30 Best Dark Type Pokemon of All Time

Dark Type Pokemon are the coolest and most badass Pokemon to scare your opponents. These are the first steel-type Pokemon to be added to Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Some of the most popular trainers choose Dark Type Pokemon because they are the most dangerous, chaotic, and unpredictable.

If you are not afraid of dark-type Pokemon, I have put together a list for you here today.

Let’s keep going with my top 30 dark-type Pokemon picks.

30. Krookodile


Krookodile has a thick body that is a dark red color, a black back, and a white stomach. It has five triangular spikes on its back: four around the middle of its back and one big one at the beginning of its tail.

Each of the smaller spikes on its back are linked to black, triangular spikes that reach around to its front, slightly overlapping its white stomach. It has three thick black stripes on its long, thick tail, which is where the biggest spike is.

The tip of the tail is covered by the last stripe. It has very short legs that go straight to its feet. The feet are black, and there are three white claws that point forward.

Krookodile’s arms are short and skinny, with a black stripe around the elbow. Each of its long, thin fingers ends in a white claw.

29. Cacturne

Cacturne dark type pokemon

Cacturne is a Dark-type Pokémon with two legs. It looks like a green scarecrow made of cacti. Its face has two large holes for eyes, which are yellow, and six smaller holes that look like a smile.

It has many spikes on its arms, legs, and neck. Along the front of its body, a pattern of green rhombi can be seen.

A female has a large dark green rhombus on top of a smaller one, while a male has three small dark green rhombuses.

On its head is a dark green triangle that looks like the top of a hat with sharp points.

28. Spiritomb


Spiritomb doesn’t have a body, but it makes itself look like a small rock called the Odd Keystone. The rock looks like a trapezoid and has two small dots on it.

There is a split in the middle that splits in half near the bottom. When you look at the crack and the two dots together, it looks like a frowning face. Spiritomb’s projected image is a swirling mass of purple fog that looks ethereal.

Its face is in the middle of the fog, and its jagged mouth is connected to its green, crescent-shaped eyes.

It has spiral-shaped pupils, and sometimes only one can be seen. Green balls with yellow centers move around its face.

27. Sableye


Sableye is a Dark-type Pokémon that walks on two legs and has a dark purple body. It has sharp teeth and claws that it uses to dig through the ground. It has pale blue eyes that look like gemstones and help it see in dim light and shine in the dark.

It also has a red gemstone on its chest, and a blue, a green, and another red gemstone on its back. Its diet of rocks and raw gemstones gives it these gem-like eyes and decorations on its body.

It also tries to catch Carbink, but Gabite usually gets to them before Sableye does. People are afraid of it because they have heard that if you look into its eyes, it will steal your soul. It only comes out at night and is rarely seen. It is found in caves.

26. Skuntank


Skuntank is a Dark-type mammalian Pokémon about the size of a cat. It looks like a skunk with a cat’s face. It has purple fur with spikes and stripes of tan.

The whiskers that were on its face before it evolved have either gone away or been replaced by purple furry tufts on the sides of its face.

It has tan legs, and the tan color on its underside has changed into a pattern of spikes. Its nose is bigger than it was before it changed.

Skuntank is known for the foul-smelling fluid that comes out of it. It can spray this fluid up to 160 feet away, and the smell gets stronger the longer the fluid sits in its stomach.

25. Drapion


Drapion is a Dark type Pokémon that is big, purple, and looks like a scorpion. Its eyes are shaped like points and have blue parts on top. Drapion has three sharp points on its head: two between its eyes and one on the back.

Drapion also has two protrusions on its upper jaw and three on its lower jaw. These are big, white things that look like fangs and stick out of its mouth.

Its body is made up of many segments that range from violet to lavender. Its tail has two stingers at the end.

Drapion has four legs with segments and toes that are pointed. The biggest thing that makes it stand out is its huge claws. It can move its head all the way around.

24. Mightyena


Mightyena is a Dark-type Pokémon with four legs that looks like a hyena. Most of its fur is short and gray, but it has long, shaggy black fur on its lower legs, tail, and in two thick strips that run from behind its eyes down its body.

It has dark triangle-shaped streaks under its red eyes, which have yellow sclerae. It has rhombus-shaped ears with dark spots on the inside. Its nose is red, and its paw pads are gray.

Mightyena lives in the wild with a pack. As a member of this pack, you do what the leader says and go after prey. When it is getting ready to attack, it starts to growl loudly and flattens out its body.

23. Thievul


Thievul is a dark-type, orange-maroon fox-like Pokémon. It has thin arms and legs and a long tail. It has white fur on its chest that puffs out and kind of looks like a cravat.

It has two long black ears on top of its head and black fur around its eyes that makes it look like a domino.

