Are Dabi and Todoroki Brothers?

Shoto Todoroki is among the most popular characters from My Hero Academia. 

The Half-Hot, Half Cold hero has attracted the attention of his fans due to his distinct quirk and attractive appearance. 

Even though he doesn’t receive much screen time like the other heroes, Shoto was able to be a fan favourite due to his intriguing personality.

His quiet and cold manner attracted fans to him. Also, it appears that he is a family member since he was hateful of his father, Endeavor, the current No. #1 hero, following All Might

In the spirit of family, many fans have wondered whether Shoto, as well as Dabi, are siblings in the anime. 

Find out more in the article.

Are Shoto Todoroki and Dabi Brothers in My Hero Academia Explained

mha dabi Are Dabi and Todoroki Brothers?

Dabi was one of the supporting antagonists from My Hero Academia. As a member of The League of Villains, he was also part of the Vanguard Action Squad before. 

He was the main character in The Forest Training Camp and Pro Hero episodes.

It’s his real name Toya Todoroki. This means he is an older brother to Shoto Todoroki. Like Shoto, Dabi hated his father. 

The Endeavor, as well as Enji Todoroki, was able to convince his son he’d be the one to overtake All Might. 

Throughout his entire life, Dabi worked hard and was obsessed with the dream of his father.

He eventually gave him up to concentrate on Shoto who Endeavor believed had the highest potential to beat All Might.

The decision to leave caused Dabi to experience an emotional crisis, ultimately losing control over his fire and his sanity. 

Dabi burned the majority of his body. He also attempted to fake his death, before becoming a criminal seeking to destroy the image of Endeavor.

Dabi and Shoto have a shaky relationship. Shoto isn’t able to recall his brother as much even though Dabi tried to assault Shoto as an infant. 

Dabi is adamant about Shoto as a puppet of his father and a rival to accomplish his goals, which is why he is angry at his brother. 

Dabi originally planned to kill his brother, as he does not see Shoto as a person, but his masterpiece or puppet. 

To make matters worse, Dabi was jealous of Shoto because he had inherited the quirk of his mother.

When Did Todoroki Find Out Dabi Is His Brother?

dabi and todoroki Are Dabi and Todoroki Brothers?

Dabi disclosed that the character was Toya Todoroki during Chapter 290 during the time that Shoto, Endeavour, Deku and the other characters battled Shigaraki as well as Gigantomachia. 

He revealed his identity by washing the black dye that was on his hair and then revealing his true identity.

Just as Endeavour, as well as Shoto, had a hard fight against Shigaraki, Gigantomachia appeared with the League Of Villains in tow which made it much more difficult for their heroes.

Despite the deterioration of his lungs Endeavour announced that he would treat with Gigantomachia because he was the most popular hero in the country.

Then, Dabi spotted Endeavour and Shoto and then walked up behind Gigantomachia’s back. Dabi greeted Shoto with a smile, telling him it’s been a while since he last met him.

Endeavour called Dabi’s name, to whom he responded by washing away the black dye that was on his hair. He revealed that he had the same hair colour as Rei Todoroki, his mother.

Dabi then asked Endeavour not to refer to the villain by his name, even though the man had a more reputable title: Toya.

The shocking revelation shocked Shoto and Endeavour and Endeavour Dabi later said that he thought that his family would recognize him, despite his face appearing different due to the burns.

Dabi was then able to reveal the fact that he’d been waiting his time for many years while watching Endeavour from afar, and thinking about ways to increase the devastation of his professional career.

He also revealed that a recorded clip of his life story that exposed Endeavour and his family was broadcast at the time. 

His original plan was to murder Endeavour’s ‘little doll, Shoto, after he became famous, however, Endeavour quickly became the top hero.

Not wanting Endeavour to realize his ideal, Dabi confessed he tried to kill him – first by sending villains such as the one who kidnapped Natsuo as well as unleashing his top-of-the-line Nomu Endeavour fight in Kyushu.

Dabi then scolded his father, asking him to tell him if the love and appreciation from the media had cleansed his heart, or if the recent strength he has shown as an adult felt like the family ties were developing.

While Shoto and Endeavour looked on in disbelief, Dabi reminded Endeavour that regardless of how hard he tried, the past will not let itself go and Dabi was in the position to teach him that life lesson.

In the clip that was broadcast, Dabi revealed the burns on his body as well as his name as Toya Todoroki, the oldest child of Endeavor. 

The man confessed to having killed more than 30 people and wanted the world to know how he come to commit such heinous crimes.

He revealed Endeavour’s history of being power-hungry. This led to his entering into an unorthodox marriage to bear an infant with a strong quirk. 

He admitted he was made by his father’s selfish ambitions but was later deemed to be a failure, and then abandoned.

Dabi was furious with his father for the idea of him being the top hero to him, only disadvantaging him to be replaced by Shoto after Toya proved inept.

In the broadcast video, Dabi effectively ruined Endeavour’s image as a hero.

Does Dabi Hate Shoto?

dabi and todoroki2 1 Are Dabi and Todoroki Brothers?

While Dabi disliked Shoto for retaking his place and threatening him in his younger years and also as a villain Dabi does not hate Shoto.

Dabi just is angry at the father Endeavour and also hurts Shoto in order so that he can make him feel despair. Dabi doesn’t care about Shoto or his other siblings.

As kids, Toya initially resented Shoto as Shoto was essentially his substitute. Toya repeatedly pleaded with her father for attention, wishing to realize his dream However, Endeavour advised Toya to stop and shift his attention to Shoto.

In a state of fury, Toya even attacked Shoto. Later, he regretted attacking him, claiming that he was an infant and did nothing wrong.

As the villain, Dabi never hesitated to take on Shoto or kidnap Bakugo or when he was fighting his involvement in the Paranormal Liberation War.

In Chapter 292 Dabi did not hold back when he pulled Shoto away with a roar of flames, declaring that he had no feelings towards anyone. 

He didn’t seem to care about the person who he sent following Endeavour nearly killed his second brother Natsuo.

He was giddy with delight at Shoto thinking that he’d eventually kill Shotothe ‘greatest doll’ and the greatest masterpiece was going to die in the fires from one of his “failures Toya,’ Toya.

But, Dabi only thought of hurting Shoto so that his father would suffer. Dabi was able to stop attacking Shoto after Endeavour was unconscious, saying it was not a reason for breaking his doll if Endeavour was not watching.

Although they claim to be indifferent even though he claims to be indifferent, a portion of Dabi is likely to dislike Shoto in a way. 

He is resentful of him for taking his place when they were kids and for taking on Endeavour, despite all the actor has done and striving to be a hero.

Hatred is too strong of a term and it is an emotion Dabi reserves for Endeavour by itself.

Dabi may even be pitiful, Shoto to the point of being his father’s ‘doll which is what he likes to refer to him, and for being manipulated and used to fulfil Endeavour’s selfish goals to become the exact person his dad would like to see him become.

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