30 Best Fairy Type Pokemon For A Stylish Team

Check out these fairy-type Pokémon if you want your team to look cool and cute.

In Pokémon X/Y, these fairy-type Pokémon are introduced.

They are the first new Pokémon type in over 12 years, and they changed how competitive games are played.

So, we’ve made a list of these great fairy-type Pokemon so you can put together your dream team.

Personal preferences, battle strategies, and the specific context in which the Pokémon is being used can all contribute to

Updated May 22, 2024, by Swati : The subjective nature of the title of the “best” Fairy-type Pokémon.

Nevertheless, specific Fairy-type Pokémon that are frequently considered to be among the best are both popular and potent:

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the 30 best fairy-type Pokemon of all time.

30. Ribombee

Ribombee | Fandom

Ribombee is a small Pokemon that looks like an insect. It is a Fairy type and has a big head, a smaller body, and thin arms and legs.

It has fluffy, yellow hair all over its body. Its face and lower body are white, and there is a tuft of hair on its back.

It has big eyes with a square white and brown spot in the middle of each.

It has two black antennae and white hairs that look like eyelashes over its eyes.

A brown scarf with a point on the front is wrapped around its neck.

It has two wings that are almost as big as its body.

Near the base, there are three brown loops on the white wings.

It has four thin legs and hands or feet that are round.

29. Klefki

16 Facts About Klefki - Facts.net

Klefki is a small Fairy-type Pokemon that is greyish white and looks like a key ring with four keys on it.

Its head is round, and on its forehead is a small pink oval.

It has two black circles for eyes and a hole in the middle for a mouth.

It has a teardrop-shaped body that is pink and has a white teardrop-shaped mark in the middle.

It has a horn that sticks out of the top of its head and looks like an old key with two wide, blunt teeth.

A thin loop goes out from each side of the key and wraps around Klefki.

Several keys that this Pokémon has found are hanging from the loop.

Klefki is very small. It is tied with Alolan Diglett and Meltan as the Steel-type with the shortest height.

Klefki lived in mines in the past.

When it couldn’t find enough minerals to eat, it moved to places where people lived.

Now, it gets its food by putting its key-shaped horn into cracks in metal.

28. Dedenne

Pokémon UK on X: "It's called being a good friend, looking cute in a flower  crown AND being the GOAT at taking power naps at inappropriate times. 😍😏  RT if you're joining

Dedenne is a Fairy-type Pokemon with a round body and two legs.

It looks like a mouse and is orange. It has black eyes, a small nose, and a large upper incisor with a slight point.

Its ears are round and black on the outside and pale yellow on the inside.

There is a dark orange circle with two black whiskers on each cheek.

The top whiskers have branches that look like antennae, but the bottom whiskers are just one long hair.

Its back has a thick black stripe, and its belly is pale yellow.

It has short legs with three toes on each paw and a long,

thin black tail with a tuft of fur at the end.

27. Slurpuff

Closed) Shiny Dream Ball Slurpuff (GTS) Giveaway | Pokémon Amino

Slurpuff is a white Fairy type Pokemon that walks on two legs.

It has pinkish-red eyes with white pupils, and its tongue is usually sticking out of the corner of its mouth.

A red sphere sits on top of a mass of pink fur on its head.

Its pink fur looks like ears on either side of its head, in the shape of a sphere.

It has a red collar with waves around its neck and a red spot on the left side of its chest.

It has pink, three-toed feet and short, stumpy arms.

26. Granbull

2,600+ in Single Cup! Thanks Granbull! - YouTube

Granbull is a Fairy type Pokemon that is purple and looks like a bulldog.

It has two long growths on the bottom of its jaw that look like fangs.

It has two small fangs on its upper jaw.

The dog Pokémon has a hard time keeping its head up because its jaws are so heavy.

It has flat, curved ears on the sides of its head, and its small, black nose is pointed.

Its neck has a black collar with two small white spots on it.

It has two black bands around its wrists, and its tail is short.

25. Togepi

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Togepi is a small, round Pokemon that is still in its eggshell.

