Hello, fans! It’s me again with Interesting content but this time it is totally filled with so many spoilers so get ready for all this. But before that, you just understand Eren’s Titan Form.

Eren Yeager is a former member of the Survey Corps and the main protagonist and the later main antagonist of Attack on Titan.
I Know Attack on Titans is a Dark Fantasy Anime It is loaded up with brutal deaths and a will-shattering depressive atmosphere.

Along these lines, you don’t have your normal Shounen anime where there are a miscreant and a hero. What I am discussing is straightforwardly associated with how Eren got his titan powers.

He lived in Shiganshina District with his parents and adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman until the fall of Wall Maria, where he weakly saw his mom being eaten by a Titan. This occasion would lead to Eren’s extraordinary contempt towards the Titans as he vowed to completely destroy every one of them.

Did you know Eren ate his own father? Yes, it’s true. And, no it’s not in some sexual way. He quite literally ate his father. As dramatic and senseless as it may sound, it is exactly what happened.

Thus, you guys may look at it as physiological and pretty messed up but why the thing happen, and what is the reason for That we have to look at Titans themselves.

Life of a Titan

Life of a Titan aot

It is anything but difficult to address, how are Titans something beyond careless human eating beasts? Indeed, the appropriate response is pretty clear, since they’re people themselves.

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Titans are individuals who were once people. They have been made into Titans by the serum infusions. However, note that solitary people from the Eldian race can be made into Titan.

So, here you have the main cast of AoT killing their own kind who happen to be in form of Titans.

Eren’s Titan Form Powers

Eren’s Titan Form Powers

Titans are powerless to what they are and live in a type of a bad dream where they can’t get out from. They eat different people since it is incorporated into their senses.

In the event that a careless Titan ends up eating a Titan sifter, the thoughtless Titan will return to their unique human structure.

Perhaps, that is the reason you have these Titans randomly eating individuals, just on the grounds that they need to end this bad dream and become human once more. This is exceptionally clear when you think about Ymir’s circumstances.

She ate the Jaw Titan holder when Reiner and his buddies were venturing outside the walls. Also, since a titan can accept a human structure when that occurs, she ends up turning into a human again.

She portrayed her experience of being a Titan as a “bad dream”. You need to eat others for your own life. That is such a thing Eren needed to do. His dad, whenever he had taken the Founding Titan by eating the previous holder, returned to Eren.

Transformed him into a Titan by the serum infusion he took and made him into this baby Titan. Who ate him due to that instinct? That is the means by which Eren got his Titan capacities.

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Why did Grisha make Eren eat him?

Grisha make Eren eat

What you guys think about that but I’ll tell you Although Grisha hated himself for it, he did it in order to fulfill Eren’s wishes, and it’s here that puts the whole series in a new context. Did Grisha do that all for the greater good?

The Survey Corp had been killing these Titans for a more noteworthy great. Comparative his first child, Zeke (the monster Titan, Eren’s stepbrother) sold his folks out to Marley; they were an insubordinate gathering in Marley’s territory.

In any case, Zeke did all that for a greater good because according to him, he realized Eldians wouldn’t be freed that way. Thus, he decided to become a part of Marley and began this since quite a while ago run opportunity plan.

Indeed, you can murder where there is no human quality in them; like absolutely awful, no requirement for sympathy. Yet, when you discover that they were likewise human and more hopeless than you. That is some difference in points of view.

How does this impact the story?

Now in the story, you have no Villain. Everyone can be bad and good, that is such a plot it has become. Our main characters felt free to do a mass homicide of individuals of Marley; making the same sort of destruction that was brought on them when the wall was breached.

Is it true that they are awful? No, Marley proclaimed a battle on them, and this was their first move. Is Marley awful for beginning this war? No, the Eldian treated them even awful and they deal with them like crap.

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So here is the so-called psychological aspect, where you don’t have dark and whites of good and terrible. Assault on Titans is pretty ruthless all things considered, especially if you see how they handle themes of survival and ending others for the greater good, revenge, and well… not dying.

One way or another there is death for them, they died if they battle or they don’t; however, by fighting there is more chance of survival, even if it means doing the terrible-Truly, would you be able to live with the blame for what you have done?

I’m simply waiting to find out how this manga will arrive at its decision. In any case, from the vibes of the most recent Eren we’ve seen; it’s getting to him- the hate and guilt.

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