21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

This list will be split into two distinct ways.

Game Freak, back in the day, lacked the technology to create flashy, innovative designs, thus many of its games were just reskinned versions of existing ones.

There were quite a few green ones.

For some reason, there haven’t been many fresh designs for shiny green Pokémon lately.

Therefore, we must wade through several murky concepts before reaching the meat of this rating.

So, let’s take stock of the situation:

21. Muk

MUK 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Muk, a Pokémon composed largely of poisonous sludge, is designed to represent the repercussions of pollution and wastefulness.

Purple Muk’s glossy appearance transforms into a hideous green color on its own. Sludge’s versatility as a material means it may be made in a wide range of hues.

The Alolan version of Muk, which is a multicolored rainbow, takes this to a whole new level.

If you want to avoid having folks think you’re drinking a nutritious morning smoothie, you should probably stick with a purple Muk.

20. Stantler

Stantler 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Okay, this is a rather dull introduction, but such is life. It’s possible that Stantler is one of those Pokémon whose existence is familiar but whose usage is unfamiliar.

What I mean is that a reindeer like Mon’ can basically create itself.

Unfortunately, Game Freak hasn’t tried again since Gen II.

Even Stantler’s polished fairy isn’t perfect. It’s a complete color change from one matte to another, in this example from brown to green, in the traditional sense.

That’s a step in the right direction, at least.

19. Ursaring

Ursaring 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

There has been a complete change in skin tone for Ursaring as well.

This time around, the green is a tad more pleasing.

Yep. In other words, I’m at a loss. This bear’s shine will appeal to fans, but everyone else is more likely to find him unnoticeable.

18. Machamp

Machamp 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Once again, a green reskin is used.

But being an absolute unit gives Machamp an advantage over the others.

As in, it’s one of the original 151. So, I have to treat it with some degree of reverence, despite the fact that its luster isn’t really impressive.

I feel bad criticizing Game Freak for all of these unimaginative flashy reskins, but it’s hard to do so. We need to remember that the team was dealing with really rudimentary visual assets to work with.

17. Skarmory

8227 Mega Skarmory 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Finally, a green shine that didn’t just get dipped in a paint bucket!

The Pokémon Skarmory is wonderful in ways that might not be immediately obvious.

Since their wings are so sharp, it’s hard to believe that red was their initial hue.

When polished, that crimson becomes green.

Thematically, it fails to hold together. Nonetheless, it is more impressive than simply repainting it in a different shade.

16. Mewtwo

Mewtwo 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

See, it’s hard to defend the likes of Stantler and Machamp when you have flashy Gen I Pokémon like Mewtwo.

Even though the Pokémon have been given a green makeover, some homage has been paid to their classic look.

In such a situation, Mewtwo’s tail will become green.

Even as far back as Generation II, shiny was terrible. Although it wasn’t considered a very shiny Pokemon in the first Pokédex, once the games went 3D, it emerged as a strong contender.

15. Buzzwole

Buzzwole anime 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

As a matter of fact, I despise Buzzwole. It has made me quite self-conscious about my appearance.

Honestly, compared to this, Machamp seems like a toy. It’s a… odd choice to make it look like a huge insect that’s just pumped full of muscles.

Also, not one I feel completely at ease with.

In any case, we can’t ignore how awesome it looks when polished to a shine. It’s nothing special, but it changes Buzzwole from the very drab red it usually is to a green that seems practically poisonous.

To an untrained eye, it may be mistaken for a huge sweatshirt on the Pokémon. Maybe I’m simply remembering the traumatic experiences I had when I tried to work out in the past.

14. Tangrowth

465Tangrowth DP anime 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Because they have similar strengths, both Tangrowth and Tangela are deserving of this spot:

They have a “broccoli” appearance.

If you get my meaning.

Both Pokémon are instantly recognizable to me because of their distinctive green coloring and veiny appearance.

I am not suggesting that the Tangrowth or Tangela be smoked. To be fair, I don’t think it’s out of the question that some scumbags will do it.

13. Flapple

pokemon fieldnotes flapple by scorpionthehybrid de9d5tc fullview 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

In my opinion, Flapple is the best new Pokémon introduced in the Sun and Moon series.

Besides the fact that it’s a dragon apple, I have no other reason to like it.

And, let’s be real: isn’t that sufficient cause?

Which member of the Game Freak design team thought about this first? Basically, I just feel obliged to show my appreciation for their sacrifice.

The idea behind Flapple is so fantastic that I would never have been able to come up with it.

Even better, Flapple is a red apple when it’s normal.

Shiny like an apple, green in color (like a granny smith).

I may have the comedy of a preteen, but that color shift is priceless.

12. Salamence

Salamence 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Fun-loving and adorable, Flapple the green-eyed dragon is a real character (like me after smoking Tangela)

But salamence is serious business, so don’t take it lightly.

Salamence is the most “dragony” dragon type we’ve encountered outside of the legendary variety.

Like Haxorus, Garchomp, and Dragonite, it is not a bipedal creature. However, unlike Hydreigon, it does not have a mythological basis.

In its place, we have a dragon that is recognizably a dragon. Furthermore, I value your consideration.

Salamence is a reskinned version of a green Pikachu. However, Salamence’s overall design is so fantastic that I can look beyond its reskinned shine.

11. Decidueye

Hau Decidueye 1 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Is Decidueye’s shine a sign that it is green? Perhaps, somewhat?

Its gleaming hood turns a deeper shade of green, therefore that’s good enough for us to include it here.

My personal favorite Pokémon is Decidueye.

An assassin owl, to be exact. That’s about all the excuse we need to embrace this wacky bird.