It is a Fairy type and is light yellow.

Togepi doesn’t change its skin.

The Egg is covered with red and blue shapes.

Togepi’s hands are short and round, and each of his feet has two toes.

Togepi has black eyes and five spikes that look like a crown on its head.

It also has brown pads on the bottom of its feet that look like half-ovals.

24. Whimsicott

Whimsicott - Pokedex Guide - IGN

Whimsicott is a small, brown, Fairy-type Pokemon that walks on two legs.

Its back, neck, and forehead are covered with a mane of cotton-like fluff.

Behind it is a green section in the shape of a star.

This is like where a plant’s stem or vine meets a fruit or flower.

Whimsicott has orange, oval-shaped eyes, and on either side of its face are two green lobes that look like curled horns or ears.

23. Cleffa

Oddish, Swablu, And Cleffa (pokemon And More) Drawn By, 51% OFF

Cleffa is a small, star-like Pokemon that is pink and of the Fairy type.

All of its ears are brown.

It has two small black eyes, a small mouth, and it looks like its cheeks are always a little pink.

It has short, stumpy arms and legs that don’t have fingers and end in a point.

It has a curl on the top of its head, and its tail is curled up.

22. Clefable

Pokemon Sword & Shield Offers Players The Chance To Catch A Shiny Clefable

Clefable is a tall, pink Fairy-type Pokemon with a body that looks a little bit like a star.

It has black, oval eyes with wrinkles on either side. Its ears are long and pointy, and the tips are dark brown.

Like its long, tightly curled tail, a curl of fur hangs over its forehead.

It has two dark pink wings on its back. Each wing has three points.

It has three fingers on each hand, and each foot has two toes with claws and a dark pink sole.

21. Mr. Mime

Make Your Own Luck - PVE/PVP Events - PokeMMO

Mr. Mime is a Fairy-type Pokemon that looks like a two-legged human.

It has a pale pink head with blue growths on the sides that look like clown hair.

Each cheek has a magenta circle.

Its jaw is bent inward, like a wooden dummy’s mouth.

It has a round, white body with a magenta spot in the middle.

It has small white coverings on its knees and magenta spheres connecting its light pink arms and legs to its body.

Its white hands look like gloves because they have pink pads on the tips of their white fingers,

and the tips of its dark blue feet curl up.

20. Grimmsnarl

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Grimmsnarl Guide: Pokedex, location, moveset,  evolution - The Click

Grimmsnarl is a humanoid Pokemon with green skin that is a Fairy type.

It has dark purple hair on most of its body, except for parts of its face, abdomen, feet, and a small red patch on its chest.

Grimmsnarl’s big crescent-shaped ears have red insides, just like the ones it had before it evolved.

However, this form’s ears are longer.

It has a long, pointed nose that points up and only one long, red nostril.

It has a blue tongue and six teeth that stick out of its mouth.

The front four teeth are flat and there are two on each jaw.

On each side of its upper jaw, there is also a sharp fang.

It has grey eyelids and white eyes with red irises and black pupils. Its face ends in a small chin with a sharp point.

19. Florges

How To Find (& Catch) Florges in Pokemon Go

Florges is a thin Pokemon that is a Fairy type. Its upper body is white, and its lower body is green.

It has a round head with a pointed, upturned nose, long teardrop-shaped ears, and dark eyes with long, green, plant-like lashes.

It has a beautiful bouquet of flowers around its head.

The flowers can be red, yellow, orange, blue, or white.

It has skinny arms with three tiny fingers and two black diamond shapes on its chest.

Its lower body looks like a mermaid’s tail, and above the tailfin are two big leaves.

It is a species that only has females; there are no males.

18. Jigglypuff

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Jigglypuff is a pink Pokemon that is a Fairy type and has a round body.

It has large blue eyes and pointed ears with black spots inside.

It has short, short arms and feet that are just a little bit longer.

It has a curl of fur on top of its head.

Jigglypuff’s body is full of air, and as seen in Pokémon Stadium,

it can let the air out of its body until it is flat.

Super Smash Bros. shows that it can float by drawing more air into its body.

