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Dark Type Pokemon are the coolest and bad-ass Pokemon to scare your opponents. These are the first to be added with steel type Pokemon in Pokemon Gold & Silver.

Dark Type Pokemon Are the most dangerous, Chaotic and edgy creatures and they are chosen by some of the well-loved trainers. If you are someone who are not afraid of the dark type Pokemon then I have compile a list for you today here.

30 Best Dark Type Pokemon

Lets Continue with my best picks of top 30 dark type Pokemon.

30. Krookodile

Krookodile has a thick maroon-colored body, black back, and white stomach. It has five triangular spikes on its back: four around the middle of its back, and one large one at the beginning of its tail.

Each of the smaller spikes on its back are linked to black, triangular spikes that reach around to its front, slightly overlapping its white stomach. The largest spike sits at the beginning of its long thick tail, which has three, thick, black stripes.


The last stripe covers the tip of the tail. Its legs are very short and directly attached to its feet. The feet are wrapped in black and have three white claws facing forward. Krookodile’s arms are short and thin with a black stripe around the elbow. Its long, thin fingers are each tipped with a white claw.

29. Cacturne

Cacturne is a humanoid, bipedal Dark Type Pokémon that resembles a green scarecrow made of cacti. Its face has two eye holes through which yellow eyes can be seen, and six smaller holes representing a grinning mouth.

It has numerous spikes along the length of its arms, legs, and around its neck. A pattern of green rhombi extends down the front of its body. A female has a large dark green rhombus above a smaller one, while a male has three small dark green rhombi.

Cacturne dark type pokemon

There is triangular, dark green feature on its head that resembles a hat with spiky tips.

28. Spiritomb

Although lacking a physical body, Spiritomb projects its appearance out of a small rock called the Odd Keystone. The rock is trapezoidal in shape and has two small dots.

There is a crack running down the middle, splitting in two near the bottom. The crack in combination with the two dots appears to form a frowning face. Spiritomb’s projected appearance is an ethereal composition of swirling purple fog.


Its face is set in the middle of the fog and contains green, crescent eyes that are connected to its jagged mouth. Its pupils are composed of a spiral and it is sometimes only seen with one. Swirling around its face are green orbs with yellow centers.

27. Sableye

Sableye is a bipedal Dark Type Pokémon with a dark purple body, armed with sharp teeth and claws, which it uses to dig through soil. It has pale blue, gemstone-like eyes, which allow it to see in low light and sparkle in the dark.

It also has a red gemstone on its chest, and its back has a blue and green gemstone as well as another red one. These gem-like eyes and adornments on its body are caused by its diet, which consists of rocks and raw gemstones.


It also targets Carbink as prey, though they are usually taken by Gabite before Sableye can reach them. It is feared by people, since it is said to steal a person’s soul if they look into its eyes. It is nocturnal and is rarely seen. It lives in caves.

26. Skuntank

Skuntank is a medium-sized mammalian Dark Type Pokémon that resembles a skunk with the face of a cat. It has purple, spiky fur with several tan stripes.

The whiskers present on its pre-evolution have since vanished or have been replaced by furry purple tufts on the sides of Skuntank’s face. Its legs are tan, and the tan coloration of its underside now forms a spiky pattern. Its nose is larger than its pre-evolution.


Skuntank is known for its noxious fluid which smells dreadful. It can spray this fluid over 160 feet, and the longer it allows the liquid to ferment within its belly, the more powerful the smell.

25. Drapion

Drapion is a large, purple, scorpion-like Dark type Pokémon. Its eyes are a pointed shape, with blue-colored upper portions. Drapion has two small, pointed protrusions between its eyes, and one on the back on its head.

Drapion also has protrusions on its jaws, two on the upper and three on the lower, with large, fang-like, white-colored features extending from its mouth. Its body is composed of many violet-to-lavender body segments which ends with a tail with two stingers.


Drapion has four segmented legs with pointed toes. Its most distinguished feature is its huge claws. It can turn its head 180 degrees.

24. Mightyena

Mightyena is a quadruped Dark Type Pokémon that is based on a hyena. Its fur is mostly short and gray, but there is shaggy black fur on its lower legs, tail, and in two thick strips starting behind its eyes and running the length of its body.

It has dark, triangular streak patterns below its eyes, which are red with yellow sclerae. Its ears are rhombus-shaped with dark insides, its nose is red, and it has gray paw pads.


Mightyena lives in a pack in the wild. As a member of this pack follows the orders of its leader and chases down prey. It gives obvious signals when it is about to attack, as it starts to growl deeply and flattens its body.

23. Thievul

Thievul is an orange-maroon vulpine Dark Type Pokémon with a moderate build, slender limbs, and a long tail. It has white chest fur that puffs out from its body and vaguely resembles a cravat. There are two long black ears atop its head and black fur around its eyes resembling a domino mask.


The black whiskers on the end of its muzzle are in the form of a pointed mustache and the white markings above its eyes resemble eyebrows. Its paws, back, and the tip of its tail are all black, and it retains the flared tail-tip of its pre-evolution Nickit.

22. Crawdaunt

Crawdaunt is a primarily red, crustacean Dark Type Pokémon with a tan underside. It has circular eyes set in deep sockets and a large, star-shaped growth on its forehead. The upper and lower halves of its underside are separated by a pattern of angular red shapes, and there are two blue stripes on its throat.

Its forelimbs have two large pincers with spiked edges and tan lower halves form. There are two sets of hind limbs. The foremost pair are simple claws with two spikes, while the rear pair are large and thick with two white claws. A yellow triangle marks the base of its lobster-like tail.


Crawdaunt is a very violent Dark Type Pokémon that lives in ponds. Because of its constant challenges to battle, no other Dark Type Pokémon wants to inhabit its territory.

21. Shiftry

Shiftry is a bipedal, portly Dark Type Pokémon that appears to be made of wood. A shaggy white mane covers most of its face and trails down its back. Long pointed ears poke out the top of its mane, and it has a long, pointed nose and a large mouth with teeth that are usually bared.


Its eyes are yellow with black sclerae. This Dark Type Pokémon’s feet resemble Japanese tengu-geta. Three broad leaves with brown spokes form each of its hands and are used to create powerful winds close to 100 feet (30 meters) per second in speed. A female will have smaller leaves than the male.

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