15 Lazy & Cute Bear Pokemon

Most Pokemon are based on plants, animals, or birds, but today we’re going to look at Bear Pokemon.

What do you get when you mix strength, calm, a big, fuzzy body, and the smell of cute clumsiness?

Yes, a Pokemon Bear like the ones on this list.

So, today we’re going to share our choices for the Best Lazy Bear Pokemon. From big and scary to cute and cuddly, this list has it all.

So let’s get started with this list of 15 cute and lazy Bear Pokemon.

15. Dynabear

Dynabear bear pokemon

Dynabear is a Bear Pokemon that is a Fire type. It starts to change from a Volbear at level 32.

It protects itself by shooting flames from its back. If the Pokémon is mad, the fire burns very fast.

When it’s worn out, it sputters because the fuel isn’t burning all the way. This Pokémon is never seen with an item in its hands.

14. Red Bull Snorlax

Red Bull Snorlax

Red Bull Snorlax is a Bear Pokemon that is both Normal and Electric.

My Snorlax drank my Red Bull, so now he is very hyper and won’t stop talking about never going to meadows and being nice to cows.

Snorlax can do amazing things when asked to.

As Gigantamax Snorlax, seeds and small rocks that were stuck in its belly fur grow very quickly, and a tree sprouts on its belly.

There are three red clouds in a circle around the tree.

13. Flambear

Flambear pokemon

Flambear is a Bear Pokemon that is a Fire type. When it gets to level 18, it changes into a Volbear.

It protects itself by shooting flames from its back.

If the Pokémon is mad, the fire burns very fast. When it’s worn out, it sputters because the fuel isn’t burning all the way.

12. Kubfu

Kubfu bear pokemon

Kubfu is a small Pokémon that looks like a bear. Its body is dark gray. The feet have two triangle-shaped toes. Each hand has three claws.

A white bow mark is on the chest. Both sides of the head have two spikes of hair, and the top of the head has two more.

The front of the head has a white stripe, two spikes of hair, and two black eyebrows. It has white eyes with black spots on the white part of the eye.

Behind the head, there are two white hairs that look like ribbons. It has a black round nose, a yellow mouth, and two small black marks. It has a black tail that looks like spikes.

Even when it loses, Kubfu works hard to train its body and mind. It has a special organ that lets it make “fighting energy” by taking deep breaths and concentrating very hard.

11. Volbear


Volbear is a Bear Pokemon that is a Fire type. It starts to change from Flambear at level 18. When it gets to level 32, it changes into a Dynabear.

Volbear is known as a trustworthy Bear Pokemon. Most of the time, it is in charge of the Pokémon in your party.

It protects itself by shooting flames from its back. If the Pokémon is mad, the fire burns very fast. When it’s worn out, it sputters because the fuel isn’t burning all the way.

10. Munchlax


Munchlax is a Pokémon that looks like a teal bear with a white spot on its chest. The top half of its round head is teal, and the bottom half is cream. It has big eyes that are round and big ears that point out.

It has cream hands with five fingers and feet with three clawed toes. Near the bottom of a Munchlax’s fur, it looks like a dress. Even when its mouth is closed, Munchlax’s two pointy teeth stick out.

It’s a Bear Pokémon that moves around a lot. It doesn’t care if it has to walk or run from place to place to find food, but it usually moves very slowly.

Munchlax often hides food in its long fur, but sometimes it forgets where it put it.

9. Snorlax


Snorlax is a huge, dark blue-green Bear Pokémon that walks on two legs. Its face, belly, and feet are all cream-colored.

Its arms and legs aren’t very big, so its belly makes up most of its body. It has a big head with small, pointed ears. Its lower jaw has two sharp teeth that stick out.

It has round feet with three claws and a round brown pad on each one. Each of its short arms has five claws. Snorlax is the heaviest Normal type because of how big it is.

Snorlax lives in places like forests and mountains. It only wakes up to eat, which takes 900 lbs. (400 kg) of food per day, and then it goes back to sleep.

It doesn’t care what it eats because its stomach is so strong that it can handle even moldy food without getting sick.

It can even deal with plants with thorns or Muk’s poison. It can also eat while it’s taking a break. Snorlax is so calm that kids and small Bear Pokémon can jump on its big stomach.

8. Teddiursa


Teddiursa is a bipedal, ursine Pokémon covered in short, orange-brown fur. It has black eyes and a small black nose on a light-colored muzzle. Its face has a tan crescent that is a bit lighter, and its ears are round.

