15 Games Like Gang Beasts

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Gang Beasts is a mix of Party and Beat ’em Up components and brings thrilling game play for those gamers who want to take revenge on their friends.

By choosing a unique character with a different color, up to four players can participate in the game at the same time. They can compete to see who can stay alive the longest and win the match.

To make the game play more interesting and exciting, several scenarios are featured. In the made-up city of Beef City, gelatinous characters are waiting for you in hazardous settings.

Physical skills are a big part of the game, like punching or kicking other players until they pass out. Gang Beasts is one of the best games for lots of gamers and works on Steam, PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Up to four players can compete against each other in this true-to-life party game, to be the last one standing.

You can jump on one of the many deadly machines, police cars, or moving trains and fight your friend in any way you like. While navigating Beef City’s streets, try not to get stuck in strange or hazardous situations.

15. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Games Like Gang Beasts

Come out a month ago and quickly take over the gaming world, unlike Apex Legends, PUBG, and Fortnite. No one has yet left a bad review after playing the game, which shows that over 100,000 people liked it.

The cartoonish world lets you control blob-like characters from a third-person view, and you have to play against other people.

You can give it the feel of a Battle Royale game, but you can’t make use of weapons like you would in a Battle Royale game like Free Fire.

Fall Guys is a brand-new type of Battle Royale game where you have to use deadly weapons and gear to take on other players.

Mediatonic will release Fall Guys in February 2020. Since its release, the game has become incredibly popular thanks to its funny and decent game play as well as its cast of characters.

14. Party Panic

Party Panic 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

The game has the same style of play as Pummel Party, so it takes the top spot on the list of Games Like Pummel Party.

You might disagree with us about what features you think the game should have, but no two games can be perfect alternatives.

The game is similar to Pummel Party in that it has creatures that look like blobs, and it can be played locally by up to four players in local multiplayer mode.

You will also be pitted against your friends in more than thirty mini-games, and while you are racing through the extremely difficult Gauntlet, you can experience a new mode called “Board Game,” which is thrown at you. It’s a part of the game, so don’t freak out when you find yourself in trouble.

13. Bronzebeard’s Tavern

Bronzebeards Tavern 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

Mermaid MenZ made Bronzebeard’s Tavern, a simulation, management, combat, and cooking video game. In this game, the player must manage a restaurant and complete tasks by focusing on multiple tasks. As the game goes on, you have to serve a variety of customers tasty food.

The main goal of the game play is to keep the restaurant running for as long as possible. You have to take orders from the customers to keep the restaurant running.

You must manage customer seating properly before taking orders from customers. When the player is done seating customers, they have to make food for them.

The player must give the customer the right food and earn rewards throughout the game. To increase food sales, you can upgrade your restaurant in this game by adding new stoves and blenders.

In addition to building and improving the restaurant, you can also use the daily forecast and customers to decide what to serve on the menu.

12. Super Bunny Man

Super Bunny Man 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

Catobyte made Super Bunny Man, a science fiction, action, and co-op video game. The player in this game must play the role of a person wearing a rabbit costume in a 2D land.

To find something that isn’t specific, the player in this game must travel through time and space. During the game play, the player must jump through wormholes to find hidden carrots and time attack attacks.

The players will find the multiple levels of this game to be very challenging. As the player goes through these challenges and completes levels, he can grab, jump, and roll.

The game allows players to play in various settings like Snow, Forests, and Caves.

11. Boomerang Fu

Boomerang Fu 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

Comes from Cranky Watermelon and is the best physics-based local multiplayer party video game. Up to four players can compete against each other from an isometric view. The game was released a month ago on S Team and is also available to play on Nintendo.

Up to four players compete against each other in the game using unique skills, weapons, and other types of items they find around them.

Multiple power-ups will not only improve your skills, but they will also let you defeat enemies with fewer moves. As a result, you should find out about different power-ups, like boomerangs, disguises, and more.

10. Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

The main features of Castle Crashers are role-playing, beat ’em up, fighting, and partying. The player participates in battles with his friends against each other and can wage war to kill each other for huge rewards.

They fight on various levels with unique scenarios and use a combination of moves to beat each other and take them down. The player must choose a starting character from an overworld map after selecting the playable world.

When a player finishes a stage, they can either play it again or move on to the next level to fight another enemy.

9. Super Smash Bros Melee

Super Smash Bros Melee 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a Nintendo game that focuses on fighting game play and features exciting characters from other Nintendo franchises like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and more.

The gamer can choose their favorite character from the available characters and participate in battle against other players using melee combat.

A person uses their punching and kicking skills to beat their opponent in the time allotted and become the master. Once enough time has passed, the game will get harder as the player gains experience.

The player’s main goal is to lower their opponent’s health bar by attacking it. Each character has a health bar.

