18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Everyone has had a big crush on at least one Pokémon.

Now, I don’t mean a crush on a Pokémon, though that can happen too. I mean a crush on a master.

People always have a favorite Gym Leader who makes them sweaty-palmed for reasons other than a tough Pokémon fight.

Rivalry and battle can make people fall in love, so if your feelings for a Gym Leader grow every time they beat your team, you’re not the only one.

In the same way that teen magazines rank the hottest celebrities that every teen is talking about, we’ll look at the most famous and attractive female Gym Leaders that everyone wants to call their “waifu.”

18. Mallow

Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Mallow is a cheerful and pleasant girl who gets along well with her Pokémon School peers. She admits to being so energized that she sometimes overlooks critical information and jumps to incorrect conclusions.

She has a strong sense of right and wrong, as evidenced by her dislike of Team Skull’s abuse of other kids. She, like Brock, Cilan, and Clemont, is a great cook for both humans and Pokémon, and she is the self-proclaimed poster girl for her family’s restaurant, Aina’s Kitchen.

Her Miltank is a titan, capable of tanking attack after attack and wrecking your tiny infant Pokémon by rolling over them like prairie grass.

As a result, she’s one of the Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus with whom we spend the majority of our time – and, if only due to familiarity bias, a popular waifu.

17. Candice

Candice 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Candice is the Pokémon Gym Leader of the Snowpoint City Gym, also known as the Snowpoint Gym.

Trainers who defeat her receive the Icicle Badge.

She specializes in Pokémon of the Ice type.

Candice is an extremely lovely heroine that enjoys shocking her pals in unexpected ways such as ambush attacks or celebrating parties. She is extremely supportive of her friends’ goals.

She always pushes Zoey to do her best, and she came all the way to Snowpoint City only to see Zoey compete in the Brussel Contest.

16. Gardenia

10 gardenia pokemon anime screenshot 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Gardenia is the Gym Leader in Eterna City. Gardenia specializes on Grass-type Pokémon and rewards trainers who defeat her with the Forest Badge.

She is also renowned as a “Master of Vivid Plant Pokémon.”

She is a big fan of Grass-type Pokémon and has a number of them in her gym which makes her one of the most popular Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus. Gardenia also knows a lot about Grass-Type Pokémon.

We don’t learn much about Gardenia other than her cute dread of ghosts, but her visual design is undoubtedly among the greatest in the series.

15. Bea

09 bea pokemon anime screenshot 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Bea is a character who first appeared in Generation VIII. She is a Galar Gym Leader who specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon.

She only appears in Pokémon Sword; in Pokémon Shield, she is replaced by Pokémon Gym Leader Allister.

Bea trains her Pokémon one-on-one, which is ideal for a Fighting-type specialist. As a result, the Stow-on-Side Stadium has become one of Galar’s most difficult difficulties.

Few things are more uplifting and fulfilling than knowing your SO has a tender side, particularly for you, that could explain Bea’s enormous popularity.

14. Fantina

Fantina 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Fantina, as a Top Coordinator who is also a Pokémon Gym Leader, has diverse experience and may be rather hard.

She prioritizes stylish techniques when competing in Pokémon Contests or confronting competitors at the Hearthome Gym.

She also enjoys using moves that can cause status ailments, such as Hypnosis and Psybeam.

She is the Gym Leader of Hearthome City’s Gym, officially known as the Hearthome Gym, and those who defeat her receive the Relic Badge.

She is a member of the Ribbon Syndicate and a Pokémon Contest expert. She mainly competes in Master Rank Super Contests.

13. Flannery

Flannery 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Flannery is excited about her new duty as Pokemon Gym Leader, although she was overwhelmed because she was still getting used to the responsibility.

While Flannery already possesses the characteristics of a Gym Leader, such as confidence and determination, her grandfather, Mr. Moore, returned to the Gym to assist with her training.

Flannery also employs Sandstorm and Smog to distract her opponent’s Pokémon before unleashing a Fire-type assault on them.

She resorts to manipulating status conditions to defeat strong opponents with the type advantage, such as Ash’s Corphish. A waifu indeed!

12. Janine

Janine 1 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Janine is the Pokemon Gym Leader of the Fuchsia City Gym, also known as the Fuchsia Gym.

After her father, Koga, was elevated to the Elite Four in Generation II, she became a Gym Leader.

She is an expert on Poison-type Pokémon. Trainers who defeat her receive the Soul Badge.

11. Skyla

06 skyla pokemon anime screenshot 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

If you want someone to make your heart soar, Skyla is your number one, number two, and number three choice.

This somewhat underrated Gym Leader works in Mistralton City, which is in the Unova area. There, she is a pilot. Because she likes to fly high, she specializes in Flying-type Pokémon that share her interest.

She’s outgoing and sure of herself, and her piloting skills are second to none. She seems like the kind of girl who makes you happy just by being around her.

Her team of Swoobat, Unfezant, and Swanna isn’t the best, but adding Archeops and Braviary for the Pokémon World Tournament in B&W2 takes it to the next level.

10. Marnie

08 marnie pokemon anime screenshot 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Just in terms of fame, Marnie is hard to beat, both in the game and in real life.

