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18 Best Held Items in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Pokémon’s battles are a major plot point, and competitive battling is now a big deal.

There are so many different parts that can be changed for different techniques, like move sets, EVs and IVs, and, of course, holding things.

Each Pokémon has a single item it can utilize during combat. To further broaden your selections, more and more things have been added over time.

Whatever your combat style or approach, there are many ways to improve it.

The top 18 items in Pokémon Sword & Shield will be provided. This list contains items for all of your favorite Pokémon, as well as some equipment to hold your character.

18. Focus Band

Focus Band.png

In a nutshell, the Focus Band prevents your Pokémon from being instantly killed if they would have otherwise been.

Usually used to indicate where entrance hazards like Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock are to be placed.

Another thing discovered in the markets in Stow-on-Side.

17. Type Boosters

Charcoal.png 1

Every type that is present in the game has a holding item that increases attack power by 20%. Stow-on-Side marketplaces are the most likely location to locate them.

If you don’t have a better item for your Pokémon, you should generally equip them with a same-type booster.

More harm means that you can’t go wrong!

16. Amulet Coin

Amulet Coin 150x150 1.jpg

You will have the option to replay the championship fights once the main story has been completed.

An incredible amount of money is available for such a brief time commitment when an Amulet Coin is equipped.

This coin doubles any earnings each combat.

15. Berries


There are many uses for berries. There are dozens of them, and they are all eaten at once to give a lovely little bonus.

Some improve stats, while others replenish health or even PP. There is a list on Serebii that outlines the decisions made by each berry, so the choice is ultimately yours.

The berries that restore health or cure status conditions are ideal. Berry trees may be found all around the Galar region.

14. Rocky Helmet


A great choice for big barriers on a player’s squad is the Rocky Helmet, a great held item.

When a Pokemon wearing a Rocky Helmet is struck by a physical attack, the attacking Pokemon suffers some minor damage, similar to how Iron Barbs works.

This implies that a player can punish an opponent’s physical offence by dealing more damage with their large, defensive Pokemon.

13. White Herb

White Herb

The White Herb is a consumable that is used to restore the stats of any Pokemon holding it to normal if they have been reduced.

This item can save your life when used in conjunction with specific tactics.

The White Herb’s value lies in its capacity to counteract the downsides of powerful offensive moves like Draco Meteor or Close Combat that decrease the user’s stats after being employed, even though this can stop an opponent from depleting a crucial Pokemon’s numbers.

12. Heavy Duty Boots

heavy dutyboots

Stealth Rock is one of the threats a player will run into most frequently when playing Pokemon.

Because it causes the opponent’s Pokemon to suffer Rock-type damage when it enters a battle, Stealth Rock can deal significant damage to any Pokemon that is weak to Rock.

Given that both of its kinds are vulnerable to rock, it is particularly lethal against Pokemon like Charizard.

Fortunately, Stealth Rock is no longer a concern for Pokemon entering a battle thanks to the Heavy Duty Boots item, which reduces the damage from such dangers.

11. Eject Pack


When a Pokemon’s stats are decreased while holding the Eject Pack, another Pokemon of the trainer’s choice will instantly replace it.

If the Pokemon faints or the trainer has no alternative Pokemon to switch it with, this won’t function. Wild Pokemon have no impact either.

The Eject Pack is also consumed during use. Conversely, it fails when used with moves like Parting Shot. It succeeds when used with moves like Overheat.

10. Pokemon Choice Scarf

item 0251 1

A Pokemon’s speed increases by 50% if it is wearing the Choice Scarf. However, they are only permitted to use their initial attack in the fight.

When the Pokemon is withdrawn, this lock is released (and then thrown in again for the same battle).

Moves like Flip Turn, Parting Shot, U-turn, and Volt Switch make use of the Choice Scarf’s advantages.

