Kento Nanami Death In Jujutsu Kaisen

Nanami Kento is the former salaryman who won the hearts of the fans due to his sexy fighting style and fantastic story. 

He adheres to rules and has a stout character. 

But beneath his cold exterior is a warm heart and a profound knowledge of the techniques of Jujutsu. 

This makes his appearance on screen a memorable one. 

In fact, Yuji gets to know him and shares his thoughts by calling him “Nanamin.”

We all loved it when Nanami admitted to Yuji that he was an occultist. 

Before we continue this article, here is a spoiler warning for you: This article will contain significant manga spoilers. 

Proceed at your own risk! 

One memorable moment that made all of us cheer for OP Nanami in his fight with Mahito

It was a brutal battle for Nanami due to his cursed method which was not working against Mahito. 

However, his “overtime” capability helped him win his ferocious fight. 

It was obvious that the next fight between Nanami and Mahito was going to be brutal. 

Is Nanami dead in Jujutsu Kaisen?

It’s true, Nanami Kento is dead. He died at the hands of the cursed spirit Mahito.

Nanami appeared to have struggled to win an aeon in the Shibuya area.

His irritated sigh that Malaysia could be nice, somehow, was incredibly tragic in his miserable state, surrounded by a plethora of transfigured human beings.

The man was a victim of some close shaves prior to his death. 

When he first was caught by Mahito’s Domain Expansion, it felt like it was the end of his life too.

However, he still died with the same hands. Mahito was waiting slyly for his arrival to besiege him when it was time. 

He was looking for Nanami to suffocate himself and then murder him in the presence of Yuji.

Nanami was an important character in Jujutsu Kaisen. The fans loved him, particularly for his depiction of adulthood.

He was a gentleman too, providing assistance to Yuji and taking care of Yuji in his lowest moments.

He even took the time to contemplate his words throughout his final moments. 

As opposed to burdening Yuji with a legacy, he gracefully left his words of encouragement:

I believe in you, Yuji. I trust that you will find your path. Until now, I taught you all I could. You’ve got it from here.

Kento Nanami’s last words.

Kento Nanami Death

What role did Nanami’s death play?

Absolutely, it was an important and major moment in the life of Itadori. 

In a way, it was Nanami who had told Yuji that it wasn’t an offence to be an infant. 

He also advised him that it’s acceptable to leave the chores to the older generation. 

But, Nanami succumbed to his death in front of the “child” he would like to guard all the time. 

Writing this article tears me up and I’m not able to imagine myself in the shoes of Yuji. 

Unfortunately, Nanami’s death came right after Sukuna went berserk, killing a bunch of people. 

Mahito had accomplished his dream of destroying Yuji’s soul slowly.

Nanami’s loss will surely influence Yuji’s attitudes, actions, behaviour, and even decisions in the coming years. 

In many ways, it is like Junpei’s death. 

The question of whether it’s more or less favourable is for the upcoming stories to decide. 

Yuji was very devoted and revered Nanami as well, and within one day, his life was changed forever. 

Was Nanami wrong? 

Isn’t Yuji only a child condemned to death, but doing so to make other people’s lives better? 

Did it really matter for him to be a kid? 

It makes you want to hug him and tell him “Yuji, you’ve got it” as well. 

Do you think Nanami’s final words and death are touching too? 

Tell me by leaving a comment! 

Okay, goodbye. I’ll look up the anime in which there is a reincarnation of him as of now. :’)

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