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10 Best Bat Pokemon of All Time

Since Rock Tunnel, most Pokémon adventures involve walking through dark caves with many rooms but only one way out.

And the experience wouldn’t be complete without a swarm of annoying bat-like creatures attacking you every few steps.

But Bat Pokemon aren’t just about that! Yes, you will usually meet them when things aren’t going well.

But the designs of these creatures are often some of the coolest in the game. They can also be powerful allies in battle.

If you like Pokémon that look scary and mean, bats are a no-brainer.

You can choose a dark type, a flying type, a poison type, or even a legendary.

So I hope that my list of how each bat in the franchise stacks up will help you pick the best animal for your team.

10. Golbat

Golbat bat pokemon

Golbat was first seen in Generation I. It was a Poison/Flying Bat type. Golbat is a Pokémon with huge, blue bat-like wings that are covered in purple.

The creature has small, slit-shaped eyes, tiny triangular ears, and a huge mouth with two rows of teeth on each side.

The smaller size of a female Golbat’s fangs shows that her teeth are more delicate. Golbat sometimes shows a long, purple tongue, even though its mouth looks empty. It has short legs, but its feet are quite long.

The hollow tubes in Golbat’s teeth are perfect for sucking blood. Even though they are strong, they are also quite weak. It can drink up to 10 ounces (300 millilitres) of blood from Pokémon and people in one sitting.

Golbat drinks so much blood that after a meal, its blood type will be the same as that of its victim. It’s also a big eater, and it’s been known to eat so much that it can’t fly, leaving it vulnerable.

As a mammal that only comes out at night, the golbat is easy to find in caves.

9. Crobat

Crobat bat pokemon

Ignore that weird time when you were a teenager and keep training your Zubat. You’ll get a companion for your trip that looks cool and moves very quickly.

Crobat’s design gets rid of almost everything about Golbat in favour of something that is faster and makes more sense in general.

Plus, in most games, this guy can learn to fly, so he can take you from town to town on your journey.

This Pokémon will fly down and drink your blood without you even noticing. It moves so quickly and quietly that you won’t even hear it. What a smooth-talking criminal!

8. Woobat

woobat bat pokemon

Woobat is a bat Pokemon that was introduced in Generation V. It is a Psychic/Flying type.

Woobat is a blue Pokémon that looks like a Honduran White Bat. It is round and blue. It has shaggy fur and a big, pig-like nose with a heart-shaped hole in the middle.

Its eyes are covered by two tufts of shaggy fur, and it has a single fang in the middle of its upper jaw. On either side of its body, there are two small, black wings.

Woobat’s nose has more than one use. It can send out ultrasonic waves from its nostrils to help it find its way around, and it can also be used to grip walls while Woobat sleeps, leaving heart-shaped marks.

People say that a Woobat’s heart-shaped mark brings good luck to whoever it lands on.

7. Swoobat


If you liked Woobat, the round, soft, living marshmallow, you might also like… well, it’s likely that you’ll end up with a Swoobat at some point.

When a Woobat and its Trainer become close friends, the Woobat will change into a Swoobat.

Even though they still have the cute nose in the shape of a heart, their bodies have grown out of the fur and now look much more like real bats.

Even though they are now much faster, this doesn’t make them any stronger in battle.

6. Gligar

06 gligar pokemon anime

Start here if you want to find a crazy Pokémon that will help you win a lot of fights.

Gligar were first seen in Generation II, but they are not bats. But flying scorpions, which is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever read or typed.

Even so, they have enough in common with bats for this list to include them.

Their ground/flying type is pretty unique and useful, and their defensive stats are also very good. Even more so for a Pokémon that hasn’t fully evolved.

They also have a skill called “Hyper Cutter,” which stops their opponents from lowering their pretty good Attack stat.

5. Gliscor

Gliscor bat pokemon

Gliscor is a Pokemon that is a Ground/Flying type Bat. It was introduced in Generation IV.

Gliscor is a big vampire bat-like Pokémon that is mostly blue and purple. It has two toes on each foot and a darker circle on the underside of each leg. Its tail has two barbs that make it look like a vampire’s fangs.

It has red arms with thin lines on them, which are completely separate from its black wings and end in big pincers.

It has red ears with chambers that can be seen, and its eyes are yellow. Its mouth has six visible fangs, and its waist and arms are both red and striped.

Gliscor’s body looks like an open mouth, and the sharp points on its upper torso look like fangs, which is another sign that it is a vampire. It looks like it has an insect-like shell on some of its surface.

4. Noibat


Noibat is a Flying/Dragon-type Bat Pokemon introduced in Generation VI.

Noibat is a pale purple bat-like Pokémon. It has yellow eyes, a black triangular marking on the inner corner of each eye, three tufts of spiked fur on each cheek, two dark purple teardrop-shaped spots on the front of its face, a black lower jaw, and two spiked tufts of fur on its upper lip.

