28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

The top Flying type Pokemon of all time must be understood if you intend to create the greatest aerial-attack team known to trainer kind!

There are some amazing behemoths out there, both in the wild and in the arenas, ranging from the original giants to more recent Pokemon to hit the scene.

Additionally, a few wild cards are thrown in below that might surprise you because some flying type Pokemon have several types.

28. Delibird

225 Delibird 1 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Delibird resembles a penguin, yet its ability to fly and the fact that it lives in the north may be explained by the fact that it shares traits with an auk. Its appearance and colors are especially reminiscent of Santa Claus.

This flying type Pokémon has a long tail that it can use to fly while carrying food, water, and a variety of other objects.

His primary talent is the capacity to pull a bag of goodies from his tail. They always have food on hand.

He reports it if he sees mountaineers missing in the wilderness. According to legend, one of these Pokémon helped a mountain climber reach the summit of Mount Everest by feeding him.

It continually looks for food because it has a tendency of sharing food. These Pokémon typically nest on very steep, high cliffs in order to protect their young from predators.

The animal with the biggest tail typically takes charge of the herd.

27. Braviary

pokemon regional b 1 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Braviary is based on Native American culture and a bald eagle.

As the Hero of Heaven, Braviary is so proud of himself that he would rather get harmed than flee dishonorably.

The esteem his people have for him is directly inversely correlated to the number of scars on him.

However, his flock makes fun of the scars on his back while only the one on his forehead serves as evidence of his merit.

Braviary is a very devoted Pokémon that will battle for its friends in any situation, regardless of the risk or the severity of its wounds.

The Braviary came together to fight back when people threatened their habitat in the past. It is a highly well-liked heraldic motif due to its magnificent bearing.

The Braviary of Hisui is larger than those of other Braviary.

26. Honchkrow

430 Honchkrow 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Honchkrow is a dual-type Dark/Flying type pokemon, just like Bombirdier, and benefits from all that this particular combination have to offer.

With a fantastic ability in Moxie and a fantastic basic Attack stat of 125, it is a particularly effective sweeper.

The primary reason Honchkrow struggles is that it lacks a solid set up move. With moves like Brave Bird and Superpower, it is fearsome, but it needs Moxie to increase its Attack.

It does have Nasty Plot, which increases its Special Attack, but it doesn’t work well with either Moxie or its base stats.

Due to its low weight and additional hindrances, Honchkrow must apply offensive pressure in order to survive.

25. Flamigo

Flamigo 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Notably, it gains the skill Scrappy, which enables it to do Fighting-type damage to Ghost-type Pokemon.

Due to the Fighting type’s increased dominance, Flamigo has outstanding all-around coverage.

Flamigo also receives a good move set and a respectable base attack stat of 115. For such a cute-looking Pokemon, Swords Dance, Close Combat, and Brave Bird make it a shockingly powerful attacker.

Roost for recoverability or Agility for that extra burst of Speed may be the fourth choice. In relation to that, Flamigo is hindered by its subpar Speed stat in addition to its subpar size.

24. Kilowattrel

Kilowattrel 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

The Electric/Flying dual-type of Kilowattrel, which is quite exceptional, entirely shields it against Ground, the largest (and only) weakness of the Electric type.

Its ability Volt Absorb also heals it when struck by electricity, covering the Electric type (which would often do neutral damage to an Electric/Flying type Pokemon).

Kilowattrel gets some great switch-in opportunities as a result, and Volt Switch makes it simple for it to pivot away.

Kilowattrel, despite appearing to be a fun Pokemon on paper, is ultimately limited by its subpar numbers.

Its Special Attack and Speed are both respectable, but because it lacks durability, it will probably have to rely on Roost and Volt Absorb to recover itself.

23. Bombirdier

Bombirdier 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Bombirdier quickly attracted our attention for two reasons. It starts off by typing Flying/Dark. Fighting and Bug are two of Dark’s weaknesses that are covered by the Flying type pokemon.

Unfortunately, it is still vulnerable to damage from Fairy, Electric, Ice, and Rock types because of this combination.

Second, for the sake of calculating STAB, Bombirdier’s signature move Rocky Payload effectively makes it a third offensive type: the Rock type.

