this might not be the best idea, since grass Pokémon are weak against five elements but immune to four.

Even worse, Serperior’s final form doesn’t have very good stats.

Only its speed is great, and in battle, speed is only used to decide who goes first. Both Serperior’s normal attack and its special attack are low, which makes it hard to directly beat enemies.

The Snivy family can learn some strong moves, but they are all either Grass-type or Normal-type. Use TM or HM things to add more variety to your menu.

Because of these things, Snivy and the other Unova starts aren’t as good as other starters.

5. Chikorita – Bayleef – Meganium

MTc0NDU1NDYzMzE0ODU5NjU0 9 Best Grass Starters in Pokémon

Next, we have Chikorita, the second grass seed we’ve ever seen. It changes into Bayleef and then Meganium, but it stays a grass type the whole time.

Meganium’s stats are very well-balanced, with defense and special defense having a slight edge. Also, it will learn a lot of things that will help it stay alive.

Reflect and Light Screen will lower the damage that comes in, and Synthesis will heal you.

Unfortunately, Chikorita’s family has some of the same annoying problems as Snivy’s.

They can only learn Grass and Normal strikes, and even then, they can’t learn the strongest moves until they are very high levels.

Meganium’s general value as a defensive Pokemon is also hurt by the fact that Grass is weak to so many elements.

Lastly, think about how Chikorita is weak against many of the types that early Johto Gym Leaders use. This makes it harder to use than the other options.

4. Treecko – Grovyle – Sceptile

MTc0NDU1NDYzMzE1MDU2MjYy 9 Best Grass Starters in Pokémon

The fourth place goes to Treecko, who is our third starter Pokémon and the only one that never gets a second element (not counting Mega Evolution).

Treecko was a welcome change from its predecessors, who were slow and defensive instead of quick and attacking.

Treecko evolves into Sceptile, a Pokémon with low attack and defense numbers but high speed, special attack, and special defense.

Most of Sceptile’s moves are physical, which makes it hard to use its strong special attack. However, TMs can help fix this problem.

Also, Sceptile learns Fighting, Dark, and Bug attacks in addition to the normal Grass and Normal attacks, so you can take advantage of a lot of weaknesses.

Even though it’s not perfect, Sceptile is a good Pokémon for the Grass team.

3. Turtwig – Grotle – Torterra

MTc0NDU1NDYzMzE0OTI1MTkw 9 Best Grass Starters in Pokémon

Turtwig, who looks like a turtle, comes from Sinnoh. This Pokémon gets the Ground element, which will help it evolve into the powerful Torterra.

As of this writing, Grass/Ground is a type that is only found in this family. It isn’t the best type, though, because it has two resistances, one immunity, and four flaws.

One of these weaknesses, Ice, is strong against both Grass and Ground types. This makes cold strikes do four times as much damage.

Still, Torterra is a physical powerhouse with high hit points, a strong attack, and good defense. It also learns different moves, such as Grass, Dark, and Ground techniques.

Also, Torterra’s moves are amazing because they do a lot of damage, heal it, or make its defenses stronger. All of Sinnoh’s starting Pokémon are good, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

2. Bulbasaur – Ivysaur – Venusaur

MTc0NDU1NDYzMzE0Nzk0MTE4 9 Best Grass Starters in Pokémon

The second place today goes to the original Bulbasaur. As of this writing, Bulbasaur is the only starter that has a second element: poison. It’s a good addition; this combo has four flaws but five resistances.

All poison types are also immune to the poison state effect, which is another way to protect yourself.

Bulbasaur evolves into the powerful Venusaur, a monster with well-balanced stats that favor special attack and special defense.

Venusaur doesn’t have a lot of different ways to hit; it mostly knows Normal and Grass moves. Still, there are many ways to heal, and TMs can give you even more choices.

Lastly, keep in mind that Bulbasaur’s grass type is good against the first three Kanto Gym Leaders, making it easy for new Trainers to start out.

1. Chespin – Quilladin – Chesnaught

MTc0NDU1NDYzMzE0OTkwNzI2 1 9 Best Grass Starters in Pokémon

Chesnaught, which is Chespin’s final form, is a Grass and Fighting type with five flaws and five resistances. Not bad, but what we really want are the numbers for Chesnaught.

It moves slowly and has a special attack, so don’t use moves that aren’t straight and expect to attack second.

This tough Pokemon, on the other hand, has a great defense and a lot of hit points. Chesnaught’s high attack stat is also put to good use by the fact that almost all of its attacking moves are physical.

And you can choose from many different types of attacks: grass, fighting, normal, ground, bug, and dark.

Chesnaught also learns some ways to protect itself, such as the useful Spiky Shield, which blocks all damage and sometimes strikes back.

Most Pokémon fans agree that Chespin’s family is the least attractive of the starters in terms of looks. But if you want to use this powerful Grass-type in battle, give it some thought.

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