30 Best Normal Type Pokémon (Updated In 2024)

Following our discussion of Pokemon of the Fairy type today, we will move on to examine Pokemon of the Normal type throughout history.

These aren’t necessarily the most powerful,

and they mostly just mimic the appearance of animals found in the real world,

but buried among all of this are some truly incredible treasures.

In order to showcase these incredible Normal Type Pokemon to the rest of the world,

I have chosen to compile this list that is solely devoted to them.

Let’s get started on the list of the top Normal type Pokemon without further ado and without wasting any more time.

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Updated on June, 2024, by Swati: Some of the most prominent competitors may be in search of a potent Normal type pokemon to augment their time as they ascend to the surface.

Another update has been provided to ensure that this list is as current as it has ever been.

33. Meloetta

Pokémon Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade On Make A GIF, 41% OFF

Meloetta, a Pokemon of the Mythical Normal/Psychic type,

can transition from its Aria Forme to its Normal/Fighting Pirouette Forme by employing its signature move, Relic Song.

The two forms of this entity possess a significant quantity of HP; however, their statistics are distinct.

Its Normal/Psychic Aria Forme is intended for Special Defence and Special Attack,

while its Fighting Pirouette Forme is distinguished by its high Attack and Speed.

By transitioning between these forms during combat,

Meloetta is able to effectively neutralise a diverse multitude of threats, thereby achieving adaptability.

32. Lickilicky

Lickilicky being cute, deserving all 19 of its votes! 💕 Definitely my fav!  : r/pokemon

One of the many Kanto Pokemon evolutions unveiled during Generation IV was Lickilicky.

Someone saw lickitung and said they wanted more.

As so, Lickilicky came to be.

Its saliva dissolves almost anything and, because it dissolves you as well,

causes numbness when it is ingested.

Its huge stat total is most noticeable in the heaviness and defence categories.

This, together with its minor weaknesses because of its pure Normal-typing, allows Lickilicky to take a lot of damage.

Wring Out, its hallmark move, is likewise more potent the more HP its opponent has.

31. Bewear

Bewear vs. Pheromosa | Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends |  Official Clip - YouTube

The Pokemon Pokedex suggests that Bewear is a Pokemon who derives pleasure from delivering large, potentially lethal embraces.

While it may resemble a companion, the statistic total it provides provides evidence that there have been fatalities associated with embraces.

With a typing that possesses some of the most potent physical combat techniques in the game,

it has a high HP and an even higher attack.

Moreover, Fluffy is a feature of Bewear that allows it to confront physical attackers without hesitation.

This monster is able to perform Swords Dances and administer hugs that are believed to be spine-chilling due to the fact that it sustains minimal damage from contact techniques.

Although this plush bear may appear endearing, there are numerous reasons for concern.

30. Gumshoos


Gumshoos is a Normal Type Pokemon with a long body, similar in appearance to a mongoose.

It walks on all fours, but it can stand on its hind legs with its hands locked behind its back, just like a human would.

While it moves on all fours, it looks like a human.

The majority of its coat is brown, but the underside is yellow and extends all the way up to the top of its tail.

It has an extra yellow stripe that runs from the top of its head down to between its shoulders.

It has some fur sticking up near its shoulders and hips, as well as some around the base of its tail.

The appearance of an open trenchcoat is created by the combination of the yellow underside and these tufts.

It has rounded ears that are set on the sides of its head and each one has a small notch in the middle.

It has a short snout with a pink nose, a large mouth full of pointed teeth,

eyes that are nearly hidden under their yellow stripe, and tufts of yellow fur on their chin.

It also has a yellow stripe down the middle of its back.

Each of its four stubby legs has three dark claws, making a total of twelve.

29. Exploud

Gumshoos Normal Type Pokemon

Exploud is a blue Normal-type Pokemon that can walk on two legs. It has a big mouth. It has red eyes, a short nose, and two sharp teeth on each side of its mouth.