When polished, it takes on a darker tone reminiscent of a Jungle Book take on Assassin’s Creed and becomes even more awesome.

10. Roserade

Cher Roserade 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Perhaps more than any other Pokémon, Roserade frequently appears on my favorite shiny lists.

The fact that it did so with only a little change to its shiny image demonstrates that Game Freak doesn’t have to go overboard to create a visually appealing Pokémon.

When polished, Roserade is the same emerald hue.

The rose-colored hands are the sole variable.

Instead of blue and red, they turned purple and black.

Obviously, this is fantastic looking, and it fits the mold of a poison grass ninja well.

9. Chesnaught

775204 lizamas chesnaught 1 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

My admiration for the Shiny Chesnaught has grown significantly over time.

At first, I wasn’t a big fan. But now I’ve come to appreciate the layout a lot.

The realization that glossy Chesnaught is supposed to appear like a chestnut is solely responsible for my about-face.

Having a green shell and a brown body, it more closely resembles its intended form.

Regular-looking In terms of aesthetics, Chesnaught holds his own. Still, there’s something more alluring about the glossy version that makes it a joy to behold and much more so to possess.

8. Hydreigon

Can You Catch a Shiny Deino Zweilous Hydreigon in Pokemon GO 1024x576 1 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

This glistening sprite defies logic by functioning properly.

It’s a green and purple dragon with three heads, like some kind of hydra. Also, it looks just stunning.

In all seriousness, we can all agree that Hrdreigon’s aesthetic is fantastic. It was easily the most aesthetically pleasing Pokémon introduced in Generation V.

However, the compatibility of these hues is unexpected.

I’m no art critic, but something seems off to me.

The fact that I can’t quite put my finger on its design is a major plus in its favor. This sparkling object will be difficult to forget.

7. Venusaur

pokemon review venasaur 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Unfortunately, Game Freak doesn’t seem to care much for Venusaur.

It was the least popular Gen I starter, and its flashy sprite was voted the worst.

In no way does this imply that it is undesirable.

However, Blastoise is placed higher on this list despite the fact that Charizard is one of the greatest shinies ever made (spoiler alert).

It’s possible that my interest in grass-type starters all the way up to SWSH, when I felt Grookey’s last evolution dreadfully uninspiring, was motivated by how unappreciated Venusaur actually is.

The blue-and-red Venusaur on sale now may transform into a green-and-yellow one by purchasing the appropriate flower.

I’ll admit it’s a shocking shift.

Although, it does look fantastic. And it’s clearly different enough from the rest of the Pokémon to be called a “shiny.”

6. Dragonite

141 1412844 dragonite by cattreats my pokemon dragonite green 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Dragonair/Dratini and Dragonite appear to have been designed by two separate teams, as I’ve only lately learned.

If that’s the case, that would explain a lot.

The evolutions make no sense, and not even the flashy sprites in between them help. In contrast to the green and purple menace of Dragonite, the dull purple of Dragonair is a dull hue.

Wait. Shades of green and purple. Why does a clashing color scheme look so good on dragons?

Given that Dragonite is the original, I suppose.

It is before both Hydreigon and Haxorus, so we should give it credit for its dashing good looks.

5. Serperior

Rosa Serperior 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Serperior is, in my opinion, one of the most underappreciated first basemen of all time.

That also applies to its glossy appearance.

It does a better job with the snake design than either Arbok or Ekans, looking both like a regal serpent and a snake (I get it, Game Freak).

When polished, Serperior’s royal blue highlights contribute to its superior air, which is one of my favorite features.

The shiny Serperior makes sure you know it lives up to its name.

4. Blastoise

129 1291301 mega blastoise by protocol00 d6l1fpt mega charizard mega 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

And I did warn you that Blastoise would eventually show its ugly head here.

Shiny Charizard stands in sharp contrast to the Gen I starters, although the three of them still have the greatest shiny sprites overall.

They’re not exactly acting crazily either.

It’s true that Blastoise has a green shell, but that’s not all.

It’s a fantastic green, reminiscent of camouflage. This pairs splendidly with the secret canons Blastoise carries.

3. Sceptile

Sawyer Sceptile 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Shiny Sceptile is here for one reason and that’s reason enough to put it at number three on this list.

Check out the guy’s irises.

He has been zooted.

If you give your Pokémon too much Tangrowth, it will evolve into a Shiny Sceptile. This is obviously not a coincidence.

2. Espeon

972 9722411 shiny espeon by alexxxa4 shiny espeon male 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

Toy Story’s Alien toys come to mind when I see a shiny Espeon.

Perhaps my fondness for the protagonists is to blame for my favorable opinion of the design.

It’s just a reskin, and I’m usually rather critical of those.

Game Freak, however, utilized a gorgeous green color. Also, it goes well with Espeon’s alien-looking noggin.

Even though that was really harsh, I must admit that this is a truly unique shine.

This Eeveelution is one of the best green Pokemon you can acquire.

1. Noivern

10715 Shiny Mega Noivern 21 Best Green Shiny Pokémon

From a personal perspective, Noivern is among the top five shines of all time for me.

Though my top five choices might seem odd to some, I believe I can make a strong argument for Noivern.

This Pokémon is based on a bat, making it not just the most underappreciated dragon Pokémon ever but also a close second to Dragalge.

Please have patience.

Bats are cool, but the design is what really sets them apart. However, the sprite it receives is a green and red sparkly one.

I’m not trying to imply that the design was inspired by the vampire genre, but that’s what it seems like to me.

Similar to a gothic vampire punk rock dragon, Shiny Noivern is a kind of Noivern.

It’s impossible for a green glossy to be anything other than number one on this list, given the aforementioned descriptors.

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