Where is Lost Room 403 in DMZ?

All over Ashika Island, the Intel Exchange mission for the Crown’s end players. You’ll need to not only find the key to Lost Room 403 during the quest, but you’ll also need to find the room.

The majority of keys in DMZ drop randomly, so as soon as you grab one, you should rush to where it belongs.

If you’ve just found the key as loot or are trying to finish the Intel Exchange mission, this is also the case for the Lost Room 403’s case, and this is where you can find the key.

How to find Lost Room 403 in DMZ?

Lost Room 403 location in DMZ 982x1024 1 Where is Lost Room 403 in DMZ?

Within a building situated west of Ashika Island, between the Beach Club and Town Center, you can find Lost Room 403. As a reference, here is a screenshot of the exact spot:

You should be careful, though, because the building could also look like a stronghold, so you should also bring a stronghold keycard just in case.

You’ll be met by enemies as soon as you enter the building, which you’ll need to take out before you can continue.

You can find Lost Room 403 on the left side of the hallway by using the lift cables to get to the second floor.

Where to get the Lost Room 403 key in DMZ?

The Lost Room 403 key shows up in DMZ randomly. While looting or fighting AI enemies, players can find it. By completing the HVT contract, it’s also possible to obtain this key.

Lost Room 403 Loot in DMZ

Players will be rewarded with cash, weapon caches, and other valuable ground loot when they enter Lost Room 403 with the key. There is enough loot for more than one person in the room, so visiting this location with friends is recommended.

Where To Use Lost Room 403 Key?

The key in question is for Lost Room 403, which is not surprising. Its name, “lost,” isn’t accurate, though, because we know exactly where it is.

Lost Room 403 is on Ashika Island, north of the Beach Club and southeast of the Town Center. In particular, it’s in grid F6 of the map.

In our game, the building it’s in was a Stronghold, as you can see. We just purchased a Stronghold Keycard at a nearby Buy Station and fought our way through the enemies.

Lost Room 403 Ashika Island Warzone DMZ Where is Lost Room 403 in DMZ?

Use the elevator shaft to ascend to the top floor once you’re inside the building in question. Follow the path around the corner to the left until you see a locked room with a white “X” on the door. Room 403 is that one.

Room 403 Ashika Island Warzone DMZ Where is Lost Room 403 in DMZ?

The door has numbers on it, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. The key will let you in, so enjoy the loot inside. There is a lot of cash, a few Orange Crates, and one or two Gold Bars.

In case you want to head there and get that loot, there’s also the Tsuki Castle Hideout Key that’s worth picking up.

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