The black hairs at the end of its muzzle look like a mustache, and the white marks above its eyes look like eyebrows.

It has black paws, a black back, and a black tip on the end of its tail. It still has the flared tail tip that Nickit had before it evolved.

22. Crawdaunt


Crawdaunt is a Dark-type crustacean Pokémon that is mostly red on top and tan on the bottom. It has round eyes with deep sockets and a large star-shaped growth on its forehead.

It has a pattern of red triangles on the bottom of its body that separates the top and bottom halves. It also has two blue stripes on its throat.

It has two large pincers with sharp edges and tan bottom halves on its forelimbs. The back legs come in two sets.

The front pair of claws are simple and have two spikes, while the back pair are big and thick and have two white claws. At the base of its lobster-like tail is a yellow triangle.

Crawdaunt is a Dark-type Pokémon that lives in ponds. It is a very dangerous creature. No other Dark Type Pokémon wants to live in its territory because it is always hard to fight.

21. Shiftry


Shiftry is a Dark-type Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like it is made of wood. Its face is mostly covered by a shaggy white mane that flows down its back.

It has long, pointed ears that stick out of the top of its mane, a long, pointed nose, and a big mouth with its teeth usually showing.

It has yellow eyes with black spots in the middle. The feet of this Dark Type Pokémon look like Japanese tengu-geta. Each of its hands is made up of three large leaves with brown spokes.

These are used to make strong winds that move about 100 feet (30 meters) per second. Male plants will have bigger leaves than female plants.

20. Pangoro


Pangoro is a big Dark-type Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a humanoid panda bear. It has a round belly, short legs, long arms with big paws, and short legs.

It has thick white fur on its head and belly, and its dark gray fur is just as thick on its lower body, chest, arms, and back.

It has a long cape made of this dark gray fur that hangs down behind its back. This cape and the rest of the pattern make it look like Pangoro is wearing a long coat and pants. The tips of Pangoro’s three-fingered paws have black claws and shorter, darker fur.

It has a triangular black nose, rounded black ears, big fangs in its lower jaw, and black half-circles under its brow that make it hard to tell what color its eyes are.

19. Incineroar


Incineroar is a Dark-type, two-legged cat Pokémon with a strong body. It has a short face with a small red nose, bright green eyes with yellow sclerae, and tiny, pointed ears. Its cheeks have big red fur tufts, and most of its face is also red.

The top and back of its head, as well as the top half of its muzzle, are black. It has a thin red stripe that goes from the top of its head to the tip of its nose.

Over its eyes, the stripe splits into a V shape. Its gray torso has a few black stripes that make it look like a wrestler’s tank top. Both the front and the back have a single vertical stripe in the middle that is crossed by two horizontal lines.

Incineroar wears a belt made of flames that looks a little bit like a wrestling championship belt. A small yellow flame shape is in the middle of the front. The arms, legs, and tail are all red, and bands of black stripes go around them.

18. Bisharp


Bisharp is a bipedal Dark-type Pokémon that looks like a person. It looks like a war helmet and has a round, red and black head with a golden double-headed axe blade on top.

It has a yellow face with a black border. Most of its yellow and black face is hidden by the helmet, but its triangular eyes can be seen.

Its red shoulders are a little bigger than its arms and have a thin yellow line where they meet its black torso. It looks like it has shoulder pads.

It has white metal hands that look like gloves and are attached to retractable blades. Two blades wrap around its middle, making it look like it has ribs.

It has red thighs that get thinner as they get closer to the knee. Both of its metal feet are split in half, making them look like cloven hooves. These hooves look like steel war boots or maybe even leggings.

17. Honchkrow


Honchkrow is a dark-blue, bird-like Pokémon that is a Dark Type. Its feathers look like a person dressed in formal clothes, most like a mob boss.

It has a big feather crest that looks like a fedora and spikes coming out of the back. It has round red eyes with white sclerae and dark blue eyelids.

It has a slightly curved yellow beak, and its head is held up by a broad, short neck. Honchkrow has a large white feather crest on its chest that looks like a beard or cravat. Inside its wings are red feathers. Honchkrow has four black toes on each foot.

The base of the tail is a white, cylinder-shaped stalk with a cluster of red feathers at the end. Honchkrow has a reputation for being cruel. It can call and organize flocks of Murkrow with just a cry.

This is why it is often called the “summoner of the night” because of how dark the scene is when it happens.

16. Sharpedo


Sharpedo is a Dark-type shark Pokémon that looks like a torpedo and is covered with tiny, sharp teeth. It has a big mouth that is full of sharp, triangular teeth. It has deep red eyes that light up in the dark.

It has two holes for breathing that are right behind each eye. It is mostly dark blue, but the bottom is white. It has a yellow star on the tip of its nose and another star on its back.