Bombirdier deals more damage with Rocky Payload when using moves like Stone Edge and Rockslide.

When facing challenging Fire- or other Flying type Pokemon, these can be lifesavers. The combination of these elements makes Bombirdier an intriguing combat option, despite its by no means exceptional stats.

22. Crobat

169 Crobat 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

It is evidence that a Crobat has been flying far when it is just flapping a pair of wings on either the forelegs or the hind legs. If it becomes fatigued, it switches the wings it utilises.

Crobat’s recommended attacks include courageous bird, super fang, cross poison, roost, and defog.

21. Skarmory

flying Type Pokemon

The entire body of Skarmory is covered with robust, protective armour. It flies at over 190 mph and slashes enemies with its wings’ cutting edges, which resemble swords.

Drill peck, iron head, courageous bird, poisonous, spikes, whirlwind, roost, defog, and iron defence are effective attacks for Skarmory.

20. Drifloon

425 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Only one other Pokémon line shares the unique type combination of Ghost and Flying type pokemon, making it difficult to find. Drifblim was a viable option for this location, but Drifloon is just smaller and cuter.

How could you not admire it with a small cross on its mouth and tiny string arms?

However, if you’re a kid, you might not want to approach this Pokémon because it has a reputation for stealing kids who mistake it for an ordinary balloon when they’re lonely.

It merely needs a companion.

19. Pidgeot

pidgeot 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

The Route One bird Pokémon appeared in all Pokémon generations’ main series of video games.

Pidgey was the first bird Pokémon to establish this fad. Pidgey was a cute, almost innocuous Flying type pokemon, but its subsequent evolution wasn’t.

Pidgeot is a legendary player, and practically every squad had one on it even until the Elite Four.

Since the Flying type pokemon is an excellent offensive type and the general power level in Generation One was relatively low, Pidgeot’s Wing Attacks struck hard on the majority of its targets even though, in hindsight, it is clear that Pidgeot is not the strongest Flying type pokemon you could deploy.

Not to mention, Pidgeot was the ideal contender because it could be beneficial in battles and give you a Pokémon that could allow you fly across Kanto when you needed it.

Fly was an HM that was incredibly valuable to use in the overworld.

18. Cramorant

845 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

In the main series games, Cramorant is incredibly poor in terms of its numbers and isn’t particularly strong at anything.

However, its main purpose is to make people laugh uncontrollably. Gulp Missile is a special ability used exclusively by Cramorant.

When Cramorant uses Surf or Dive, it will either catch an Arrokuda or a Pikachu, with an Arrokuda being caught when it has more than 50% HP and a Pikachu being caught when it has less than 50% HP.

When its adversary assaults Cramorant, it shoots the captured Pokémon, dealing damage and having a side effect.

The main series games have never before included such a ridiculous and strange ability, and both Pokémon, particularly Pikachu, make hilarious faces as they struggle to escape Cramorant’s beak.

Cramorant does this because it strives to swallow all of its prey entire and is a complete glutton. Hey, we’re not judging; we have poor eating habits as well. Don’t ever alter, Cramorant.

17. Talonflame

Talonflame art 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Talonflame rocks so hard! You can utilise whichever move your opponent is likely to employ first thanks to Me First!

It also has Fly, which is fantastic and is my team’s third-best Pokemon after Flame (Delphox) and Vines (Venosaurous).

It also has an extremely great appearance!

The top Pokemon bird, in my opinion. Gale Wings are just amazing because they give it the ability to outrun ANY non-priority move and give it precedence over Brave Bird and even Roost!

The only drawbacks I can see are the 4x Rock vulnerability and lack of bulk.

16. Hawlucha

701 1 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Despite just having a single stage of fighting and flying type pokemon, Hawlucha is a deceptively good bird Pokemon.

But for a reason, it has been OU since its addition. It has a strong attack stat that provides it lots of room to exercise its muscles, as well as an astonishing speed that is almost unsurpassed by Unburden.

Roost allows Hawlucha to heal itself as well, making ensuring that once the sweep is set up, it cannot be stopped so easily.

Without any enhancements, it can’t knock down even the hardest walls, but when it does, it’s quite amazing.

Hawlucha is one of the monarchs of the squared circle despite losing some of its counters.

