What is the gender of Armin in Shingeki no Kyojin?

Among anime series, Shingeki no Kyojin has the widest global fanbase.

Armin Arlert is a central character in the story, along with Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman.

The gender of Armin has been a point of speculation among viewers ever since the show’s inception.

The fact that no one could guess his or her gender added to the mystery surrounding the persona.

Armin is a boy, as proven by Hajame Isayama himself. Armin has a female voice and physical appearance.

While he may have been a girl in real life, he was always depicted as a boy in the manga.

The jokes by Isayama and the fact that one of the main characters is not a macho man with a penchant for global destruction contribute to the muddle.

Instead, stronger men pick on him for being too weak and sweet.

Some Attack on Titan fans root for Mikasa and Eren, while others prefer Mikasa and Levi or Armin and Annie.

Even Nevertheless, Armin Arlert’s actual gender has become a hot topic of conversation.

The audience cares too much about the show for the creators to gloss over something as seemingly insignificant as a character’s gender.

Armin’s Distinct Personality

 gender of Armin

Like Eren and Mikasa, Armin Arlert enlisted in the Survey Corps.

With the intention of making a positive difference in the world, he received military training and continued his education in the corps.

He had firm faith that life existed outside the prison walls and frequently daydreamed about escaping.

Not many people believed him, therefore others who were more powerful than him often picked on him.

Armin’s soft and receptive demeanor has given some people the impression that he is a woman.

Traditionally, more women than men have been ascribed to certain traits.

People think a male should possess traits like rage, harshness, and emotional concealment.

Lower self-esteem is also associated with women. Armin had any appreciation for his own life or the person he was, and he constantly told himself he was not worthy of happiness.

Armin was considered expendable because of the importance placed on combat ability in the military.

Because of this, he was always ready to give his life for his side in battle, even if it meant being killed by the steam of Bertolt’s Colossal Titan.

Armin just wasn’t built for the battlefield. However, his brilliance and strategic thinking made him an invaluable asset.

After Erwin Smith, he was the only one left who could have done his job as a strategist. Levi transformed him into the Colossal Titan to save him instead of saving Erwin’s life.

The fact that each titan in Attack on Titan takes on the form of its new owner is one of the show’s many appealing features.

The gigantic titan created by Armin, in contrast to Bertolt’s, is both taller and more slender. Armin’s aversion to killing causes his eyes to sag and look sad, revealing fangs that protrude from the sides of his mouth.

After the battle in Marley, when Armin’s Colossus blew up the ships, it was obvious that this was the case.

Armin’s genuine character was revealed by his expression of sadness and the intensity of his gaze.

At times like these, Armin’s female fans start to think he’s a girl. After all, not even Hange and Mikasa felt such deep sorrow.

Later in the series, Armin kills people and thinks that losing one’s humanity is okay, therefore it might be argued that he is not as gentle as he initially seems.

I think that even empathic people like Armin are pushed to their breaking point in times of war and other catastrophic crises.

The Female Voice and Features of Armin

Armin 3 What is the gender of Armin in Shingeki no Kyojin?

Armin has a versatile face that may be read either as masculine due to his strong jawline and soft and delicate features.

Fans suspected Armin was a girl due to the gender prejudice that girls are weaker than guys, even though Isamaya rounded his nose to show weakness.

It’s hard to tell what gender a person is by his haircut.


In the show, most of the men were imposing figures with impressive physiques and fighting prowess.

Although Levi was on the shorter side, his other skills and good appearance made him seem like any other man.

Armin, on the other hand, was little and weak, with zero combat skills.

Isayama fashioned him this way on purpose so that his mental fortitude would be his greatest asset.


Marin Inoue provides the voice of Armin. In addition to the already existing misunderstanding, many female voice actors were used to portray male roles in anime.

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Romi Park voiced Edward Elric, and other women took turns voicing Gon in Hunter x Hunter.

Male characters are often voiced by women in anime to show their gentler side.

When male characters approach puberty, the voice actors often take on the role of the character’s teenage selves.

Since the English dub doesn’t put much effort into the narration, Armin is voiced by a man.

But in the original Japanese version, where authenticity is prized above all else, the character’s voice was provided by a female to make it sound more natural and convey the character’s true personality to the fans.

Is Armin a male or female?

Armin 4 What is the gender of Armin in Shingeki no Kyojin?

Fans have been confused by Isayama’s interview comments that Mikasa’s closest female friend was Armin, despite the fact that fans have been confused by Armin’s character and physique.

There was an instant influx of speculation that Armin is actually a female. Later on, in another interview, he clarified that Armin is, in fact, a male.

There were many hints throughout the anime that suggested Armin is a male character, therefore it wouldn’t have mattered if Isayama hadn’t corrected himself.

In Japan, where he is from, his name is typically given to males.

To add insult to injury, he often referred to himself in the masculine third person, using terms like “Boku” that women hardly never do.

Armin’s upper body revealed his masculinity even when he was unconscious before he turned into the massive behemoth.

In the most recent season, Armin’s hair was shorter and he almost completely lacked bangs. A change in his hairstyle represented his growing up and losing some of his childhood innocence.

Even though Mikasa had a buzz cut, she was never mistaken for a male. But after she showed up at the battle of Marley, she received a lot of cruel remarks about her perceived masculine appearance.

Armin’s first-time-seeing-Annie blush is further evidence. He loves her even though he knows she is a spy.

He went to see her, even though she was imprisoned in a crystal, since he missed her.

His feelings for her may not be sufficient evidence of his gender, but they add credence to the other points made.

The misunderstandings can be traced back to Isayama’s excellent characterization of Armin. Armin, like all of the other anime characters, has depth and complexity.

Isayama gave him a female voiceover, made him little and frail, and reduced his physical prowess in order to highlight his leadership qualities.

He made sure that every detail was taken care of so that I would forget for a second that Armin was a made-up character.

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