It has a pelvic fin right next to its dorsal fin, which is a tall fin with two cuts in it. It has two fins on its chest that look like the fins on the back of a torpedo.

15. Houndoom


Houndoom is a Dark-type four-legged dog Pokémon. It is mostly black, but it has a long orange nose and an orange belly. The eyes are small and red, and the nose is black.

A white band with a small pendant in the shape of a skull hangs around its neck. It has three rib-like ridges on its back and two white bands on each of its ankles.

Houndoom has three clawed toes on each paw and a long, skinny tail that ends in a triangle. It has two long, curved, gray horns on the top of its head. The horns on the female aren’t as big as those on the male.

14. Zoroark


Zoroark is a Dark-type Pokémon that looks like a gray-brown fox and has red and black accents. It walks on two legs. It has a sharp nose and red insides to its ears. It also has red around its mouth and eyes.

It has a long, thick, red mane with black tips that sort of looks like a ponytail. A teal bangle runs down the length of the mane and separates the upper part of the mane from the lower part.

It has a black ruff on the top of its body that ends at the shoulders where its arms start. Its upper arms are thin, but its lower arms are bigger, even though they are still thin.

At the elbows, the arms have spiky fur extensions, and the hands and feet have red claws. Zoroark’s eyes have red around the edges and light blue in the middle.

13. Weavile


Weavile is a Dark-type Pokémon that looks like a weasel and walks on two legs. Its body is pale gray. It has a bright red crown and a wide collar made of feathers.

On each ear, it has a single thin feather. A female Weavile’s ear feathers are smaller than those of a male.

Weavile has three claws on each paw and two tail feathers. In the middle of its forehead, there is a yellow oval mark. Its eyes are red and have three eyelashes. Its upper jaw has four fangs that stick out.

Weavile live in snowy areas and are known to eat other animals. Weavile is known for how fast and quick it is. Weavile’s sharp claws can cause frostbite if they scratch you.

12. Zarude


Zarude is a Dark-type Pokémon that looks like a mandrill or baboon. It has coarse black fur on most of its body, but its chest and belly have patterns of shorter gray fur.

It has no fur on its upper snout, palms, and the rings around its eyes. Its skin is a light gray color. On either side of its eyes, the fur on the side of its head angles into wing-like crests.

The eyes have red sclerae, green irises, and black pupils with slits in them. It has sharp teeth, and when its mouth is closed, you can see its canines.

11. Obstagoon


Obstagoon is a Dark-type Pokémon that has two legs and is black and white. It has a long, thick neck, and its head is in front of its body. Its nose is pointed, like a badger’s.

It has thicker gray fur on its forearms, lower legs, back, and most of its chest, which makes it look like it is wearing a vest.

People say that Obstagoon developed because the Galarian Linoone’s instinct to survive was sharpened by competition and the harsh conditions of the Galar region.

Even though it is very aggressive, it doesn’t attack very often. Instead, it taunts its opponents into attacking first.

10. Grimmsnarl


Grimmsnarl is a Dark-type humanoid Pokémon with green skin. It has dark purple hair on most of its body, except for parts of its face, abdomen, feet, and a small red patch on its chest.

Grimmsnarl’s big, crescent-shaped ears have red insides, just like the ones it had before it evolved, but they are longer on this form.

It has a long, pointed nose that points up and only one long, red nostril. It has a blue tongue and six teeth that stick out of its mouth.

The front four teeth are flat and there are two on each jaw. On each side of its upper jaw, there is also a sharp fang.

It has grey eyelids and white eyes with red irises and black pupils. It has a small chin that is sharp and pointy.

9. Hydreigon


Hydreigon is a Dark-type dragon Pokémon with three heads and six thin black wings that each end in two points.

It has a pink collar around its neck that goes all the way around its head. The main head is dark blue, and its eyes are black with pink pupils.

It has two black hands, and each one holds a blue head with black eyes and a small fuchsia collar on the inside.

It has two fuchsia stripes on its abdomen, and its feet look old because they don’t have claws or clear soles and only have two or three small toes. Its tail also has a pink stripe and a black tuft at the end.

8. Urshifu – Single Strike Style


Urshifu is a big Dark-type Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a humanoid black bear Pokémon with a wushu theme. It is big and strong, with long arms and legs and big paws and claws for fighting.

It has gray, black, and white fur on its body and head, except for its yellow muzzle. Urshifu’s fur looks a little bit like a traditional frog buttoned/braid buttoned with loose ends on the front and back.

Urshifu’s fur on his head is more spikey and spreads out into a white and black headband. Urshifu has white on the backs of its hands, on its knuckles, and on the tops of its feet.