It has tubes that stick out of its body and have holes in them. Seven of them form a crest on top of its head, one is on each elbow and knee, two are on its back, and one is at the end of each of its two tails.

It has yellow tips on the tubes on its head-crest and tails, and the tubes on its back have yellow half-circle patterns on either side.

It has two yellow half-circle marks on its belly, but its big mouth makes them hard to see. It has three fingers and three thin stripes below its elbows.

Each foot has three front claws and one back claw, as well as a yellow pad.

28. Swellow


Swellow is a big Normal-type bird that is dark blue and has a red chest and face. The top of its head has a crest of feathers that sweeps back. It has red spots on its head and chest, which are separated by a blue stripe. Its bottom is white.

It has small, thin eyes, a yellow beak with a point, and red feet with black claws. On each foot, three toes point forward and one points backward.

Its tail is made up of two long, pointed feathers with red tips. When it stands up straight, this is a sign that it is healthy.

The tips of Swellow’s wings are sharp. It is a great dive-bomber that will always hit its target. It is also very proud of its shiny feathers, and it often cleans the wings of other Swellow.

While in the air, it looks for warm meadows. Wurmple is a meal for Swellow.

27. Diggersby


Diggersby is a Normal-type Pokemon that walks on two legs and looks like a big, fat gray rabbit. Its two ears, which look like muscled forearms with three-fingered paws, are the most noticeable thing about it.

The inside of the ears is pink, but the rest of the ear is gray. The tips of the paws are brown. Above each ear-paw, there are three brown spots.

A sharp point in the middle looks like an elbow. These ears are strong enough to lift things that weigh more than a ton and help Diggersby dig better than anything else.

26. Miltank


Miltank is a Normal-type Pokemon with two legs and a bovine body. It can only be a girl. Its body is mostly pink, but its belly is yellow, and its back has black, angular markings.

It has a black mark that looks like a hood around its face and a pink triangle on its forehead. The top of its head has two small horns. It has big blue eyes, a wide mouth, a black nose, and long, black ears with yellow insides.

Miltank’s udder is yellow, and its four teats are pink. Its four legs end in black cloven hooves, and the end of its long tail is a black ball.

25. Braviary


Braviary is a big Normal-type bird Pokemon with dark red feathers on its back and dark blue feathers on its underside.

Its tail feathers start out red, turn yellow, and end up blue.

Braviary has long, thick legs and yellow feet with one toe facing backward and three toes facing forward on each foot.

Each finger has a short, thick, black claw at the end.

24. Pyroar


Pyroar is a Normal Type Pokemon that looks like a four-legged lion. It is mostly dark brown, but the legs, tip of the tail, chest, and face are lighter brown.

It has a round face with a dark brown nose, round ears with dark brown insides, bright blue eyes, and a dark brown stripe behind each eye.

It has longer fur on its thighs, and each of its paws has three toes. At the end of its tail, there is a tuft of longer fur.

A male Pyroar has a long, mostly red mane with gold streaks that make a pattern that looks like the Daimonji symbol () and the fire symbol ().

On the other hand, a female has a long mane that looks like a crest and is gold and red. It grows from its forehead.

The female’s mane is as long as its whole body, and the light brown on its front legs goes all the way up to its shoulders.

23. Dubwool


Dubwool is a Normal-type Pokemon that looks like a sheep. It has a round coat of white wool with some black patches around the edges.

It has a gray woolly ring around its head, from which two small, curved horns stick out below its head.

Its head is mostly black, except for a white patch around its mouth and nose that has three petal-like tips on its forehead. It has two large, long, dark horns that curve backwards on top of its head.

It has a pink nose and yellow eyes with black irises, white horizontal pupils, and small gray eyebrows on top. It has black legs with a brown ankle and brown hoofs. It also has a black tail that is short and pointed.

22. Zangoose


Zangoose is a Normal-type Pokemon that can walk on two legs and looks like a cross between a mongoose and a cat. Even though it is a Pokémon that can walk on two legs, it usually walks on all fours.

