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10 Popular Bat Pokemon of The Pokémon Franchise

Today we are going to create a list of our top 10 Bat Pokemon from the Pokémon Franchise you normally will meet these bat Pokemon in dark maze like caves attacking you from everywhere.

These Bat Pokemon also have the coolest designs in the games and whole franchise and they can be your formidable partners in any battle you walk in.

So if you are one of those anime fans who love edgy vicious looking Pokemon then you are at right place there are dark type, flying type, poison type and even legendary type of Bat Pokemon to choose from.

So without wasting any more time lets just dive into top 10 Bat Pokemon of all time

10. Golbat

Golbat bat pokemon

Bat-type Poison/Flying Bat Golbat was first released in Generation I. Pokémon Golbat has enormous, blue bat-like wings covered in purple. Little slit-pupiled eyes, tiny triangular ears, and a gigantic mouth with two rows of teeth on each side characterize the creature.

A female Golbat’s teeth are more delicate, as seen by the reduced size of her fangs. Even though its mouth seems to be empty, Golbat reveals a lengthy purple tongue from time to time. Its legs are small, but its feet are long.

Golbat’s teeth feature hollow tubes optimized for sucking blood. As robust as they are, they are also quite vulnerable. In one sitting, it can consume up to 10 ounces (300 milliliters) of blood from both Pokémon and humans.

Golbat drinks so much blood that its blood type will change to that of its victim following a meal. It’s also a glutton, and it’s been known to stuff itself to the point of being unable to fly, making it susceptible. As a nocturnal mammal, the golbat may be easily discovered in caves.

9. Crobat

Crobat bat pokemon

As a newcomer in Generation II, Crobat is a Poison/Flying-type Bat Pokemon. Zubat’s last and most developed form, Golbat, is this.

Its tiny, spherical body gives Crobat the appearance of a purple bat. Short, pointed ears; golden eyes with crimson pupils; a tiny mouth with exposed teeth.

In addition to the two pairs of wings on its body, it has a pair of wings that sprouted from its legs. There are two pairs, although only the bottom pair’s membranes can be viewed from the rear.

Two claw-like fingers may be seen on the top wings. Stubby feet or tufts of hair can be seen protruding from its lower torso.

8. Woobat

woobat bat pokemon

Woobat is a Psychic/Flying-type Bat Pokemon introduced in Generation V.

Woobat is a blue, spherical Pokémon, resembling a Honduran White Bat. It is covered in shaggy fur and has a large, piggish nose with a heart-shaped nostril.

Two tufts of shaggy fur hide its eyes, and its mouth has a single fang in the center of its upper jaw. There are two relatively small, black wings on either side of its body.

Woobat’s nose serves various purposes: It uses ultrasonic waves from its nostrils for echolocation, and it can also be used to grip walls as Woobat sleeps, which leaves heart-shaped marks on the walls of caves.

A Woobat’s heart-shaped mark is said to give good fortune to whoever its leaves its mark on.

7. Swoobat


Swoobat is a dual-type Psychic/Flying Bat Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Woobat when leveled up with high friendship.

Swoobat is a blue, bat-like Pokémon. It has fused, pointed ears with striated, lighter colored insides and a pink, heart-shaped snout with a single nostril. Two wide, rounded teeth are visible in its lower jaw.

A mane of shaggy, light blue fur surrounds its neck. Its black wings have a claw at the joint, and its small black feet have three toes each. It has a bare, pink tail that is twisted with two short prongs at the tip.

6. Gligar


Gligar is a Ground/Flying-type Bat Pokemon introduced in Generation II.

Gligar is a purple, bat-like Pokémon. Its head and body are round and roughly equal in size. It has long, triangular ears and triangular eyes with small pupils. Two large pointed teeth protrude from its upper jaw, and a pink tongue is often seen lolling from its mouth.

Its arms are segmented at the wrists and end in large pincers. Spread between its arms are two blue wing membranes, each tipped with a purple claw. Its legs are thin and likewise segmented at the ankles, with its round feet having one claw each.

