Who Are Asta & Yuno’s Parents In Black Clover?

Asta And Yuno were brought to us as orphans who were cared for by The church of the village Hage.

Their journey has transformed them into formidable Magic Knights that serve the frontlines in the fight against the Dark Triad and their Pawns in the Spade Kingdom.

However, has their path led to their roots? Are they the parents of Yuno and Asta? This question is shrouded in mystery.

Asta’s mother is Lichita who was suffering from the same mana-sucking disorder as Henry. 

Asta is mana-deficient because his mana was sucked as a result of this disease when pregnant.

As she was protecting Liebe (Asta’s demon) from Lucifero, she was killed by Lucifero and passed away as a result.

The parents of Yuno are Lord Ciel as well as Lady Loyce of the Grinberryall royal family from the Spade Kingdom. 

He is the true prince and successor to his father’s Spade Kingdom.

About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga created and drawn by Yuki Tabata. The first issue of the series was published on February 16 of 2015 within Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump. 

The manga has been collected in 24 volumes in tankobon format.

Asta And Yuno Are two of the orphans from The Clover Kingdom. Black Clover traces their journey in the pursuit of their goals. While most people have the potential to utilize Mana power and use their power, Asta was not.

In the meantime, he works in order to compensate. The story follows two enemies as they become part of a Magic Squad and chart their sights on becoming Magic Emperors.

Who is Asta’s Mother & Devil

Who Are Asta & Yuno’s Parents In Black Clover

Chapter 268 revealed Lichita’s intimate relationship with a demon? To the point that she even declared him her son.

But, what happened to her son who was actually born, Asta? What was the reason for his abandoning her? It turns out that she wasn’t able to make a choice to make.

As Asta’s mother came to us, we were able to see her unique body’s constitution, which took in Mana and vital energy of every living creature that was near her.

Only one exception is Liebe, i.e., the Anti Magic Devil, who could remain beside Lichita in complete peace due to his total Mana deficiency.

The chapter witnessed a scene in which Lichita had left Asta inside the cathedral. She did this to shield Asta from herself because being near to her could cause his mana and vital energy to be taken away.

Instead of allowing a premature Asta to die, Lichita made the painful choice of avoiding her son. But, unbeknownst to her, Asta was still affected and was born devoid of mana.

Is AMD Really Asta’s Brother?

Is AMD Really Asta's Brother

Devils all began their lives in the afterlife. Their ranks were determined from birth on the basis of their strength.

As a devil with any mana and no mana, the Anti Magic Devil was the lowest-ranked one and was subject to the devils with higher ranks as well as bullying and torture.

Then, one day, he got taken into the gates into the world of hell by an extremely high-class devil. While many expected the body to explode, the Anti Magic Devil was able to pass over the barrier due to his absence of mana was able to enter the human realm.

Yet, even after entering the world, he did not enjoy an instant of peace. The people were terrified and considered him a villain and began to hunt him.

After having suffered so much After suffering so much, after suffering so much, the Anti Magic Devil collapsed and was ready to die.

When he reopened the eyes of his friend, it was to find that he found himself in an unoccupied bed, his wounds taken by. As it turned out, the man was saved by Asta’s mother, who was named Lichita.

Due to her body, which took in the vital energy and mana of the people around and she was confined to a house that was far from the town.

The Anti Magic Devil’s absence of mana made him the only one Lichita could be around without harming in addition, Lichita had been the sole one who cared for him.

Because of this Asta’s mother, Lichita was given the name of the Anti Magic Devil Liebe and named him her son. This means, technically, he’s Asta’s brother, despite not being biologically related to him.

The mother-son duo was extremely close and helped save the lives of each other in some way or another. One day, however, Lucifero suddenly took control of the body of Love and attempted to manifest into the world of humans.

For the sake of saving Liebe, Lichita resisted with all her might, and ended up placing him in the five-leaf grimoire, and then sacrificing herself.

Who Are Yuno’s Parents?

Who Are Yuno's Parents

It was in Chapter 233 entitled “Fate Begins to Move” from the most recent arc, Yuno’s real lineage was revealed with the arrival of the messenger.

The messenger who is in the town of Yuno’s former residence, Hage, claims that Yuno is the Spade Kingdom’s only hope, as Yuno has the bloodline of the former monarchy.

Within the following chapter, the messenger introduces himself by the name of Ralph, an officer whose family has served the family of Yuno for generations. He shares the memories from Yuno’s youth by an encounter.

He asserts that Yuno is part of his family, the Grinberryall royal family, and is a child of Lord Ciel and Lady Loyce. This spell will continue to recount the fall of the Grinberryall family as well as the Spade Kingdom after it’s been taken over by the Zogratis brothers (Dark Triad).

In a bid in an effort to rescue Yuno, Ralph’s father traverses his father’s Grand Magic Zone and brings Yuno back to his village Hage within the Clover Kingdom.

Evidently, he makes use of the final power of his power in order to rescue Yuno and entices Yuno to live.

The messenger also revealed the fact that Yuno has the perfect representation of Lord Ciel. The necklace that has the magical stone within the Grand Magic Zone is proof of his lineage.

Yuno takes in all this and reiterates that the man he is the Yuno, Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom.

In the following fight, in a battle against Gaderois, the dark disciple Gaderois in Gaderois’s Golden Dawn headquarters, Yuno asserts that he is Gaderois is a “magic knight” regardless of whether he is a magical knight from the Clover Kingdom or a prince from the Spade Kingdom, he’ll close this(Dark Triad) down.

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