Its fur is mostly white, but its face, chest, and front paws have deep red spots that look like scars. Its front paws have two long, black claws, and its back paws have pink pads.

It has pink eyes, long ears, and a red nose that isn’t very big. When it opens its mouth, you can see that its upper jaw has two sharp fangs. It has small white fur balls on its shoulders and a big, fluffy tail.

21. Bouffalant


Bouffalant is a Normal Type Pokemon that looks like a cow and has a big, dark afro on its head. The afro has two large, curving horns that each have two golden growths that look like rings.

Its brown, shaggy skin ends at the knees and does not cover its face. It has a short, beige snout with a big, gray nose at the end. Its yellow eyes are partly hidden by its hair.

Right below its eyes, there are black spots that look like tears. It has one gray hoof on each of its beige legs, and its short tail ends in a furry tuft.

20. Stoutland


Stoutland is a dog-type Normal Pokemon that is good at finding people who are lost at sea or in the mountains. It has fluffy, white-tipped plumes and a three-pointed crest made of cream-colored fur on its face.

Its feathers are so long that they cover its whole body and bunch up close to it. It has tufty, pointed ears with dark blue insides, a black nose surrounded by short black whiskers, and small eyes that are almost hidden by its facial fur.

It has long, shaggy fur that is dark blue on its back and grayish blue near its legs. It has a light brown face and paws, and each paw has three white-clawed toes. Pokédex 3D Pro also shows that each paw has a blue pad.

19. Lopunny


Lopunny is a Normal-type Pokemon that looks like a rabbit. It walks on two legs and has dark brown fur and a short, round tail.

It has pink eyes with black spots on the inside edge, long tufts of cream-colored fur above its eyes, and a small pink nose.

It has long ears that curve up above its head and end in fluffy cream-colored fur. Lopunny is very proud of his ears and takes care of them all the time. If the ears are messed with roughly, Lopunny will kick back.

Its head, body, and hips are covered in dark brown fur, while its wrists and lower legs have fluffy cream-colored fur like its ears.

18. Ursaring


Ursaring is a Normal Type Pokemon with two legs and an ursine body. It has brown fur all over its large body, except for its muzzle, inner ears, and paw pads, which are a light tan color.

It has small eyes, a black nose in the shape of a triangle, and a wide mouth with small fangs that can be seen in the upper jaw.

The fur on Ursaring’s shoulders is longer and more structured, with epaulettes-like rectangular extensions. The shoulder fur of a female Ursaring is longer than that of a male. It has a big, ring-shaped mark on its chest that is tan.

The front legs of an Ursaring are long and end in five claws each. The back legs, on the other hand, are short and thick and end in three claws each. It has a big tail that looks like a ball.

17. Kangaskhan


Kangaskhan is a big Normal-type Pokemon that looks a bit like a kangaroo. It walks on two legs. Its brown skin has a few raised spots, and its belly is cream-colored.

It has big, cream-colored ears, small, red eyes, and a short, rounded snout with two sharp teeth in the back of its upper jaw.

A thick, black plate sits on top of its head. It has growths that look like shoulder pads and a row of spikes down its back. It has three clawed toes and hands, and its tail is thick.

He has a pouch on his belly that holds a baby Kangaskhan. The baby’s skin is smooth and light purple, which is different from its parent. Kangaskhan are only found in females; there are no males of this species.

16. Tauros


Tauros is a Normal Type Pokemon with four legs and a bovine body. It has light brown fur all over, and a thick mane of darker brown fur around its neck.

It has a round face with a dark brown nose, small triangular eyes, three gray bumps that run vertically down its forehead, and a pair of curved gray horns that grow from the top of its head.

Each of its three black tails ends in a tuft of fur, and each of its four gray feet has a single gray hoof. Tauros is a species that only has males. There are no female Tauros.

15. Obstagoon


Obstagoon is a Normal-type Pokemon that is black and white and has two legs.

It has a long, thick neck, and its head is in front of its body. Its nose is pointed, like a badger’s.

