Try Fixing The Hueneme Negev Error in MW3

It’s not surprising that games these days often have their fair share of launch issues, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is no different.

Players and servers have been experiencing a range of errors, including the ‘Hueneme Negev’ error code.

This error, unfortunately, is not a new occurrence. It also impacted Modern Warfare 2, although it seems that Activision did not anticipate these errors when planning for content to be carried over.

However, it evokes some unpleasant recollections. Take a closer look at the possible reasons behind the Hueneme Negev error code in MW3, along with some potential fixes.

What Could Be The Reason Behind The Hueneme Negev Error in MW3?

1 Hueneme Negev error Try Fixing The Hueneme Negev Error in MW3

Players have encountered the error in various scenarios, most of which are related to a connection failure.

Whether it’s logging in or connecting to a match lobby in progress, it seems that the connection to the server has unfortunately failed.

There could be several reasons for this, such as a weak internet connection, incorrect internet settings, or issues with the MW3 servers.

How To Resolve The Hueneme Negev Error in MW3?

2 Hueneme Negev error Try Fixing The Hueneme Negev Error in MW3

Given the widespread impact on players across various platforms, it’s important to note that there isn’t a single solution that can completely resolve the Hueneme Negev error in MW3.

However, there are several different solutions you can try that other players have found success with.

1) Try Clicking on Retry First, If That Doesn’t Work, Attempt Going Offline And Then Back Online.

Of course, you’ve likely attempted to click on Tetry since it’s the initial choice that appears when the error message shows up.

However, it seems that many friendly CoD players who have encountered this problem have reported that repeatedly hitting the retry button has eventually resolved the Hueneme Negev error.

It may not be the most sophisticated solution, but if it gets the job done, then it’s good enough.

If that doesn’t work, there’s another option you can try: disconnect from the internet.

According to some players, going offline in MW3 may help resolve the Hueneme Negev error.

2) Close The Game And Restart It

It’s a solution that is highly recommended for any game experiencing errors; it’s like the gaming version of “rebooting” your device.

Try exiting MW3, checking for an update, and relaunching. This might help you bypass the Hueneme Negev error.

Just a quick tip: If you’re unsure whether you fully exited the game, you can open Task Manager and check if the Call of Duty process is still running.

3) Check The MW3 Server Status.

If you’re finding that basic solutions aren’t doing the trick, it might be worth investigating if the issue lies with the game itself.

Please check for any known server issues on the following websites, starting with the one related to MW3:

The official CoD Updates channel can also notify you about any other MW3-side issues.

4) Potential Solutions For The Hueneme Negev Error

3 Hueneme Negev error 1 Try Fixing The Hueneme Negev Error in MW3

If these simple solutions aren’t solving the Hueneme Negev error, here are some additional options that other users have found helpful:

  • Make sure to check the integrity of your game files if you’re playing on PC.
  • Please disconnect your router, wait for 30 seconds, and then reconnect it. If that doesn’t work, you could give rebooting your modem and router a try.
  • Please consider restarting your system.
  • To manually change your DNS setting, you can use the following values: and
  • For PlayStation users, reset your network settings.

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