Gligar has a long tail split into spherical sections, ending in a large, round stinger. The female Gligar will have a smaller stinger than the male.

5. Gliscor

Gliscor bat pokemon

Gliscor is a Ground/Flying-type Bat Pokemon introduced in Generation IV.

Gliscor is a large, mainly blue-purple vampire bat-like Pokémon. Its legs have two toes and a slightly darker circular coloration on the underside, and its tail has two barbs, giving its tail the resemblance of a vampire’s fangs.

Its arms are red with thin striations, and are completely detached from its black wings, and each are ended with large pincers. Its ears have discernible, red, chambered ear insides, and its eyes are yellow. It has six visible fangs in its mouth, and its waist, like its arms, is red and striated.

Gliscor’s body resembles an open mouth, with the pointed protrusions coming from its upper torso resembling fangs, further illustrating its vampiric qualities. It appears to be partially covered in an insect-like exoskeleton.

4. Noibat


Noibat is a Flying/Dragon-type Bat Pokemon introduced in Generation VI.

Noibat is a pale purple bat-like Pokémon. It has yellow eyes, a black triangular marking on the inner corner of each eye, three tufts of spiked fur on each cheek, two dark purple teardrop-shaped spots on the front of its face, a black lower jaw, and two spiked tufts of fur on its upper lip.

Its large, teardrop-shaped ears resemble loudspeakers; they are dark purple on the outside with alternating rings of pale and dark purple fading to black on the inside.

Fluffy black fur covers its chest and hips. On the middle joint of its wings are small black hands with two fingers and it has two long toes on each foot.

3. Noivern


Noivern is a Flying/Dragon-type Bat Pokemon introduced in Generation VI.

Noivern is a large, draconic Pokémon that resembles a bat. It is primarily black with a purple underbelly and blue-green wing membranes. It has a purple lower jaw, a red, V-shaped growth on its snout, two fang-like projections on its upper lip, and yellow eyes with blue-green sclerae.

Its large, teardrop-shaped ears have alternating rings of blue-green and black on the interiors and resemble loudspeakers. Around its neck is a fluffy mane of white fur that is longer in the back.

Its wings have three red claws on the middle joint and are divided into segments by two black wing fingers. On the back of the wing, the final segment is purple.

Noivern’s feet have two toes each and a red, claw-like growth on top of each toe. It has a long, whip-like tail with a blue-green underside and two spines near the tip.

2. Zubat


Zubat is a Poison/Flying-type Bat Pokemon introduced in Generation I.

Zubat is a blue, bat-like Pokémon. While it lacks eyes, it has pointed ears with purple insides and a mouth with two sharp teeth on each jaw. A male will have larger fangs than a female. It has purple wing membranes supported by two, elongated fingers, and two long, thin, tails.

Zubat lives in abundance in caves. It has evolved to have neither eyes nor nostrils, instead navigating through dark environments with echolocation.

As demonstrated in the anime, it will leave its abode at night with a mass of other Zubat in order to seek prey. 

1. Lunala


Lunala is a dual-type Psychic/Ghost Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VII.

Lunala is a large Bat Pokemon resembling a skeletal, legless bat. It has a short snout, dark pink eyes with white centers, and a deep blue area on its upper head that shows a constantly changing starscape. A rigid, raised hood wraps around its head in a crescent shape and drapes around its neck as well.

The outside of the hood is yellow, while the inner part that curves around Lunala’s head is white with deep blue streaks. Its torso resembles a ribcage with a slightly curved spike on each shoulder and three spikes extending from the bottom toward its tail.

Its massive wings resemble a bat’s wings with the skeleton exposed, except that Lunala’s wings have a total of seven “finger bones”: four running through each wing, one running along the edge to the outermost tip, and two pointing upwards that may act as claws that are more functional.

The four “bones” in Lunala’s wings are only visible in segments.

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