25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

The first television program featured Pokemon Red and Green. As soon as it was broadcast, it quickly gained fame.

The franchise is currently common in several nations, particularly the US. Even today, adults are still familiar with the series in addition to kids and teenagers.

One of the most lucrative franchises ever created in the history of films and television shows.

Even those who don’t watch anime very often are familiar with the Pikachu-centric Pokemon series.

Everyone has at least heard of this particular variety of mouse-like critters with lovely yellow faces. It gained notoriety due to its distinctive name and appearance.

Each child considers creating the Pokemon characters at least once when they are toddlers or teenagers and are at their anime drawing stage inspired by anime web series.

Every child has a special fondness for creatures.

Here are some straightforward instructions for drawing Pokemon characters.

25. Wobbuffet

Wobbuffet.png 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Wobbuffet is a blob-like creature with little detail, similar to Ditto.

It must have two sets of eyes and long arms because it is obviously much larger than Ditto.

It’s not the most difficult Pokémon to draw, though, so you should have no trouble quickly mastering it.

24. Pikachu

Pikachu 1 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Pikachu, the emblematic Pokémon, is the most well-known.

Due to the fact that he has the most characteristics and components to consider when being sketched out, this electric-type mouse is the most challenging to draw so far on this list.

Although he’s not the simplest to draw, there are a tonne of videos online that show you how to start and finish with a Pikachu you can be proud of if you’re looking to practice.

Always begin with the head and body before adding additional pieces. Make the challenge enjoyable!

23. Shuckle

Shuckle.png 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

We’re now moving on to a Pokémon that requires a little more drawing skill. For all of the previously named Pokémon, you can get away with not playing Shuckle’s 3D aspects.

Shuckle, however, has a shell, so to finish the entire design, you’ll need to get familiar to shading and employing dimensions.

Draw in Shuckle’s neck, head, arms, and legs after finishing the shell portion of his body.

Shade in the area around his shells’ holes to give the impression that they are emerging from shadow or darkness to give the character a more 3D appearance.

As edgy as that may sound, it will actually improve his overall appearance.

22. Klink

Klink 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

You have a 100% chance of drawing Klink if you can draw Magnemite.

Klink is a great character to draw because it’s virtually hard to obtain the right proportions of his design as long as you can get the primary gear form correct.

Beyond the pair of gears, there are other ovals, circles, and an X-shape.

Make sure to draw Klink’s two gears closely together so that they appear to be interlocking and functioning like real gears would.

21. Magnemite

Magnemite.png 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

This Pokémon’s magnet is full of simple forms.

The design should begin with a circle in the centre, followed by two substantial magnets on either side of the circle.

A screw-like protrusion on the top of the circular completes the body shape.

Magnemite is only distinguished by its large eye, which fills the entire first circle that needs to be drawn.

Be as imaginative as you can; Magnemite’s eye can blink and make a few other expressions.

20. Exeggcute

25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

You can draw Exeggcute if you can draw a simple oval form. Six ovals must be drawn, some of which must overlap for the design to work.

Draw them individually for now if that’s too much, and work on incorporating them into the design afterwards.

Exeggcute’s eggs are designed to appear cracked, although at first, don’t focus too much on it.

With their simple smiles, smirks, or frowns and triangle-shaped eyes, include a few additional facial expressions.

19. Gorebyss

how to draw Gorebyss from Pokemon step 0 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

When examining its shape, this gorgeous aquatic creature can appear challenging.

Some parts of Gorebyss are challenging, such as the tail’s tip and the unusual seashell bra cups.

Nevertheless, they are only minor details, and with a little effort, you can quickly master the overall shape.

18. Litwick

litwick pokemon easy drawing 3 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Here is a monster from generation 5 that was created to look like a ghost candle.

Litwick can be both simple and challenging at times.

The facial traits are obvious, and the body is rather straightforward.

However, you could have trouble getting an appropriate candle flame.

To distinguish between the various areas of the fire frequently calls for some shading.

One of the most straightforward monster designs from later games.

17. Victini

Victini 1024x1024.png 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Another legendary Pokemon, this one with inherent cuteness in place of Lugia’s enormous might.

Victini is not the Pokemon you should start drawing right away, though; its tails, in particular, are difficult to draw correctly and can ruin your entire picture.

You’ll be in awe of Victini’s cuteness once you master sketching this Pokemon.

16. Porygon

Porygon.png 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Don’t be intimidated by all the lines and forms; any aspiring Pokemon artist should be aware of Porygon.

You’ll be pleased with the outcomes if you take it slowly and don’t push yourself too far.

You could start with Porygon to get used to drawing these lines, since many Pokemon have them.