It has thicker gray fur on its forearms, lower legs, back, and most of its chest, which makes it look like it is wearing a vest.

14. Blissey


Blissey has a big, round body that is pink on top and white on the bottom. On either side of its head, there are curls that look like hair. It looks like a dress because white tufts that look like wings grow from its hips and shoulders.

It has short, pink arms and feet that don’t have any toes. It has a small, pink pouch on its belly that holds a single egg. If this egg is eaten, it makes a person happy and kind.

The egg can make a person be nice to other people and even calm down the most dangerous Pokémon. The most money can be made from Blissey’s egg at markets.

Blissey can tell when someone is sad or sick by the way their fluffy fur feels. It will rush to anyone who is sad or sick and try to make them feel better.

13. Cinccino


Cinccino is a Normal Type Pokemon with gray fur that looks like a chinchilla.

It has big ears on the sides of its head. The insides of its ears are red, and tufts of fur cover some of them.

It has large, brown eyes and a small, round nose.

Its arms and legs are small and rounded, and its tail is long, fluffy, and very white. It also has two big, long fluffs on its head that wrap around its back.

12. Pidgeot


Pidgeot is a Normal Type Pokemon that looks like a bird. It has big wings, sharp claws, and a short, hooked beak. Its shiny feathers are mostly brown on the top and cream-colored on the bottom and flight feathers.

It has a long, decorated crest on top of its head that is almost as long as its body. Its crest has yellow feathers in the middle and red feathers on the outside.

Its tail has red or brown feathers that look like fans. It has a pink beak and legs, and each foot has three toes that face forward and one that face backward. Behind each eye is a black mark in an angle.

11. Staraptor


Staraptor is a bird-type Normal Pokemon that is grayish brown and looks like a big bird of prey. It has small red eyes and a thin yellow beak that ends in a black tip. It has a white patch in the shape of a circle on its forehead. The female’s patch is smaller.

It has bigger white spots on the front of its throat and chest, which are separated by a black ruff that goes around its shoulders.

It has a black crest with a red tip that goes all the way to the tip of its beak. Staraptor is picky about how this comb looks. It uses it to make itself look bigger and scare away enemies.

It has big wings, five tail feathers with black tips, and yellow feet with sharp black claws. It can easily fly with a small Pokémon on its back because its wings and legs are very strong.

When this Pokémon evolves, it leaves its flock to live alone. It can be very aggressive, attacking even sick or hurt bigger enemies over and over again.

10. Jigglypuff


Jigglypuff is a normal-type Pokemon that is pink and has a round body. It has large blue eyes and pointed ears with black spots inside.

It has short, short arms and feet that are just a little bit longer. It has a curl of fur on top of its head. Jigglypuff’s body is full of air, and as seen in Pokémon Stadium, it can let the air out of its body until it is flat.

Super Smash Bros. shows that it can float by drawing more air into its body.

9. Meowth


Meowth is a small Normal Type Pokemon that looks like a cat. Its fur is cream-colored, but the tips of its tail and back paws are brown.

Its round head has four long whiskers, wide eyes with narrow pupils, two sharp teeth in the upper jaw, and a gold koban coin stuck in the middle of its forehead.

It has long whiskers on either side of its black ears, which are brown on the inside. Meowth is a four-legged animal that can also walk on its hind legs.

In the games, Meowth is always shown walking on two legs, but in the anime, it says that Meowth usually walks on all fours.

It is free to move its claws and can pull them back when it wants to move quietly. Its tail ends in a tight curl.

8. Porygon-Z


Even though Porygon-Z is a virtual Normal-type Pokemon that was made by humans, it has a real body. Its head is pink and round, and it has a short, blunt antenna that sticks up and a blue bill that looks like a duck’s.

It has yellow eyes with black rings around them, like a bulls-eye. The head is not attached to the body at all, and it floats just above it. It has a smooth, round, fuchsia body, and its arms are joined by a blue ring.