15. Staraptor

398 Staraptor 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Although Staraptor is a beloved flying type Pokemon, it is frequently outperformed by new Pokemon as they have entered the competitive scene.

With strong and clever moves like Brave Bird, U-Turn, Double-Edge, Close Combat, Tailwind, Defog, Pursuit, Giga Impact, Roost, Substitute, Retaliate, Quick Attack, Return, and Final Gambit, it can defeat several threats in competitive play, nevertheless.

They are the least effective on this list since they are most useful in specific circumstances. Reckless, a Hidden Ability, is advised because it enhances Brave Bird.

14. Altaria

altaria 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Dragon immunity and resistance to the Fighting, Dark, Bug, Fire, Grass, Water, and Electric kinds are both present in the Mega form.

Who doesn’t adore the design of this fluffy bird? This Dragon and Flying Type pokemon has the ability to Mega-Evolve, however doing so results in it losing its Flying Type pokemon and gaining a Fairy-Type instead.

Therefore, we won’t talk about its Mega-Evolution. However, we must admit that as a result of its Mega-Evolution, it is now a much stronger rival on trainer teams.

However, it already has a fantastic defence on its own.

13. Pelipper

279 Pelipper 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

For a very long time, Pelipper suffered from being treated like any other Route One bird flying type Pokemon.

It has unimpressive stats and mediocre typing, thus it doesn’t have much punch. Its strength, however, comes from how it empowers its employees rather than from itself.

With Drizzle in Sun and Moon, Game Freak gave the elderly pelican the ability to back any rain team without fail.

It offers Defog to protect against entrance hazards, Roost to maintain its health, and the ability to quickly pivot to a sweeper with a U-turn.

Pelipper can set better than any other Pokemon, yet it will never spike any Pokemon.

12. Noivern

715 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Noivern, a swift bat with a wide variety of movesets, was first seen in Pokemon X&Y. seeking usefulness? Roost and Taunt or Defog are also delivered by Noivern, making it a reliable backup.

Do you need anything with strong special attacks that can strike hard? Noivern may accomplish the same thing by offering a large range of really effective techniques.

Want to yell something at this heartless world?

Even if it’s not ideal, Noivern can accomplish the same thing because to its access to Boomburst. Noivern can provide great coverage for any roster, regardless of the situation.

11. Togekiss

8468 Mega Togekiss 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

There is always room on your team for the Fairy/Flying type pokemon Togekiss, whether you’re playing Pokemon Go or Legends of Arceus.

It is a well-known Dragon-slayer, immune to Dragon and Ground-type assaults, and endowed with a number of valuable resistances.

The Special Attack stat of Togekiss stands out, sitting comfortably at 120 and enabling it to become a powerhouse with moves like Air Slash and Dazzling Gleam.

Additionally, it has 115 Special Defense, meaning it can defend against most special assaults that are directed at it.

10. Ho Oh

250 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Anyone who has played Pokemon since the beginning will recognise Ho-Oh right away.

With 130 Attack and 110 Special Attack stats to back it up, the Gold box art Legendary is still a dependable option whether you’re looking for a Flying type pokemon or a Fire-type powerhouse.

While moves like Earthquake and Thunderbolt offer some unexpected coverage possibilities, these work best with STAB strikes like Brave Bird and Fire Blast.

With 154 Special Defense and 106 HP numbers, it also has durability. Ho-Oh can soar, so keep an eye out for Rock-type strikes. 7.

9. Corviknight

823 f2 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Corviknight from Sword & Shield is the most recent title to be added to this list.

Even though its stats might not seem very remarkable at first glance, it has a respectable amount of bulk, a Steel/Flying type pokemon that grants it a tonne of resistances, and only two weaknesses—Fire and Electric—making it exceedingly difficult to defeat.

With choices like Roost to enhance HP and Bulk Up to improve power, Corviknight has a strong move set.

Other notable abilities include Pressure, which may easily drain your opponent’s best moves of their PP, and Mirror Armor, which reflects any stat-lowering moves or abilities back onto the user.

8. Skarmony


Skarmony can compete in battles with pretty about everyone else, but it might not be the best against Fire or Electric-type Pokemon, making it vulnerable to two of the original greats from the very first games.

