How did Toya Todoroki Become Dabi? Explained!

There’s probably not a single person who doesn’t know about an extremely well-known manga shojo, Boku no Hero Academia. We have all felt a crush on one or more of these characters at some point in our lives. 

But one character that has left fans in awe is Dabi. Since he first appeared in episode 31 of the series, there’s been a shake in the fans’ hearts. He’s portrayed with numerous marks and staples on his face as well as the remainder of his body.

Although some may argue that his appearance is frightening, Dabi happens to be one of the most loved characters in the anime world because of his rugged, good-looking looks. 

Dabi began his career as a typical, sadistic villain with a firm determination to ruin every heroic career. He’s arrogant and rude, but more importantly, the man is manipulative and has no emotional sense. 

Dabi’s debut in the show prompted a lot of concerns about his identity. In the year 2018, well-known theories on Reddit stated the possibility that Dabi is the long-dead father of Enji Todoroki, who is the series’ top hero. 

The theory was confirmed to be accurate in the most recent chapters of Boku No Hero Academia. But, the tale of how Endeavor’s youngest son, Touya Todoroki, became Dabi isn’t just full of happy spring colors and bright hues. 

His transition from Touya into Dabi has left fans with mixed feelings about Dabi.

“The first thing we have to do is take away their sense of peace.”


This is all you must be aware of regarding Dabi and his transition from Touya Todoroki to Dabi. If you’ve not been reading this manga and do not want to spoil the story by me, I suggest stopping scrolling as there are some significant spoilers to come!

Dabi’s Revelation

Dabi 1 1 How did Toya Todoroki Become Dabi? Explained!

Dabi is an important, villainous supporting character in the show. What exactly has he committed, you might ask? He is the mass murderer who confessed to killing more than 30 innocent victims. 

He was a member of the Villain’s League and also led an elite group of villains known as the Vanguard Action Squad. He uses the Vanguard Action Squad to attack students at UA High School, where Katsuki Bakugou is kidnapped by him. 

He follows the path that Stain’s philosophy has left. Genuine heroes should exist, and not those who are heroes only to make money and fame. 

Yet, Dabi seems particularly interested in the next hero, following All Might, Endeavor. In chapter 298, Kohei Horikoshi finally reveals that Dabi is the long-deceased (or presumed dead) father of Enji Todoroki!

Dabi appears to be indifferent to death and doesn’t show guilt when he murders Snatch. He not only admits that he does not care about his comrades, but later on in the story, he doesn’t regret the demise of Twice. 

But, he’s quite disappointed as he was planning to utilize Twice to achieve his goals. He has a dull, pale face for the majority of the time as if there is nothing that interests him or causes him to feel sad. 

However, his expression is filled with excitement when he confronts Endeavor in the latest chapters and is revealed to be his real identity. This is likely an event at which all of his wild emotions come out. 

While many of the fans already believed that this was the case, the confirmation was a shock to the fans. 

Although Dabi has caused a lot of damage, his tale is very sad. The Dabi’s story Dabi is the tale of a boy who was abandoned by his father because of emotional abuse and terrible parenting.

Dabi owns a quirk named “cremation,” a devastating blue flame. Despite his list of crimes, it’s difficult to not sympathize with Dabi’s history. 

When Endeavor was fighting his fears of being a victim of All Might’s power and might, he was an antagonist to his family and attempting to be an inspiration to the world.

That’s the reason that little Touya was likely to start feeling a dislike for heroes in the future.

Todoroki Touya – Birth

How did Toya Todoroki Become Dabi 1 1 How did Toya Todoroki Become Dabi? Explained!

Endeavor got married to Rei Todoroki to create an infant who would receive the fire quirk and an ice quirk from Rei. When Touya arrived, Endeavor acknowledged his power and acknowledged that his firepower was more powerful than the power in Endeavor himself. 

He did not feel depressed even though Touya gained just one quirk rather than two quirks as he had hoped for. He wasn’t as abusive to Touya as he was to Shoto. 

But, his selfishness grew to the point that he weighed a child’s shoulders with his ambitions of becoming the top hero, which was unhealthy for young Touya. 

Although Touya as Dabi is now an unruly, foul-mouthed adult, when he was a kid he was innocent, sweet, and fun, which can make the tale of Touya’s life more tragic. Touya learned from his father, and his mind was filled with nothing but his desire to be the top hero.

Although everything seemed to be going smoothly initially, Touya started getting burns due to overheating eventually. 

Utilizing too much of his strength was beginning to take its toll on Touya’s body. Although Touya had gotten a fantastic fire characteristic due to his father’s influence, he was able to resist low temperatures through his mother but not the resistance to heat and fire, which made it more difficult to shield his body itself from the power of his own. 

Endeavour immediately gave up on Touya and stopped working with him. He declared Touya unfit. When he was 8, Enji snatched away every desire he had ever displayed for Touya and scolded him for continuing to train to ensure his health.


dabi mha 1244457 1 How did Toya Todoroki Become Dabi? Explained!