17. Galarian Rapidash

Pokémon Sword and Shield guide: How to get Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash -  Polygon

Rapidash is a Fairy-type Pokemon that looks like a horse.

It has a pointy horn on its forehead and cream-colored fur.

It has small red eyes and triangular ears with reddish insides.

From the back of its head, yellow and reddish-orange flames flow out to make a long, flowing mane.

Its fiery tail is at the end of a short mane that runs down its back.

It also has flames on the ends of its legs. It has thin legs with one black hoof on each one.

16. Mega Altaria

How to beat Pokemon Go Mega Altaria Raid: Weaknesses, counters & can it be  shiny? - Charlie INTEL

Altaria is a blue Pokemon with wings that is a Fairy type.

It has white feathers all over its body and wings, which look like clouds.

It often hides its back by folding its wings behind it.

The back of its head has two long, blue plumes that look like streamers.

It has a white beak that is short and hooked, and its cheeks have white patches that stick out.

It also has black eyes that are very sharp. It has a fluffy body with a long neck and short legs that stick out.

The feet are blue and have three claws that point forward and one that points backward.

The tail has five feathers.

The two feathers on the outside are longer than the ones on the inside.

15. Galarian Weezing

Pokémon Go Galarian Weezing counters, weaknesses and moveset explained |  Eurogamer.net

Weezing is a purple Pokemon of the Fairy type.

It has two round heads connected by a thin tube, and a third round head in the middle.

The sizes and shapes of the heads are different.

The left head is bigger and has eyebrows that stand out.

Its lower jaw has sharp teeth that stick out, and its upper jaw has two flat teeth.

The smaller head on the right has only two sharp teeth, one at each corner of its mouth.

Under the face of the bigger head is a cream-colored skull and crossbones, while the smaller head has a ring instead.

It has a lot of bumps that look like geysers and usually release mustard-colored gases.

14. Mimikyu

18 Facts About Mimikyu - Facts.net

A small fairy-type Pokemon named Mimikyu has an old rag covering almost all of its body.

It is the shortest Ghost-type because it is so small.

Its black, beady eyes can be seen through holes in the body of its disguise, and under the hem,

the fringe of a foot or lower body can be seen.

It will also sometimes stick out a black limb from under its rag.

The shape of the veil looks like a Pikachu.

The fabric is yellow and has black tips on the ears.

The face of Pikachu looks like it was drawn with crayons.

It has black eyes, red cheeks, and a black mouth with squiggly lines.

The head is hollow, so you can put things in it.

Mimikyu also has a small stick that looks like a lightning bolt and is used to make a tail for its costume.

When its disguise is broken, the head of the costume falls backwards, giving away Mimikyu’s trick.

13. Diancie


Diancie is a small Fairy-type Pokemon that looks a little bit like a human.

Its lower body is a cone-shaped gray rock with a large pink diamond in one side.

Its upper body is covered in a white material that looks like a dress and has two arms.

Its small hands, which look like mittens, stick out of the sleeves.

A half-circle of gold with a pink diamond in the middle is around its neck.

It has purple eyes with red irises and pointed ears on a gray head.

A bunch of pink crystals make up a headdress on top of its head.

At the top, there are four crystals that look like spikes.

On each side, there is a long crystal that hangs down, and in the middle of its forehead is a large circular crystal.

A small piece of gold hangs from the center crystal, and a small pink diamond is set in the back of its head.

12. Alcremie

PokéJungle: Pokémon Game & Merch News on X: "Alcremie confirmed to have  multiple forms in the wild. Milky Strawberry was the one revealed, green is  Milky Green Tea https://t.co/NPKteI9Zn1 https://t.co/MnVS1Q2HaB" / X

Alcremie is a Fairy-type Pokemon with a body made of whipped cream.

It looks a bit like a human.

Its head looks like a bunch of dollops of whipped cream styled like hair, with a big one on top and two loop-like “bangs” on either side.

Depending on which Sweet the Alcremie was given as a Milcery when it evolved,

each of these bangs is topped with either a strawberry, blueberries, a clover, or a few different kinds of candy.