15. Oshawott

Oshawott pokemon drawing 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Build the rest around the body after that. Oshawott has several distinctive features, from freckles to toes.

A Pokemon gains personality thanks to these minor characteristics, which elevate them above its simpler cousins.

Applying such specifics is also another wonderful learning curve that will advance your artistic abilities.

14. Electrode and Voltorb

Electrode.png 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Because Voltorb and Electrode are essentially just a circle with eyes and two colors, they are united.

They’re merely upgraded Pokéballs.

Even though their designs may be uninteresting, they are great places to start if you want to draw and practice drawing from fanart in general or from references in particular.

13. Luvdisc

Luvdisc.png 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Luvdisc is one of the easiest Pokémon to draw because it is just a straightforward sideways heart with eyes and a beak.

The design is so straightforward that there isn’t any room to add flair.

12. Diglett

diglett pokemon drawing 1 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Diglett is unique since his body is a straightforward cylinder, but the gravel around him might be problematic.

Like Gastly, please don’t feel compelled to create it precisely as it appears.

Another chance to experiment with the look and give the character some of your personality.

11. Gastly

gastly thumb edited 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Similar to Voltorb and Electrode, but with personality, is Gastly.

The main form of Gastly is simple and circular, which gives it some style and flexibility.

Don’t focus on the smoke that is surrounding the body; after all, it is gas, and gas may take on any shape.

So go ahead and mess about with the smoke around him.

10. Applin

how to draw Applin from Pokemon step 0 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

The recent and basic Pokémon Applin is from Sword and Shield.

The shape of this tiny dragon is a little more difficult than a circle, which presents a challenge without being frustrating.

Although Applin isn’t a perfect circle, it is a somewhat common (and adorable) option.

After all, sketching only the simplest Voltorbs becomes monotonous.

9. Ditto

Ditto.png 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Ditto may not be as simple to draw as a circle, but in its simplest form, it resembles a literal blob of jello.

Making a squiggly line that circles with dots for eyes and a tiny smile are all that is required.

Additionally, to change Ditto, add Ditto’s eyes and face to almost any other Pokémon design.

8. Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff.jpg 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

While still rudimentary, this Pokémon is more sophisticated.

The middle circle still forms the bulk of the body.

Jigglypuff offers a few more features, such as ears, arms, feet, and a tuft of hair, in contrast to Gastly, Voltorb, or Electrode, which will help novice painters hone their abilities.

7. Snorunt

Snorunt.jpg 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Compared to the other challenges on this list, Snorunt will be a more unique test for you.

This entry differs from the others in that it has a triangular shape instead of a circular one.

In essence, you will create three triangles with a face, tiny arms, and legs.

6. Rowlet

maxresdefault 8 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

One of the more challenging games on this list is Rowlet.

The face and feet have the potential to present novel challenges for emerging artists.

Building on the straightforward circle shape we saw earlier in the list, the overall shape is an oval.

Rowlet is an excellent chance to practice Pokémon’s basic proportions and face positioning.

5. Wooloo

how to draw Wooloo from Pokemon step 0 edited 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Even if we only want to provide you with the most basic Pokémon, we still want you to enjoy yourself and challenge yourself while remaining in the “easy” range.

Wooloo offers a good chance to put more complex strategies into practice.

Wooloo’s long legs, face, and braids that round its cloud-like torso give it a good blend of simple and difficult.

4. Mudkip

Mudkip.png 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

One of the most beloved beginning Pokemon in the entire series, this basic evolution Pokemon is impossible not to like.

Although applying those three-pronged cheeks can be a bit of a headache, Mudkip should be high on your list of Pokemon to draw!

3. Dratini

Dratini.png 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Use Dratini’s body as a starting point when creating Pokemon in various postures rather than simply copying an online image.

Draw Dratini’s head first, then continue drawing down until the body is finished.

The finest method for drawing Pokemon in unique locations and scenarios is this one.

Even though attempting such a feat is optional, it will make you stand out.

2. Marill

Marill.jpg 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Marill takes little time to draw, and virtually anyone can do it well. However, it may be a little too simplistic.

Marill ought to be your first or second choice if you do have trouble even getting started.

Even while it appears easier than it is to attach the tail to the body, getting it to look well will be difficult for beginners!

1. Eiscue

Eiscue pokemon draw 25 Simple & Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Eiscue is fun to draw for a variety of reasons, including his striking similarity to a genuine penguin.

To understand shading and lighting, the cube head is helpful, especially with its curved edges.

Eiscue may appear straightforward, but it has significant complexity, making it a nice balance for players of all skill levels.

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