Destiny 2 Player Makes Their Guardian Look Like Dragon Ball Z’s Goku

It looks like The Last City has enlisted the power of the Saiyans in its fight against the Witness thanks to a Destiny 2 player’s new customised armour set.

Other players praised their Son Goku-themed Destiny 2 costume for cleverly using armour pieces and well-coordinated shaders to evoke the character’s iconic look.

Amazingly creative Destiny 2 cosplay outfits are becoming more and more popular as the game gets older.

As long as players can keep getting cool new armour and weapons, Bungie has a reason to keep adding new costume pieces that players can wear, change up, and use for other fashion purposes.

A lot of cosmetic designs for the game have already been inspired by characters from other games, like Teen Titans’ Raven, a Dark Souls 3 boss, and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themselves.

The strongest warrior in Universe 7, Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z, joins the fight in the newest Destiny 2 costume as one of the most powerful heroes.

In order to evoke the silhouette of the legendary fighter, the Goku costume makes use of an arrangement of armour parts used by a Warlock Guardian.

Destiny 2 Goku Costume Includes Anime-Style Haircut

The Destiny 2 Son Goku costume was made by YoSoyDaissy7 of the DestinyFashion community and is based on a costume that would work for a Warlock using the Arc-based Stormcaller subclass.

Goku is known for not using weapons or gear, so the build uses low-profile armour pieces that look like cloth.

To test his strength against his opponents’, Goku instead uses his many superpowers to change into different forms.

Instead of using expensive Eververse cosmetics, YoSoyDaissy7’s costume uses armour pieces that were primarily released as part of seasonal content.

To replicate the shape and pattern of Goku’s famous Turtle School Gi, the costume’s chest uses the Wild Hunt Vestment, Meridian Constellation arms, and Heiro Camo legs.

The right mix of orange and blue to match Goku’s clothes’ colour blocking is found by mixing the Vanguard Veteran and Vanguard Unity shaders.

Although it doesn’t quite match the exact shape of the character’s hairdo, the Fallen Sunstar Exotic Warlock armour does evoke Goku’s thick hairstyle.

People liked YoSoyDaissy7’s work and found it funny that she used exotic to make Destiny 2’s “realistic” art style look like anime hair.

Some players even pointed out that the right mix of blue-and-white shaders on the same parts could also be used to get a look based on Vegeta, who is always trying to beat Goku.

A player joked that YoSoyDaissy7 should make a second loadout with the same parts, but the “hair” should be bright yellow or gold to make it look like they are becoming Super Saiyan.

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