7. Yveltal


Yveltal is a big Dark-type Pokémon that has qualities of both birds and dragons. Its back is black, and its wings and back have white spots. Its front, head, and neck are bright red, and there are black lines that branch out all over.

It has bright blue eyes, a pointed beak-like nose, a black horn that curves forward over each eye, and a thin antenna-like growth behind each eye.

A gray ruff with feathers wraps around its neck and falls over its back. It has three spikes on the bottom edge of each wing near the body, and each wingtip has five large, black claws.

It has gray claws on its small, bird-like legs. Two toes on each foot point forward, and one toe points backward. Its tail is made the same way as its wings, with five claws at the end.

6. Guzzlord


Guzzlord is a black Ultra Beast that is very big. Its main body is mostly round, and in the middle is a big, yellow mouth.

There are two rows of teeth on the top and bottom of the mouth. The front row is yellow, and the back row is black.

Two teeth in the second row of the upper jaw curve outward like tusks. Its mouth is bright blue on the inside, and its throat and large black tongue are both covered with small spikes.

Even when its mouth is closed, extra tongues that look like long arms with pincers stick out from its lower jaw. It has two bright blue eyes with a yellow diamond-shaped mark between them right above its mouth.

Above each eye is a single wing that looks like a bat’s wing and has a yellow edge. There are also small wings on the sides of its body that look like bat wings.

It has three fin-like projections on the underside of its body that curve up toward its mouth.

5. Absol


Absol is a Dark Type Pokémon that looks like a four-legged mammal. Its body is dark blue to black and covered in white fur. It has a ruff around its neck and chest and a single blue-black oval on the top of its head.

It looks like a cat. It has red eyes that look like almonds, a tail that looks like a scythe, and a horn on the side of its head that looks like a crescent.

It has three claws on each of its big feet, and the heels of its back legs and the elbows of its front legs have spikes that look like dewclaws. It walks like a camel, with short, quick steps.

As Mega Absol, its fur is longer all over, and the extra energy in its body makes the fur at the back of its mane stand up, making it look like it has wings.

4. Greninja


Greninja is a bipedal, frog-like Dark Type Pokémon. It is mostly dark blue, but its chest is yellow, it has a white triangle over each eye, a light blue four-pointed star on each thigh, and the bottom half of its face is yellow.

It has red eyes with white pupils and a large pink tongue that wraps around its neck and sticks out behind its head to hide its mouth.

A fin-like extension runs down the middle of its head, and each side of its head has a similar extension.

Its head fins are connected by a light blue web. Each elbow and knee has a large, white bump that looks like a bubble.

It has two toes on its back feet and three on its front feet. Each fingertip is round and has yellow webs.

3. Darkrai


Darkrai is a Dark Type Pokémon that looks like a black shadow. It has a small head with a white, ghostly plume coming out of it that covers one of its bright blue eyes and looks like hair on its face. It also has a red growth with sharp spikes around its neck.

It has skinny arms and long black tatters on its shoulders. It also has black hands that look like claws. It kind of looks like an hourglass, and it looks like it’s wearing an old, torn cloak.

It usually doesn’t have legs, but it can stick out limbs that look like stilts to stand on. Darkrai can hide its head and white “feather” in the pit on top of its torso, which is surrounded by the red growths mentioned above.

2. Umbreon


Umbreon’s body is smooth and black, and it has four thin legs and red eyes. When its mouth is open, you can see that it has two sets of sharp teeth.

It has long ears with points and a bushy tail. Each of its ears and tail has a yellow band around it. It has yellow rings on its head and legs.

Its yellow markings light up at night or when it gets excited, making anyone nearby feel scared. It hides in the dark while it waits for a fight, and when it jumps to attack, its yellow rings light up.

As a Pokémon with the Dark Type, it can also spray poisonous sweat when it gets angry. This Pokémon is hard to find in the wild. More often, it lives in cities where people care for it.

1. Tyranitar


Tyranitar is a big dinosaur-like Dark Type Pokémon that walks on two legs and has a green skin that looks like armor. It has two sets of sharp teeth, one on the top and one on the bottom. A number of different-sized spikes stick out of the back of its head, neck, and shoulders.

It has two triangle-shaped holes on each side of its chest, in the middle of its back, and in each knee. It has a gray patch of scales in the shape of a diamond on its belly and a smaller one on its back. Its hands and feet each have three claws. Around the tip of its tail is a ring of spikes.

Mega Tyranitar’s armor has more holes than it did in its normal form. There are now four triangle-shaped holes on the sides of its neck and one on its throat.

The four on its chest are now bigger, with red ovals in the top two. The spikes on the back of its neck get shorter, but the ones on its head get longer, making the ridges on its brows stand out more.

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