As a youngster, who was only looking to be the best dad, it felt as if everything he owned was taken away from him. As Shoto Todoroki began his life, the plight of Endeavor Touya increased. 

Shoto was the victim of the abuse of Endeavor, and Touya was a victim of his insanity. But, Touya was still very close to his children and often played with them. 

Touya would request his father to join him in training but was then told harshly to not train at all, which is the reason that Touya began training on his own at Sekoto Peak. Sekoto Peak.

At thirteen, Touya’s mental instability was beginning to manifest. He had been working for a long time, despite the limits of his capabilities and the dangers that arose, only to show the father that he wasn’t an unqualified failure. 

He was only a child and was aching to be with his dad. His rage was often expressed in a sarcastic tone to the degree that he would even insult his mother as she tried to comfort him by saying that he should quit being so harsh on himself and become something of a hero.

He often cried before Natsu, his brother, who was his closest. Natsu was always concerned and suggested that he discuss it with Fuyumi about the matter. 

Touya’s problems with abandonment were at their highest point at this point, and he began crying out and thought Natsu was also trying to push him away. 

The saddest part is that Endeavor did not know about these catastrophes that resulted from his arrogance.

Anyone who is a Dabi fan would weep in awe of the horrors his childhood memories were a part of.


my hero academia shoto todoroki dabi toya vow spoilers manga 1254002 How did Toya Todoroki Become Dabi? Explained!

When he reached puberty, somewhere on the emotional rollercoaster, Touya’s red flame changed to blue. It took only a short time to understand that it was his moods that were the main catalyst for him and what he needed to increase his abilities. 

He discovered a new way to earn his father’s respect once more. To showcase his growth, Touya asked Endeavor to be invited to Sekoto Peak to witness his peculiarity. Endeavor was aware of the dangers his quirk posed and immediately opposed Touya’s schooling. 

Yet, Touya was adamant and was determined to get his father’s approval regardless of the cost.

Touya was waiting for Endeavor to show up at Sekoto Peak, but Endeavor never arrived. It was at this point that his strings snapped completely. 

Touya was able to switch off and increase his power. However, he was not able to control it correctly (or perhaps that he was never taught). The abandonment of Endeavor filled his heart with anger. The emotions he felt turned into fires that he was unable to manage. 

Endeavor had been told his child’s bones could have been burned into dust, leaving only his jaws, and that’s the story Endeavor thought until it was discovered that Touya was alive.

Yes! Touya was just thirteen when he created a fake death for himself. Imagine the tension and anxiety the mind of a child has to be in when they attempt to pretend to die and escape. 

Touya changed his name to Dabi and also disguised him by dyeing his hair black. There are burnt marks across his body, most likely due to excessive heat as he used his peculiarity.


How did Toya Todoroki Become Dabi

Dabi joined Dabi later joined the Villain’s League, despising heroes completely. Dabi doesn’t just want to take out heroes but is determined to get them out of people’s minds by slandering them. 

He’s made a lot of progress on an unending path of bloodshed and vengeance against the two of them, Enji and Shoto Todoroki. He makes a video in which he reveals his true identity to the world.

Dabi plans to destroy their image and take away the faith people place in their heroes. He goes to the point of declaring that Hawks killed Best Jeanist. Hawks were responsible for the deaths of Best Jeanist twice.

Hawk also exposes his history in front of the entire world. He also tells all the people of the globe about his threatening conduct towards his children.

When he discloses his real identity to Endeavor, the gang, he’s overwhelmed beyond his limits and loses all senses. He is in a state of shock in the midst of chaos as Dabi is preparing to attack, as Shoto asks his father to move to ensure his safety. 

But, Best Jeanist arrives on time (to the surprise of Dabi, who thought that the heroic figure was gone) and rescues the two. After some exciting combat scenes, Dabi escapes with the assistance of his friend, Mr. Compress.

Post-war footage shows a seriously wounded Endeavor who is in the hospital together with Shoto and the other members of the Todoroki family. 

Endeavour comes to terms with his mistakes and sees the shady father he’s been. Rei, however, is determined that their child’s troubles were not solely his fault, but also hers.

She says that he needs to fight Dabi. Shoto holds his hand toward Enji and declares that they will fight Dabi by joining hands.

The trip to Touya towards Dabi was a tragic event that led to the creation of a fiery monster. I’m curious to learn how Kohei will deal with the situation from here. 

Will Dabi suddenly experience a transformation in his heart, or will he come to his demise at the fingers of his father and his little brother? 

In either case, I’m sure that the next few chapters will be an emotional ride. Being aware of the past of Dabi has led him to a soft part of my heart, and even though he’s the most brutal character throughout the series, I’d still like to see him change, or at the very least get an ending that eases the pain he has felt.

A quick fact: Dabi happens to be voiced by an extremely well-known voice actor. Shimino Hiro, who voices Dabi, is also the voice actor who voices Zenitsu Agatsuma in Kimetsu no Yaiba. Yes, the extremely deep-voiced Dabi and the extremely loud Demon Slayer are both voiced by the same voice actor.

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