Its large, teardrop-shaped ears resemble loudspeakers; they are dark purple on the outside with alternating rings of pale and dark purple fading to black on the inside.

Fluffy black fur covers its chest and hips. On the middle joint of its wings are small black hands with two fingers and it has two long toes on each foot.

3. Noivern


Noivern is a bat Pokemon that can fly and is also a dragon. It was introduced in Generation VI.

Noivern is a dragon Pokémon that is big and looks like a bat. It is mostly black, but its underside is purple, and the membranes of its wings are blue-green.

It has a purple lower jaw, a red V-shaped growth on its snout, two fang-like protrusions on its upper lip, and yellow eyes with blue-green sclerae.

It has big, teardrop-shaped ears with blue-green and black rings inside that make them look like loudspeakers. It has a white mane of fur around its neck that is longer in the back.

It has three red claws on the middle joint of each wing, and two black wing fingers separate the different parts of each wing. The last part of the wing on the back is purple.

Each of Noivern’s feet has two toes and a red growth that looks like a claw on top of each toe. It has a long tail that looks like a whip. The underside is blue-green, and there are two spines near the end.

2. Zubat

02 zubat anime pokemon

Look, just because everyone hates a Pokémon doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be at the top of this list.

The original bat Pokémon from the first generation has been a mainstay of Pokémon memes since before they were called “memes.” There are a lot of these guys.

Under your bed, on your table, in the fridge of your neighbor’s garage, and in every nook and cranny of every cave in the Johto and Kanto regions.

Like Noibat, Zubat is based on the idea of echolocation in a lot of ways. So, it doesn’t have any eyes (and the reason it was so silly to put eyes on Golbat).

This animal can’t live in the sun, so the only time you see it outside is when it’s on a Trainer’s team. But they also taught us something important. Going into a cave without anything to protect you? Not again.

1. Lunala


Lunala is a Legendary Pokémon that is both Psychic and Ghost. It was introduced in Generation VII.

Lunala is a big Bat Pokemon that looks like a skeleton with no legs. It has a short nose, dark pink eyes with white centres, and a deep blue spot on the top of its head that always shows a different scene of stars.

It has a stiff, raised crescent-shaped hood that wraps around its head and down its neck.

The outside of the hood is yellow, and the part that curves around Lunala’s head is white with dark blue streaks.

It has a ribcage-like torso with a slightly curved spike on each shoulder and three spikes that go from the bottom of its body to the end of its tail.

Its huge wings look like bat wings with the skeleton showing. However, Lunala’s wings have a total of seven “finger bones”: four that run through each wing, one that runs along the edge to the tip, and two that point up and may be more useful claws.

Lunala’s wings only show parts of the four “bones” that make them up.

Where to Find Bat Pokemon?

Most Pokemon that look like bats live in caves or other dark, damp places. For instance, it’s rare to walk through a cave and not see a few hundred Zubats.

Because bat-type Pokemon often show up in caves, I always bring a few repels with me when I go in. If you want to add bats to your Pokédex, this would be the first place I would recommend.

Pokemon that look like bats also love dark forests. During the day, they nest in trees, which makes it hard for trainers to find them.

But when night falls, these bats don’t hesitate to swoop down and catch people by surprise. Woobat in particular likes dark forests because they have a lot of room to fly around and don’t have to worry about flying into cave walls. But you can tell if a Woobat lived in a cave by the heart-shaped marks made by its suction-cup nose.

Lastly, Pokemon that look like bats sometimes move to graveyards, where they are more likely to appear along with ghost Pokemon.

Most of the time, you can find at least one of the ten species of bat-like Pokemon in any ruins or cemetery. Most of the time, smaller Pokemon like Zubat, Woobat, and Noibat live in these places. Larger Pokemon like Noivern and Crobat, on the other hand, need a hollow space because they are so big.

So let’s find out what makes each bat Pokemon a member of this list.


What’s the most common bat Pokemon?

Zubat is one of the most common bat Pokemon because it has been in every Pokemon game since Gen 1 and appears very often. Even though it’s an important part of the Pokemon world, every time I run into a Zubat in the wild, I get so mad. I’ve been enjoying this franchise for so long that its shrill call annoys me now. When I found my first shiny Zubat, I couldn’t even get excited.

How many bat Pokemon are there?

As of Generation 8, there are ten Pokemon that look like bats. Lunala, which first showed up in Generation 7, was the last bat Pokemon to join the group. Since there were no bat Pokemon in Generation Eight, I think Generation Nine should give us at least one cute cave-dwelling Pokemon to make up for it.

Which is the rarest bat Pokemon?

The fact that Lunala is the only legendary bat makes it easy to say that she is the rarest bat Pokemon. But all bat Pokemon have a high chance of appearing. But in terms of rarity, Noivern is the hardest to evolve because Noibat needs to be level 48 before it will even think about evolving. Aside from this, Gliscor has special needs to evolve, so I’d say that’s also a rare thing.