Pokemon Black & White: Best Unova Starters

Choosing the optimal Unova Starter in Pokemon Black & White is far from a straightforward decision.

There is much to consider when selecting the ideal leader for your team.

Who would be the ideal character to handle those initial battles? Which Pokemon possesses the strength to guide you on your journey towards becoming a champion?

Throughout this article, you’ll get acquainted with the three creatures that you can choose as a starter in Pokemon Black & White.

We’ll also reveal our recommendation for which one you should select when embarking on your journey in these remarkable games.

Shall we begin right away?

Why Is It So Difficult To Choose The Perfect Unova Starter?

Choosing the best Pokemon Unova starter can be quite a challenge. Let’s be honest, this Pokemon is the go-to choice for every battle.

It’s the one you rely on when things get challenging, and the one that will hopefully guide you to victory every time.

Another reason why choosing the best Pokemon Unova Starter can be quite challenging is because of the initial Gym leaders you’ll face.

In the case of Pokemon Black & White, though, the Pokemon you choose will give you a bit of a challenge in the first gym battle.

So, no matter who you choose, it’s going to be quite a challenge!

However, let’s examine our selection for the top starter in Pokemon Black & White, considering their stats and final evolutions!

3. Oshawott

1o unova starter Pokemon Black & White: Best Unova Starters

Oshawott is absolutely adorable, especially with that adorable little shell on its front. It’s just too cute!

I believe we all have mixed emotions about sending this creature into battle instead of letting it rest peacefully at home.

Oshawott excels in its Sp. Attack, boasting an impressive stat of 63. The other stats are not particularly impressive, with 55 HP and Attack, and 45 for Speed, Defence, and Sp. Defence.

Samurott excels in Attack and Sp. Attack, boasting impressive stats of 100 and 108 respectively.

2. Sinvy

1sn unova starter Pokemon Black & White: Best Unova Starters

Snivy excels in its Speed stat, which is an impressive 63. Regrettably, for this rather haughty Grass Snake Pokemon, that’s the best it can hope for.

The HP, Attack, and SP attack stats of 45 are not particularly impressive, and the same goes for its Defence and Sp. Defence stats of 55.

Unfortunately, Serperior doesn’t fare well in its final evolution, having the lowest HP among all the starter’s final evolutions.

Snivy is known for its impressive defensive capabilities and remarkable speed.

If you’re really committed to your Grass type Pokemon and want to give it a touch of elegance, then go ahead and choose it!

1. Tepig

2 te unova starter Pokemon Black & White: Best Unova Starters

Tepig is the best option on our list of the best starters in Pokemon Black & White.

Tepig boasts the highest HP among all the starter Pokemon, with a formidable 65. This puts it a solid 20 points ahead of Snivy and a respectable 10 points above Oshawott. Additionally, it boasts an impressive Attack stat of 63.

The rest of its stats are all at 45, making it perfect for those who enjoy an aggressive playstyle, ready to dominate and leave their mark!

And the stats continue to improve as we progress to Pignite and Embroar as well. Embroar, in particular, boasts an impressive 100 stat in Sp. Attack, making it an ideal choice for utilizing moves like Flamethrower and Burn Up.

Who Is Considered The Top Choice For a Unova Starter Pokémon?

Tepig is an exceptional choice for a starter in Pokemon Black & White due to its remarkable HP and Attack stat, which remain formidable even after evolving.

As mentioned earlier, this spirited little pig also boasts an impressive Special Attack stat once it evolves into Embroar. This makes it an ideal choice for unleashing powerful special moves to outwit your opponents.

The high HP of Tepig is what sets it apart as the top choice. The first Gym in Black & White can be quite challenging, regardless of your choice. It’s important to have a high HP to endure the intense battles.

Tepig’s Attack stat allows for significant damage even with its basic moves. And he’s an enjoyable little guy as well, which earns him bonus points.

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