Alcremie’s lower body is also made up of two dollops of whipped cream that look like a dress or robe.

It has two thick arms with three fingers on each.

Its body is shaped like a donut.

Alcremie is a species that only has females and no males.

11. Alolan Ninetales

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Ninetales is a Fairy-type Pokemon that looks like a fox and has thick, golden-white fur.

It has a small mane of thicker fur around its neck and a long, fluffy crest on top of its head.

It has thin legs with three-toed paws and nine long tails with pale orange tips.

It has red eyes, pointy ears, and a black nose in the shape of a triangle.

Even though Ninetales is smart enough to understand what people say,

it is a very angry Pokémon that has been known to curse people who hurt it.

It can live for a thousand years because each of its nine tails is said to have a different magical power.

It can hypnotize an opponent with flames that come out of its mouth,

and its red eyes are said to give it the power to control minds.

It has been shown that the anime can swim.

Ninetales can only evolve with the help of an Evolution stone, so they are rarely found in the wild.

They can, however, be found in grasslands.

10. Tapu Koko

18 Facts About Tapu Koko - Facts.net

Tapu Koko’s head and torso are black, and it has white markings on its chest, just above its eyes, and on top of its head.

It has a big orange plume with bristles that grows out of the top of its head.

The top bristle and half of the bristle below it are marked with yellow.

The bottom of this crest goes all the way to the bird’s neck, where it splits the bird’s face in half and makes its nose look like a beak.

It has small blue eyes that are marked with yellow spots.

Its bottom half is orange and has four sharp points: one short spine in front,

two short spines in back, and one longer spine in the middle.

These spines look like the feathers on a bird’s tail.

It has thin arms with round, yellow structures that go all the way around its shoulders.

Each arm has a shell that looks like half of a bird mask,

and the tips of its hands are two big claws that make a beak for the mask.

9. Hatterene

Hatterene - Pokémon Sword & Shield - Image by Naoki Eguchi #4017013 -  Zerochan Anime Image Board

Hatterene is a small Fairy-type Pokemon with a thin, white body.

It looks like a small person.

It has a round head with a small mouth, black eyes with white pupils, and two pink markings that look like eyelashes over each eye.

It also has very long, layered hair that is symmetrical and much longer than its body.

Like a cloak, the hair on its head hangs down to the ground and wraps around it to hide much of its real body.

Which is dressed in a pink, semi-translucent dress that makes it look much taller, like a typical witch or sorceress.

From the top to the bottom, this hair gets lighter shades of pastel blue, pink, and white.

8. Mega Audino

May's Audino Pokémon Wiki Fandom, 54% OFF

Audino is a two-legged, pink-and-cream Fairy-type Pokemon with blue eyes that are shaped like ovals.

The top of its head, back, and arms are pink, while the bottom half of its face, body, and ears, as well as its front and fingers, are cream-colored.

It looks like a jacket because of the pink and cream stripes on its chest.

It has three fingers on each hand and two on each foot. Its tail is a white, puffy tuft.

Audino’s ears hang down and have thin, curled tips on the inside.

It can use these ears like radars, and it can hear very well.

It can feel the beat of another Pokémon’s heart with the feelers on its ears, which work like stethoscopes.

This lets it figure out how the other Pokémon is feeling and how well it is in general.

The feelers can also tell when an egg is almost ready to hatch.

7. Mawile

☆Mawile☆ | Wiki | Pokémon Amino

Mawile is a short Fairy-type Pokemon that walks on two legs.

Its body is pale yellow, and its arms and feet are black.

Its legs have a thick, skirt-like covering that looks like fur.

It has two big, black jaws that stick out from the back of its head.

This is the most noticeable thing about it.

On the top of these jaws is an oval, yellow spot, and there are ten sharp teeth, six on the top row and four on the bottom.

Even though the jaws are said to be steel horns that have been changed,

Mawile can move them however he wants and use them to bite enemies and chew through iron beams.

6. Togekiss

Doodle Drops Artwork — Togekiss' Flower Garden~

Togekiss is a white bird-like Pokemon that is a Fairy type and has a round body.