Skarmony has extremely impressive defined stats because it is a hybrid Steel and Flying type pokemon. Even yet, it’s quite simple to take it out of the sky with little HP.

Its ability to learn both Roost and the deadly Stealth Rock, like other Flying type pokemon, makes it a competitive opponent when facing other Flying type pokemon.

7. Charizard

Charizard 1 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

In this ranking of the all-time top Flying type Pokemon ranked by strength, my initial starting Pokemon evolution comes in at number nine.

Leon’s favourite Pokemon is Charizard, but I believe we all adore this fiery dragon and wish we could have one follow us around.

When Mega Evolved, the Original G.O.A.T from Pokemon Red is exceedingly vicious.

If you include Roost in your moveset, you can keep increasing its health mid-fight, hang on to the combat, and execute chance moves to try to change the course of a battle.

With the addition of Earthquake, Fire Blast, and Dragon Claw, your moveset becomes quite sophisticated.

6. Gyrados

130 f2 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

This monster Magikarp evolution is a Water and Flying type pokemon who can learn Dragon-type techniques despite not actually being a Dragon-type.

You have to learn everything about a Pokemon all over again just when you think you know it.

But here’s a little secret: Mega-Evolving it replaces the Flying type pokemon stat with a Dark-type stat. When into battle, have that in mind.

Gyrados is a somewhat slow creature, but the strong moves it can learn make up for it. However, avoid making foolish decisions like using it to battle Zapdos; that will only end badly!

5. Gliscor

472 Gliscor 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Gliscor is the most surprising character on our list of the top Flying type Pokemon ranked by strength.

Not that I’d advise approaching one closely enough to place a crown on its head.

Gliscor gains immunity to Electric-type assaults because it shares some traits with the Ground type.

You can maintain increasing your health in the middle of a battle and gradually eliminate the opponent over several moves if you can manage to give it the move Roost, which is the move that most bird Pokemon eventually end up obtaining.

Giving Gliscor a toxic orb enables it to defend against poisonous attacks. It may also ruin any competition for other Flying type Pokemon by using the terrible Stealth Rock!

4. Yveltal

717 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

In this ranking of the top Flying type Pokemon by strength, Yveltal holds the fifth slot thanks to its immensely diverse moveset and preference for offensive assaults.

If Oblivion Wing was rushing at me, I for one wouldn’t want to be on the other end of it!

Yveltal, the main legendary from Pokemon Y, is an expert at forcing its way out of fights and switching with other Pokemon even when the conditions don’t let it.

Even though he may not be as well-known as Zapdos or Lugia, this kid can really deliver a blow when you need it.

3. Rayquaza

384Rayquaza 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

The legendary Pokemon Rayquaza has long been regarded as one of the best ever.

It has a stunning design, was the first flying type Pokemon in the franchise to be able to Mega-Evolve, and was potent enough to overpower Groudon and Kyogre.

It is clear from its statistics why Rayquaza is so well-liked: It can flourish with both physical and special movesets thanks to its 150 Attack and 150 Special Attack numbers, and it has the attacks to prove it, including the outstanding signature move Dragon Ascent.

2. Landorus

landorus therian 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Out of the three basic genies, Landorus is the most potent.

Landorus shows to be a formidable opponent against other legendary flying type Pokemon and many of the characters on this list, even in regular genie form rather than therian animal form.

Despite the fact that Sword and Shield brought the dreaded Stealth Rocks to the table—which you have already read about quite a bit in this article—Landorus still manages to win and hold its own against the opposition.

Unless the opponent is a super-powerful Ice-type, you might be feeling a little anxious.

1. Lugia

Lugia 28 Best Flying Type Pokemon

Pokemon Silver will always hold a special place in my heart because of Lugia.

We all thought the Kanto legendaries were amazing, but this sea guardian possesses unbridled power that can make or break any conflict.

Any Pokemon that can increase its strength to withstand more damage from exceptionally potent attacks will be difficult to defeat, right?

Lugia is swift and frequently strikes first, and he does so with great power.

Lugia frequently rules its realm no matter where it is or what time of day it is since the only flying type Pokemon that can truly be a danger are other legendaries!

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