Locate Vondel University Dead Drop in DMZ

With the start of a fresh season in DMZ, get ready for an array of exciting challenges, factions, and missions to conquer.

These will not only test your skills but also reward you with valuable loot for your upcoming raid.

One of the thrilling missions, called Icebreaker, requires you to deliver a letter of introduction at a discreet location near the Vondel University Dead Drop.

Completing this mission may pose a challenge if you have difficulty locating the Vondel University Dead Drop.

Just to clarify, the dead drop location is not actually in the University area. Instead, it can be found in an unmarked area nearby.

Vondel University Dead Drop Location in DMZ

2 Vondel University dead drop 2 Locate Vondel University Dead Drop in DMZ

The Vondel University dead drop location is incredibly easy to locate and can be conveniently accessed once you obtain the letter of introduction and tracker from the Vondel Zoo (which also has its own dead drop).

Once you’ve got these two items, head towards the top of the map, where you’ll find the University and City Hall.

There are several AI combatants in the vicinity, but you’ll easily spot the dead drop location in a skip near the University.

It’s conveniently located across the street on the east side, next to a gas station.

The ideal location would be between the two buildings in this sector, where there is usually minimal resistance.

However, there is a possibility that some players might stop to refuel their vehicle while they’re on the hunt for the new Bullfrog boss.

In my opinion, it would be a good idea to connect the final part of this mission with another one, such as the Close Quarters mission in the Black Mous tier two.

In Close Quarters, your objective is to gain access to a Stronghold and eliminate all the AI inside.

22 Vondel University dead drop 1 Locate Vondel University Dead Drop in DMZ

There’s an active Stronghold across the street to the south that you can clear out before heading to the exfil point near the Market.

There are two UAV towers on the map that can be activated by both your team and enemies.

It’s important to act swiftly if either of them is activated, as they can reveal your location on their tacmaps.

Additionally, there is a buy station located at the University.

This can be quite handy if you find yourself in need of ammunition or supplies before embarking on an exfil or another mission.

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