Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Evolve Finizen And Use Hero Form

While embarking on your journey through the Paldea region in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll come across a plethora of new Pokemon and evolution methods that might not be immediately apparent.

Finizen is a delightful water-type Pokemon that can be discovered in the seas surrounding the Paldean island, and possesses a rather unique evolution process.

Initially, Finizen’s evolution may appear unimpressive, with only a red heart on its chest.

However, this Pokemon possesses the remarkable ability to completely transform its form.

Now, we can explore the process of evolving Finizen and discovering the incredible abilities of its Hero Form.

How to Evolve Finizen?

1 Finizen Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Evolve Finizen And Use Hero Form

In order to evolve Finizen, you’ll require the assistance of another player. To help Finizen evolve, you’ll want to team up with another player in the Union Circle using the game’s Poke Portal, as multiplayer is the key to its evolution.

For this process to work, it is necessary to have another player present, whether it’s in local or online multiplayer.

After teaming up with some players, it’s important to ensure that your Finizen reaches a level of 38 or higher.

You have the option to engage in battles with wild Pokemon and trainers, or utilize EXP Candies or Rare Candies to quickly raise its level.

When you reach level 38 and team up with another player in the Union Circle, your Finizen will undergo a fantastic evolution, transforming into the magnificent Palafin!

How to Turn Palafin into Hero Form?

Finizen 2 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Evolve Finizen And Use Hero Form

Palafin appears nearly indistinguishable from its previous evolution, save for a crimson heart adorning its belly.

On the other hand, Palafin acquires a special ability called Zero to Hero, enabling it to transform into its Hero Form.

This transformation significantly boosts Palafin’s base stats and alters its appearance.

Palafin can easily switch out during battle to transform into its powerful Hero Form.

You have the option to switch the active battling Pokemon or utilize its exclusive move Flip Turn.

Regardless of the situation, when Palafin is switched out, it will automatically transform into its Hero Form.

Palafin will remain in Hero Form throughout the battle, but it will return to its normal form once the battle concludes.

When Palafin transforms into Hero Form, its stats receive a significant boost. Its attack stat, in particular, becomes incredibly powerful, reaching an impressive 160 stat points.

This places Palafin among the top contenders for highest base attack stats in the game.

Palafin’s impressive attack stat allows it to excel as a formidable physical attacker, although it requires some setup to reach its full potential in Hero Form.

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