8. Brawlhalla

Blue Mammoth Games 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

For fans of Gang Beasts, Blue Mammoth Games offers an exciting video game with similar gameplay and genres like fighting, co-op, party, and multiplayer.

To win and receive amazing prizes, you must eliminate your friends from various scenarios. You can choose from a variety of characters to play against other players.

Make strategy, cover your enemy, and use all of your power to eliminate them before he does.

You can participate in the battle against friends and four other players from around the world by combining several moves to strengthen your attack. To win, you must defend your character from enemy attacks and take them out.

7. BombSquad

BombSquad 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

In multiple matches, BombSquad lets you show off your skills by destroying your friends. The game combines party, action, and beat ’em up genres and offers unique game play for a thrilling experience.

In multiple matches, choose a character from the playable selection and compete against friends.

To eliminate the other person within the allotted time or become the last person standing, use various objects and weapons like bombs, grenades, etc. Included are mini-games like hockey and capture the flag.

Using ninjas, pirates, crazy chefs, barbarians, etc., up to eight players can compete against one another simultaneously.

6. Assassins vs Pirates

Assassins vs Pirates 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

With its duel, brawl, battle, and going modes, Assassins vs. Pirates has 2D graphics and co-op, action, indie, and casual gameplay.

Choose your character, enter the level, engage in combat with other competitors, and knock them out to remain the last survivor.

Like in other games, you can earn points that you can use to unlock more characters with unique skills.

Among the game’s main modes are Treasure Hunt and Artifact, which make for fun gameplay. In unique and hand-painted levels, elude and distract your competitors.

To win, you have to become the ultimate warrior, beat your friend hardly, and knock them out of the level.

5. Swordy

Swordy 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

For Gang Beasts fans who are looking for similar games, Swordy is a local multiplayer physics-based game. In the game, the player must master the art of war, use momentum, and use precise timing to survive in a world based on bones that takes place in a destroyed empire. This game is available to players, or they can download it from Steam. Competitive, Co-operative, and Part are all important game modes, and the world has plains, forests, mountains, and ancient ruins.

4. Human: Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

Human: Fall Flat combines various genres to create a unique game play that players have never seen before.

Puts the player in the shoes of Bob, a protagonist who is trapped in his dream world full of hazardous puzzles and deadly obstacles.

To solve puzzles, earn points, and interact with the environment, he must explore the open environment. The player can use a webcam to import his face and paint his bob using the customization features.

If you’re looking for “Games Like Pummel Party,” this is the funniest multiplayer video game that combines Physics-based Puzzles and Platformer styles.

3. Pummel Party

Pummel Party 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

You’re probably one of those people who enjoy playing games like Pummel Party, which is why you’re reading this. Certainly, the game has been out for more than two years, but it hasn’t reached the same high standards as other games that came out in just a few months.

For many people who always play party games with their friends, it’s still one of their favorite games. Pummel Party is played by 4 to 8 players in either an online or local multiplayer mode.

While playing in the board mode, both players and the AI can use a huge variety of ridiculous items to break up friendships in Mini-games.

It’s not appropriate for children to play Pummel Party because it has some violent and chaotic parts. When you beat other players in the game, unlike Fall Guys, you should watch blood all over the floor. The graphics take a middle ground between being realistic and cartoonish.

2. Clumsy Rush

clumsy rush 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

Seeking Games Like Clumsy Rush Switch? If so, we have a list of Alternatives that will put you right in the middle of the area where you’ll find similar games. Hippos are introduced as playable characters in the party game Clumsy Rush.

Great graphics and fun gameplay will keep you interested for hours on end. There are modes for both playing alone and with friends in the game.

There are over 27 playable Hippo characters, with the option of selecting your favorite before starting the game.

Red, Bob, Mike, Ice, Santa Claus, and others are the most important characters in Clumsy Rush. The game is played from above, and the player’s main goal is to have fun with friends and spend quality time together.

Your only goal in the game is to tap the screen to make your character move his or her feet while looking for rhythm.

To run faster, look for yellow things that look like crowns and grab them. The player who crosses the finish line first will win the game.

1. The Executive

the executive 77891 1 15 Games Like Gang Beasts

Noodlecake Studios, Inc. created and released The Executive, a fast-paced cinematic fighting, action, side-scrolling, and single-player video game, for Android and iOS.

In this game, the player takes on the role of the main character, a CEO of a company that has been infiltrated by dangerous werewolves.

It is the player’s job to save all of the innocent employees as well as the city. With 120 hand-crafted levels and a sizable inventory full of upgrades and moves, the game combines the fast-paced combat system, platform, and timing based move elements.

With controls that were made from scratch, the fighting engine of the game is a mix of adventure and fighting games. With a focus on visual rather than rhythm, the platform section of the game requires precise timing.

The player can play against enemies and perform stunts in each level, and there are dozens of skills and abilities to learn. There are more than fifty different enemies, each with its own unique intelligence, flaws, and strengths.

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