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Top 35 Truly Fascinating Plant Pokemon

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Are you looking for strongest Plant Pokemon ? well you are at right place because today we are going to create a list of these Fascinating Plant Pokemon.

We all know that plants are vital for human existence on the earth for the obvious reasons because they generate oxygen which is very important if you ask me :p.

And Pokemon universe is no different from ours except you can have magical friends in Pokemon universe and also their plants are not quite stuck into the ground they move you know.

These plant Pokemon retain their original characteristics as begin a plant and they often found in densely populated area by plants like a forest and swamps.

35 Truly Fascinating Plant Pokemon

So, If you are looking to surround yourself with these beautiful leafy friends then lets check out our Picks of 35 truly beautiful Plant Pokemon.

35. Ludicolo

Ludicolo is a Water/Grass-type Plat Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Lombre and is the final form of Lotad.

Ludicolo is a bipedal Pokémon that appears to be a mixture of a pineapple and a duck. There is a green, sombrero-like growth on its head that is similar to a lily pad. Growing out of the top of its head is a short brown stem with a yellow spiky upper portion.

It has black eyes surrounded by a patch of green and an orange bill. Its body is covered with shaggy yellow fur and has several zigzagging brown stripes. The female has thinner stripes than the male.


It has large, green hands with two black lines on its palms, and thick green legs with a black circle on the underside of its feet.

34. Celebi

Celebi is a green fairy-like Plant Pokemon. It has round toeless feet, three-fingered hands, and clear wings on its back. It has a round head that comes to a curved point. It has large baby-blue eyes with thick black rings around them, and a pair of green antennae with blue tips.

Often found in forests, Celebi is a Mythical Pokémon, known in legend as the “Voice of the Forest.” It is able to travel through time and exist simultaneously throughout time, and plant life flourishes wherever it has been. 


As seen in the anime, it is able to bring deceased Celebi back to life and restore plants to perfect health. Celebi also has the ability to heal wounds.

33. Flapple

Flapple is a green worm-like Plant Pokémon with a light green underside and yellow eyes. It uses parts of an apple to form its body. It has one part on the top of its head with a single horn sticking out, one on the bottom that is attached to its tail and two parts as wings that are attached to two limbs with three-claw hands.


Its cheeks store acid strong enough to induce chemical burns, which it is able to spit at its targets. It can disguise itself as an apple by folding its apple peels.

32. Shiinotic

Shiinotic is a Plant Pokémon that resembles a large mushroom. It has a slim, white body similar to a stalk, and a large purple mushroom cap on its head. It has black eyes with pale green half-circle markings on the outer sides and a thick, black mouth.

The ends of its long, thin arms split into three pale green filaments that act as fingers. The lower part of its body and stubby feet are covered in a fluffy pink substance.


The mushroom cap on its head has a fluffy pink rim, pale green bumps on top, and a pale green, gilled underside.

31. Rowlet

Rowlet is a small, avian, Plant Pokémon resembling a young owl with a round body and short legs. Its plumage is primarily beige with a white underside and facial disc. The facial disc itself is in the shape of two overlapping circles. It has large black eyes and a stubby beak.

The top part of its beak is white, while the lower half is an orange-brown. Its feet have two forward-facing toes and one backward facing toe; they are the same color as the lower half of its beak.


Two leaves sprout from its chest, arranged to resemble a bowtie. Additional leaves form its tail and line the undersides of its wings.

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