9. Pokemon Assault Vest

Dream Assault Vest Sprite

When a Pokemon wears the Assault Vest, their Special Defense is increased by a flat 50%. They are no longer permitted to use status movements, though.

Despite this, abilities like Dancer and moves like Me First and Instruct continue to function.

The Pokemon will actually Struggle if they only know status moves or are under the effects of Encore or Torment. Additionally, Dynamax has no impact on the limitations imposed by the Assault Vest.

8. Pokemon Choice Band

Dream Choice Band Sprite

A Pokemon’s attack increases by 50% if they are wearing the Choice Band. However, they are only permitted to use their initial attack in the fight.

When the Pokemon is withdrawn, this lock is released (and then thrown in again for the same battle).

Focus Punch, Giga Impact, Head Smash, Sky Attack, Bolt Strike, Flare Blitz, Gunk Shot, Megahorn, Power Whip, and Outrage are some attacks that make use of the Choice Band’s abilities.

7. Pokemon Focus Sash

Pokemon Focus Sash

When a Pokemon with the Focus Sash is struck by an attack that would normally cause them to lose consciousness, they will continue to have 1 HP.

This works with self-inflicted confusion damage but not with multi-strike moves. Additionally, Focus Sash has no impact on Future Sight or Doom Desire.

The Focus Sash is depleted after use. Glass cannons are the Pokemon that utilised this held item the most frequently. They play weak defence but high offence.

6. Pokemon Choice Specs

Pokemon Choice Specs

Pokemon holding the Choice Specs item had their Special Attack increased by 50%. However, they are only permitted to use their initial attack in the fight.

When the Pokemon is withdrawn, this lock is released (and then thrown in again for the same battle).

Eruption, Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, Hyper Beam, Water Spout, Draco Meteor, Belch, Focus Blast, and Zap Cannon are a few moves that make use of the Choice Specs’ advantages.

5. Leftovers


When a Pokemon holds the Leftovers, they heal 1/16 of their maximum HP at the conclusion of each turn.

This may not sound like much, but Pokemon with absurdly high HP, such as Blissey, Chansey, and Wailmer, might tremendously benefit from such a thing.

When a Pokemon doesn’t have a held item that is specifically designed for them or to prepare for an impending crisis, leftovers is a choice that is worth considering. It offers a negligible but significant advantage in any conflict.

4. Power Items

power bracer.png

The purpose of power items is to raise the equipped Pokémon’s EVs. Unknown to you, EVs are secret values; the higher your Pokémon’s EVs, the higher the stats will increase as it levels up.

There are 4 power items available, one for each of the following: Attack, Sp. These training boosts are essential for competitive fighting since you want your finest Pokémon to have the highest possible stats.

However, the Speed stat is decreased while wearing.

They can be found in Hammerlocke’s BP store.

3. Expert Belt

A 20% power increase for really powerful assaults is provided by an expert belt.

On a Hitmonchan who is proficient in Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, and a Fighting Move, this held item is insane.

Additionally, it was discovered in the first Sword & Shield gym in Turffield. But beware—getting a Hitmonchan with an Expert Belt so early makes the game absurdly simple.

2. Eviolite

Dream Eviolite Sprite

A Pokemon’s defense and special defense are both enhanced by 50% if they are clutching an Eviolite and are not completely evolved.

(An additional function for it is to prevent the aforementioned Pokemon from evolving regularly while levelling up.)

However, if Pikachu, Meowth, or Eevee are able to Gigantamax, it actually has no effect on them. Meltan is also unaffected because it cannot develop in games (just Pokemon GO).

1. A life orb

Life Orb.png

When a Pokemon holds the Life Orb, their damage increases by 30% each time they use the move, but they also suffer damage afterward equivalent to 10% of their maximum HP.

In reality, even if the move has no effect, the Pokemon still sustains damage. Damage resulting from bewilderment is not considered, though.

Fortunately, the damage from the Life Orb is applied to the Pokemon’s maximum HP while it is in non-Dynamax mode.