Marnie is one of the player’s opponents for most of Pokémon Sword & Shield. She will eventually become the Gym Leader at Spikemuth Stadium, which gives her the right to be this high on the list.

Marnie is called a “kuudere,” which means that she is a cool, distant person who only shows soft feelings on rare occasions. This duality is shown well by her favorite pet, Morpeko.

At first look, you can probably tell that Marnie is good at Dark-type Pokémon. She is a bad person whose rise to the top seems impossible to stop.

9. Jasmine

Jasmine 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Jasmine doesn’t just sit in a gym all day like most gym leaders. Instead, she goes out and does things. In Gold and Silver, she and the player take care of a sick Ampharos and help it get better.

In Diamond and Pearl, she gives the player the Waterfall HM, which is very important for exploring Sinnoh.

She also uses the Steel-type, which is probably the best defensive element in the game, but her Pokémon’s weak moves (Rock Throw, really, Steelix?) make the fight easy to win.

Overall, she is a nice, pretty, and hardworking Trainer who is both feminine and strong.

8. Whitney

15 whitney pokemon anime screenshot 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Old-school Pokémon fans talk about how hard it was to beat the leader of the gym in Goldenrod City, Johto.

Her Miltank is a titan that can block attack after attack and roll over your poor baby Pokémon like grass on a grassland, destroying them.

Because of this, she is one of the Gym Leaders we spent most of our time with, which makes her a popular waifu, if only because of the familiarity bias.

People in Goldenrod also know this Normal-type expert for how beautiful she is, even though her attitude isn’t quite the same as how she looks. Even if you hit her, she’ll throw a fit.

7. Clair

07 clair pokemon anime screenshot 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

When I was young, I couldn’t believe how cool Lance, the boss of the Elite Four, was.

As an adult, I’m more interested in his cousin Clair, who runs the Blackthorn Gym.

Like Lance, Clair comes from a long line of Dragon tamers from Johto. This makes her a great trainer for Dragon-type Pokémon.

I can’t help but think that she looks like she could lead an army. She looks and acts like a dragon, with all of its power and authority. She wears a cape, too!

Clair is the perfect Pokémon waifu if you like women who are both beautiful and very smart.

6. Erika

14 erika pokemon anime screenshot 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Many Pokémon fans grew up to love Japan a lot, which has given Celadon’s Gym Leader Erika a cult following that keeps growing.

This beautiful girl from Kanto is cool and collected, and a sense of peace surrounds her wherever she goes.

She is also beautiful in a kimono, and the makeover for Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee! made her look even better.

As a nature-loving girl, she specializes in grass types that she finds “attractive,” but not in the usual way.

Even though they look bad, Victreebel, Vileplume, and Tangela can all draw Pokémon to them with their smell.

5. Misty

01 misty pokemon anime screenshot 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Misty is the best waifu in the Pokémon series. This is not a secret.

Not only is she pretty and charming, but she also has a fun attitude, and most of us old-school fans have liked her since the anime first came out.

People are said to like things that are known to them, and Misty has been a star of the Pokémon series since the beginning.

Misty has left an indelible mark on our hearts as both the leader of the Cerulean Gym and Ash’s loyal friend and trip partner.

Her skill as a teacher can also not be overstated.

If someone can make Psyduck useful in battle, just think what they could do with a more common Pokémon.

4. Elesa

04 elesa pokemon anime screenshot 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

There are a lot of beautiful women on this list, but none of them will make your jaw drop faster than Elesa.

The Electric-type expert who runs the Nimbasa Gym in Unova stands out for how beautiful she is and how well she dresses.

She makes a living as a top-tier supermodel when she’s not beating up gym rivals. She does a great job of juggling these two busy jobs, and she still has time to hang out with friends like Skyla.

She is a tough opponent on your way to the top because she has a smart Volt Switch plan with her two Emolga and powerful Zebstrika.

3. Valerie

Valerie 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

Valeria is from Johto, but she lives in Kalos, where she uses the new Fairy-type from Generation VI.

We like her because she loves fashion, used to be a model, and cosplays pretty much all the time.

Aside from that, her big eyes, dark hair, and girly pink vibe make many people fall in love with her.

Valerie’s fight may not be the hardest, and the TM she gave up (Dazzling Gleam) could be better, but she makes a good impression on everyone.

2. Sabrina

Sabrina 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

If you’re going after Gym Leaders, you’re not afraid of power, but maybe you should be afraid of Sabrina.

The mysterious Gym Leader of Kanto’s Saffron City is one of the few characters in the Pokémon series who could win a fight without her own Pokémon.

This dangerous woman is known for her mental abilities, which are just as strong as her powerful Alakazam.

Even when she was very young, she could bend spoons. By the time we meet her, her skills have grown to the point where, at least in the anime, she can turn people into dolls.

1. Roxie

11 roxie pokemon anime screenshot 18 Pokémon Gym Leader Waifus

In Pokémon Black & White 2, Roxie is a young badass from Vidbank City. She is a punk-rock star and also the boss of the Poison-type Gym in her city.

She might look a little young, but her music and Pokémon fights show that she is tough and determined.

When you first meet her, Whirlipede is the best player on her team, which isn’t very exciting.

By the time of the Pokémon World Tournament, it has changed into Scolipede, which is one of the coolest Pokémon ever.

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