It has two blue arms that are loosely attached to its upper body and don’t have any other features besides being blue. The tail is also blue and smooth, but it has a slight paddle shape.

7. Ditto


Ditto’s natural state is that it is amorphous and light purple or pink. It is a Normal-type Pokemon. The face has a simple mouth and large, round eyes.

It also looks like it has two arm-like structures called pseudopods that stick out from its body. It can change into a copy of any physical object, right down to its shape and abilities.

But if Ditto tries to change based on what it remembers, it might get some details wrong.

6. Silvally


Silvally is a Normal-type Pokémon with the body of a four-legged creature. It has traits from a number of different animals.

It looks like a mammal, but its head is made of moving parts. It has a thick, silver mane that goes down over its chest and covers most of its head and neck.

On the bridge of its nose and upper jaw, its blunt snout is made of metal. It has a black nose with three red lines around it in a triangle shape, pointed ears with bright pink and black insides, one fang on each side of its lower jaw, and a slight overbite.

Its eyes are a bright silver color, and you can’t see any pupils. Instead, there seems to be a black space around them.

On each side of its head is a metal circle drive with a white circle in the middle and a metal line going through it. It has a big crest of fur or feathers that looks like an axe on top of its head.

5. Regigigas


Regigigas is a big, white Normal-type Pokemon that looks like a golem. It has seven black circles for “eyes” that are set up in a certain way.

Regigigas uses the pattern to show how angry it is. When it is angry, its eyes light up red. It has six spots that don’t look like gemstones like its eyes.

The red gems seem to represent Regirock, the blue gems seem to represent Regiice, and the silver gems seem to represent Registeel.

It has long arms with three white fingers that look a lot like human fingers. Its legs are short, and instead of feet, they end in big mossy bushes.

Regigigas has big yellow bands on its shoulders and wrists, and what looks like its head is a sloped yellow spot on its chest. It has black stripes all over its body, and moss grows on its back and feet.

4. Snorlax


Snorlax is a huge Normal-type Pokemon with a cream-colored face, belly, and feet. It walks on two legs and is dark blue-green.

Its arms and legs aren’t very big, so its belly makes up most of its body. It has a big head with small, pointed ears. Its lower jaw has two sharp teeth that stick out.

It has round feet with three claws and a round brown pad on each one. Each of its short arms has five claws. Snorlax is the heaviest Normal type because of how big it is.

3. Slaking


Slaking is a Normal Type Pokemon that looks like a big ape and walks on two legs. Most of its shaggy fur is brown, and so is the pattern under its eyes, which looks like a half-circle.

It has lighter-colored skin on its face, chest, hands, and feet. It has thick, pointed eyebrows and a big, pink, pig-like nose.

It has a white fur collar around its neck that goes over the top of its head and ends in a small tuft. It has big hands with five fingers and feet with two toes.

2. Eevee


Eevee is a Normal-type Pokémon that looks like a four-legged mammal and has mostly brown fur. It has a cream-colored tip to its bushy tail and a large, fluffy collar. It has three small toes and a pink pad on each foot. Its legs are thin and short.

Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears with dark brown insides, and a small black nose. Most of the time, you can only find Eevee in cities and towns, not in the wild.

But Eevee’s genes are said to have an irregular shape that makes them easy to change by their environment. This lets it change over time to fit into different environments.

1. Arceus


Arceus is a Normal-type Pokemon with white legs that look like those of a qilin or centaur and a gray underside with vertical lines.

On the underside of its mane, tail, and face, the striped pattern looks the same. It has four pointed feet with gold hooves on the tips.

Its long mane sticks out from the top of its head, and its gray face has green eyes with red pupils and a green circle pattern below its eyes. Arceus also has a gold stripe on the top of its head and ears that point up.

It has two sets of protrusions on each side of its neck, and the underside of its neck has a flap-like part that is white like the rest of its body.

Arceus also has a golden cross-shaped wheel attached to its body by its round stomach. This wheel, along with Arceus’s eyes and hooves, change color depending on the type of plate or Z-Crystal it is using.

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