It has small, close-together feet, but its wings are wide and shaped like triangles.

It has red and blue triangles on the underside of its body, and its short tail is made up of three feathers.

On the back of its head, there are three spikes: one on the right with a red tip, one on the left with a blue tip,

and one in the middle that is completely white.

Togekiss’s face is pretty flat, and its black eyes are small.

5. Azumarill

Pokemon Go: How To Find (& Catch) Azumarill (Spring Collection)

Azumarill is a blue Fairy-type Pokemon that walks on two legs and has a round body.

The bottom half of its body is white, and the top half has a white pattern that looks like bubbles.

This helps it hide in water.

It has round eyes and long ears that look like rabbit ears.

The insides of the ears are red.

It rolls up its ears when it’s in the water to keep the insides from getting wet.

It has short arms and feet that end in rounded tips and don’t look like they have any toes.

It has a black, zigzag tail that ends in a blue bubble.

When it attacks or is excited, the tip of its tail tends to glow.

4. Primarina

15 Facts About Primarina - Facts.net

Primarina is a sea Pokemon with the Fairy type.

It looks like a mix between a sea lion and a mermaid.

It is mostly white, but its tail is long and fish-like.

It has a long snout with a round, pink nose, bright blue eyes with long white eyelashes,

and long, light blue hair that hangs off the back of its head.

On its forehead is a structure that looks like a tiara.

It is made of a row of pearls with a pink sea star at one end and a thin, clear blue fin that goes back over its hair.

Two strings of pearls hold its hair back in a ponytail.

In the games and anime, this ponytail comes undone for a short time when it does certain moves.

On its body, it has three fins that look like the one on its head: one that wraps around its shoulders and chest, one around its waist where the fishtail starts, and one near the end of its tail.

Its front fins are long and have three points.

Primarina’s long, fish-like tail is bright blue, and around its hips are a few small, pointy, pink fins.

It has white tail fins that it can use as feet when it wants to stand up.

3. Xerneas

Pokemon: Xerneas by E-tane on DeviantArt

Xerneas is a Fairy-type Pokemon that looks like a stag and has four sets of antlers.

Depending on whether it is in Active Mode or Neutral Mode, its color changes a little bit.

Its main body is always black with a blue stripe down its back and a short, bushy tail, no matter what mode it is in.

It has a blade-like trim around each leg that starts at the knee and ends in a point under each hoof.

It has a mark on its chest that looks like an upside-down V.

It is the same color as the trim on its legs.

Its head and neck are blue, and it has two big, curving tufts on its chest that reach up to its head.

Its first pair of antlers go all the way to the top of its head and curve around the bottom of its eyes.

The pupils are shaped like an X and are black.

It has a short mark on top of its nose, and instead of ears, it has a horn on each side of its head that curves up.

2. Gardevoir

Why people are obsessed with Gardevoir... - YouTube

Gardevoir is a Fairy-type Pokemon with two legs and a body that looks like a flowing dress.

Its body is mostly white, but its hair, arms, and the bottom of its dress are all green.

Its hair curls down the sides of its head and over its face.

Behind its red eyes, it has short spikes that look like a mask.

It has long white legs and arms with three fingers on each hand.

It has a long, red, fin-like horn on its chest, and a shorter, rounder horn on its back.

It has a green band across its chest that goes to the middle of its front horn and connects to its arms, which look like sleeves.

1. Sylveon

Sylveon | Pokédex

Sylveon is a Fairy-type Pokémon that looks like a four-legged mammal.

Its fur is a pale cream color, and its feet, ears, and tail are pink.

It has light blue eyes, long ears with blue insides and thicker fur, a small nose, and two stray tufts of fur on top of its head.

One bow is at the base of its left ear, and the other is on its neck.

Each bow is light cream with a pink center, and it has two ribbon-like feelers hanging from it.

The tips of the feelers are light blue.

Each feeler has a pink stripe and then a dark blue stripe before the tip.

It has thin legs, small paws with three toes each, and a fluffy tail that is slightly curved.

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