Its front paws have three claws, and its back paws have two claws and yellow pads. It has a short, round, puffy tail.

Teddiursa uses Beedrill pollen and fruit to create its own honey. When it finds honey that has already been made, the mark on its face lights up.

7. Ursaring


Ursaring is a Bear Pokémon that can walk on two legs. It has brown fur all over its large body, except for its muzzle, inner ears, and paw pads, which are a light tan color.

It has small eyes, a black nose in the shape of a triangle, and a wide mouth with small, visible fangs in the upper jaw.

The fur on Ursaring’s shoulders is longer and more structured, with epaulettes-like rectangular extensions.

The shoulder fur of a female Ursaring is longer than that of a male. It has a big, ring-shaped mark on its chest that is tan.

The front legs of an Ursaring are long and end in five claws each. The back legs, on the other hand, are short and thick and end in three claws each. It has a big tail that looks like a ball.

6. Cubchoo


Cubchoo is a Bear Pokémon that can walk on two legs. Its head and neck are light blue. It has a slightly pointed head with big round ears, shiny dark oval eyes, and a darker blue muzzle.

Cubchoo has a dark, shiny nose from which a lot of light blue nasal mucus drips. This is what it uses to attack.

The part of its body below its head is white. It has round front paws, digitless feet with black paw pads, and a small, round tail.

The nose of Cubchoo is always running. It breathes in the mucus and then uses it as a weapon.

5. Beartic


Beartic is a Bear Pokémon that is an ursine and can stand on its hind legs. It has bluish-white fur, and at the back, there is a shaggy tuft.

It has a beard made of three ice spikes that hang from the bottom of its jaw. It has a long nose, black eyes with white pupils, and round ears. It has black claws and pads on its large forepaws.

Beartic can freeze its own breath and use this ability to make bridges across the water. Beartic can also use its breath to freeze the water it is swimming in if it gets tired so it can lay down and rest.

It can make ice fangs and claws with its ice breath. The fangs are harder than steel. It lives in the north, where it hunts for food in the cold water.

4. Pancham


Pancham is a Bear Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a young panda. It has a white head and a short, puffy tail.

It has a black nose in the shape of a triangle, black ears that are round, black circles around its eyes, and black fur tufts on the top of its head and on each cheek.

Its back feet and upper body are black, but its lower body is a dark gray color. The dark gray makes a three-pointed shape on its chest where the two colors meet.

Each paw has three toes, and the soles of its black back feet have small, round, dark brown pads.

A small green leaf is in Pancham’s mouth. This leaf is just trying to look cool, but it doesn’t do anything else.

3. Pangoro


Pangoro is a big Bear Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a humanoid panda bear.

It has a round belly, short legs, long arms with big paws, and short legs. It has thick white fur on its head and belly, and its dark gray fur is just as thick on its lower body, chest, arms, and back.

It has a long cape made of this dark gray fur that hangs down behind its back. This cape and the rest of the pattern make it look like Pangoro is wearing a long coat and pants.

The tips of Pangoro’s three-fingered paws have black claws and shorter, darker fur.

It has a triangular black nose, rounded black ears, big fangs in its lower jaw, and black half-circles under its brow that make it hard to tell what color its eyes are.

2. Stufful


Stufful is a Bear Pokémon that walks on all fours and looks like a bear cub. Its head and most of its body are pink, but its legs are brown.

On the bottom of each foot is a single pink paw pad. It has a white half-circle mark on its face that looks like a headband, and its muzzle is white with a black triangle for a nose.

It has small white-tipped fur tufts under each of its white-tipped ears. Its ears are on the sides of its head. It has a dark pink ring around the middle of its short, puffy tail. A small white flap under the tail looks like the tag on a stuffed animal.

This is actually an organ that lets out a smell that is used to talk to other animals of the same kind. Stufful is very small, and it is tied with Mankey as the Fighting-type with the smallest size.

1. Bewear


Bewear is a Bear Pokémon that looks like a two-legged bear. It is black and pink. It has black legs and a black front, but its head, back, and tail are pink.

It has a white band across the top of its head with two fur balls at each end. This white mark makes it look like it’s wearing a headband with bear ears on it.

It has a short, white face, a black nose in the shape of a triangle, and two small black eyes.

Its front paws have pink pads that include the palm and three digital pads. On the front of the back paws, there are three white pads. It has dark pink rings on its short tail.

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