Why did Mikasa Kill Eren In Attack On Titan?

Did you have a look at the Attack on Titan manga?

It’s understandable that you didn’t understand the motives of Mikasa killing Eren

As Attack on Titan escalating in its final two chapters we thought that it could become more complicated.

That is until the extra panels for 139 dropped and Attack On Titan gets in another term for painful surprises.

Then, Eren being killed wasn’t a shock at all. 

Because Eren was not in the mood to settle for the middle ground without fighting, and thus the possibility of a bloody ending was inevitable.

It is only logical for Mikasa to murder Eren, isn’t it? What else can Isayama do to give us the last heart attack, if there were any other way?

Through the multi-dimensional perspective on the story, there’s no single reason for why Mikasa killed Eren. 

In this post, we’ll examine the two primary motives to determine the reasons, why did mikasa kill eren makes the story more interesting.

Why Did Mikasa Decide To Kill Eren?

Mikasa killing Eren 1 Why did Mikasa Kill Eren In Attack On Titan?

The decision to do the right thing even the risk of losing Eren, set the soul of Ymir free and put an end to the Power of Titans

If there were any other choices, Mikasa might’ve fought harder. But after their conversation, Mikasa understood that it had to be done, and according to Eren, it had to be her — since Mikasa was the only one who could set Ymir free.

Just before the end, Eren used Paths to show Mikasa an alternate world where they’d both escaped and had a peaceful life throughout his life.

In the final moments of this vision, Eren asked Mikasa to take the red scarf off and forget about him after his death however, Mikasa shrugged her shoulders and said ” never” before waking and cutting his head.

Mikasa took Eren’s head into her hands and then kissed him goodbye. Later, we saw Ymir’s ghost stand in front of them, smiling lightly.

Mikasa killing Eren is also a source of symbolic detail.

The time-skip of four years in the story changed several things. 

Particularly, it marked a change in the character of Eren. 

In the course of a couple of chapters, it becomes clear that there’s an apparent barrier that separates him from other characters.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that at the conclusion Eren will be in a position to stand without the help of his fellow soldiers.

It truly tugs your heartstrings as you go back to the prior arcs that affirmed their bond and love for not just their common goal but also for each other.

For Armin, the situation was not a conducive space to talk about how to improve the situation. 

To comprehend why Mikasa killed Eren we must examine the character’s development.

First, Eren managed to become rogue as his Survey Corps landed in Liberio. 

Eren walked out of the convention the group was attending once the meeting’s stance proved futile.

The others didn’t have a chance to see him again for the following two months. 

In the meantime when he was infiltrating the military, and eventually meeting Zeke after Yelena’s support.

In addition, Eren’s intentions of going closer to the enemy were completely different from Hange’s method of avoiding danger. 

This desire to strike at the enemy from the inside an ill-conceived reference to the way Reiner had done the same thing to Eren many years ago, is reinforced when Eren takes on Liberio in order to proclaim war on his own terms.

Since the actions speak louder than the words. (Willy Tybur this one is for you.)

Mikasa confronted the man, reminding him of how the man trampled innocent children to retaliate. 

This change to an aggressive and independent attitude sends warnings to the other characters.

The communication gap between Eren and the Corps isn’t widening, but it will when they reach Paradis. 

Since being held, Eren refuses to reveal the motivations for his actions or what he’s planning to take action.

With the rising of Yeagerists who caused public resentment towards the military, Paradis got involved in an ensuing bloody civil fight. 

Eren engages in a serious conversation with his childhood pals Armin and Mikasa once more.

It’s the final time we’ve seen the three of them talking to each other during the current events.

Then, we move to the final few chapters and Eren’s demise appeared to be inevitable. With the rumbling coming, it was later discovered that Eren succeeded in killing 80percent of the world’s population.

Eren looks remarkably like Macbeth, who said“I am in blood stepped in so far, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o’er.”

Eren was at a point where completing what he was working on was less difficult than having to go back.

Thus, killing him was the only method in order to stop him. 

Eren said the same, When he summoned the Alliance to the Paths, Given that Mikasa was the most powerful of all, it was only natural for her to free the world, and Eren, from suffering. 

In a symbolic sense, Mikasa killing Eren obviously has significance. 

The thought of Mikasa who risked her life many times to help Eren earlier in her career to kill him was heartbreaking. 

It was a tragic conclusion to a tragic love story.

However, we are aware that Eren will never let go of Mikasa with his cruel final words. 

Infusing a “dream sequence” into her brain, Eren inspires her to let him go and to live in the present when all is done.

Mikasa is able to understand this. 

She realizes that it was her that brought Eren Jeager’s downfall.

This is how she released a girl who was so like her and yet completely different.

How Did Mikasa Set Ymir Free?

One element of the story that’s often overlooked is the fact that The truth is not known to Paradis as well as the other people in the world. 

Outside of the main group Eren’s true motivations, and Ymir’s story remain undiscovered.

It’s hard to imagine how this conflict could have been resolved more quickly than the bleak ending we witness in Chapter 139.

The story of Ymir’s finally unfolded in front of us. She was also waiting to be released. 

But, her circumstance was one where she was trapped because of her complex connection to Karl Fritz.

Funny enough, it wasn’t hatred of the world that led her to “choose” Eren to carry out the screaming. Love was the main reason for her. 

It was a significant but unnoticed element in the film, and seeing it come back to the conclusion was something Isayama sensei is worthy of praise.

According to Eren, Ymir had been in love with Karl Fritz all along. 

It is possible that she was born with Stockholm Syndrome after Fritz took her as his concubine, and then exploited her.

In the end, Ymir was waiting to see if a different woman, weighed down by love, was capable of putting her emotions aside and bringing the death of her lover.

After the release of chapter 139.5, it is clear the reason Ymir was putting hope in Mikasa was, Ymir too had killed Fritz instead of just letting him live. 

Mikasa precisely did that with Eren and gave Ymir the psychological stability she’d been seeking for millennia, and finally, break free.

Ymir realized that the shackles of love are able to be removed.

But her freedom was contingent on an act of sacrifice by a 19-year-old boy fighting a war was not something he knew regarding. 

To this date, we feel our hearts hurt for Eren. 

The final conversation between Armin and him is an example of it being true that Eren had been the primary element in Ymir’s quest towards freedom, but not the one is chosen.

Thus, whether you call it destiny or just Ymir’s chance Mikasa taking down Eren was more than just a World War-like conflict that was drawing to an end.

In the end, How Did Killing Eren Set Mikasa Free?

that tree Why did Mikasa Kill Eren In Attack On Titan?

Mikasa killing Eren has two dimensions; in the same way that the two threads through the story. 

For many, the events seemed like an eruption that was bubbling for over a century.

However, to those who were aware it was the last part of a two thousand years long tragedy.

In the shortest of terms, Mikasa killed Eren so that not only would the rumbling cease, but also it means that the Power of the Titans could end. 

This would happen in the event that Ymir accepts herself and releases herself.

With Ymir following suit that Ymir was doing, the titan’s power eventually disappeared from Earth.

Although taking out Eren and ending the conflict was only an interim peace, however, the Alliance did manage to keep the world from going extinct. 

The beauty of Attack on Titan lies in the realistic mockery of sacrifices.

The final scene demonstrates that war cannot ever truly end.

Do you have your own version of Mikasa taking out Eren? 

Do you believe Eren could have won? 

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