Find The Underground Waterway Ashika Island Intel in DMZ

Players were thrilled with the abundance of new content that came with the second season update for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

We added Ashika Island, along with some new factions and missions.

Ashika Island offers a more condensed map compared to Al Mazrah, yet it remains packed with a plethora of captivating information and points of interest (POIs) that gamers are sure to find intriguing.

The Underground Waterway is not only a crucial part of the Ashika Island map, but it also plays a significant role in the Muddy Waters objective for the White Lotus faction.

Furthermore, apart from this objective, there are several significant locations situated near the Underground Waterways.

Here’s all the information you need to find this area on the map, whether you’re searching for the Underground Waterways to complete Muddy Waters, find a critical site, or just enjoy the view.

Let’s Find the Underground Waterways on Ashika Island In Warzone 2 DMZ

0 Underground Waterway Find The Underground Waterway Ashika Island Intel in DMZ

The Underground Waterways on Ashika Island are an expansive and complex network of caves that have been carved out beneath the surface of Ashika Island proper for the purpose of navigation.

There’s a convenient tunnel near Port Ashika that will lead you straight into the hidden labyrinth.

It’s worth noting that there are additional entrances and exits to this labyrinth. This tunnel is situated right in the heart of the Port Ashika region, nestled between two massive buildings.

You can easily find the exact location on the map below.

1 Underground Waterway Find The Underground Waterway Ashika Island Intel in DMZ

After the players make their way down the tunnel, they will discover that they have arrived beneath the Tsuki Castle region.

Once players reach this point, they’ll find themselves in a much bigger room where they can complete the Muddy Waters quest and any other side objectives.

Moreover, you’ll find a Dead Drop located in this area, along with plenty of chances to collect valuable loot.

However, it’s important for players to be cautious when venturing into this area, as it is filled with powerful enemies, particularly juggernauts. It would be wise to steer clear of this region.

If players are considering exploring this dangerous region, it is highly recommended that they either possess an ample supply of weapons or seek the company of fellow players for added security.

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