What happened to Ymir in Attack on Titan?

Shingeki no Kyojin has been one of the most anticipated anime all over the world because of the concept, the characters, and the storyline it has developed over the years.

Attack on Titan (AOT) aired in 2013 and it dipped for four years but ever since the second season it has been crazy, the cliffhangers, the wait, and the developments.

The series has complicated scenarios presented to the audience, and it makes you think about the side of morality, humanity, and the complications of the world we live in.

Hajime has tried to portray both sides in such a way that the audience is eager to support either side or at least sympathize with both Eldians and Marley.

This goes without saying but this article contains a lot of spoilers so

The topic for today’s article is the Titan that started it all, Ymir was the first human to obtain the power of Titans yet the slave of the Eldian King.

Updated on June 6, 2024, by Govind: There are several mystery individuals in Attack on Titan that appear seldom yet play a significant role in the storyline. One figure that meets this description is Ymir Fritz. We don’t hear much about Ymir Fritz until later in the series, but her actions shape practically all of the events that occur throughout its duration.

Eldia and Marley

Marley territory Anime What happened to Ymir in Attack on Titan?

Eldia and Marley are the two major kingdoms Attack on Titan is based on and takes place in. Ymir, the first human to receive the power of the Titans was a slave of the Eldian King, Fritz.

Fritz used the powers of his slave to expand his kingdom, devastating Marley and the rest of the world in the process.

The Marleyans grew up hating the Eldians for destroying their lands and were scared of them because of the powers they possessed.

This started wars between both kingdoms, and these wars never stopped. The Eldians blamed the people of Marley, and the Marleyans despised the Eldians.

The Eldians believed that Ymir was a blessing offered to the people of Eldia by the Gods and the Marleyans believed them to be the “Spawn of the Devil” and that Ymir got her powers by making a deal with the devil.

Early Life

ymir fritz 1 What happened to Ymir in Attack on Titan?

Ymir Fritz was a short-statured blonde with short-cut bangs and shoulder-length hair.

She was always seen wearing tattered and baggy clothes as she was but a slave of Eldia.

Ymir was found in a village that the Eldians enslaved during their conquest for expansion.

Her village and her family were devastated.

She suffered at the hands of the Eldians all because they wanted to expand their territory no matter what the cost.

Several villages were enslaved by the Eldians, Ymir’s village was one of many.

Power of the Titans

ymir gaining her powers What happened to Ymir in Attack on Titan?

One day Ymir released all the livestock of pigs from their compound thus costing the kingdom a fair amount of money and resources.

When she was found guilty of her crimes against the kingdom of Eldia, she was sentenced to death and released into a field to run and be hunted by the Eldians for sport.

During this incident, she tripped and fell into a pool of liquid under the roots of a large tree where a spine-shaped creature fused with her giving her the power of Titans.

She then returned to the Eldian King but instead of revenge, she sought assurance.

She had accepted her position in society as a slave even though she had obtained powers beyond anyone’s imagination.

She served the Eldian King and later became his concubine.

Ymir helped the Eldians in their conquest for expansion, destroying cities, kingdoms, and people alike.

She devoted her life to protecting the King of Eldia, probably because she had started to care for him.

Ymir eliminated all of Eldia’s opposition, mainly their rival, Marley.

She gave birth to three daughters, Maria, Sheena, and Rose.

Ymir’s Titan Form

titan curse What happened to Ymir in Attack on Titan?

Ymir was the first human to activate the power of Titans.

Her Titan form was enormous in size and the earth trembled when she ran to attack her targets.

Her Titan form resembled a woman with blonde hair and an intimidating muscled body.

Her face lacked skin, eyes, and hair and looked like a skull.

She also had complete control of her Titan form and all her Titan powers and she used them all to dominate the world for her kingdom.

Ymir’s Death

ymirs death What happened to Ymir in Attack on Titan?

Ymir died protecting Fritz, the King of Eldia from an assassination attempt.

Upon her death, her corpse was forcefully fed to her daughters, Maria, Sheena, and Rose in the hopes of keeping the power of the Titans alive in the bloodline.

The frantic king ordered the three daughters to always keep the powers of the Titans in Eldia and have their children eat their spines and like this Ymir’s powers were divided into the Nine Titans.

The Spirit of Ymir

tree scaled 1 What happened to Ymir in Attack on Titan?

Even in death, she could not be free.

Her spirit was set to wander around the coordinate.

She was the one responsible for creating all the Titans when their powers were invoked.

She made them from otherwordly sand it took her decades to build them but in the physical world, it takes only a second.

She waited for 2000 years in the coordinate, wandering the desert, making Titans, for a certain someone to arrive and set her free.

A person who understands the meaning of freedom.

After 2000 years she was finally presented with a choice instead of someone forcing her hand into giving them what they wanted.

She was treated as a human with a choice, so she joined them.

She was finally set free when she saw Mikasa slit Eren’s throat and kiss him.

This act made her realize that her love for Fritz was nothing but exploitation.

She took away all the powers of the Titans.

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