Will Eren Yeager Die in Attack on Titan?

It would not be too far to say that the “Attack on Titan” universe is shaped by the trauma and annihilation Eren Yaeger experienced as a child.

We have witnessed him change from an idealistic young boy to becoming a more violently consumed version of himself throughout four seasons. 

His outlook on life has changed dramatically, particularly when it comes to his former comrades. 

Fans are naturally curious about Eren’s fate with so much conflict. We decided to share our views on the matter.

Will Eren Yeager die?

Will Eren Yeager die

The answer is yes, but also no. Yes, because Eren is afflicted with Ymir’s Curse, which means that a Titan Shifter cannot survive for more than 13 years after they inherit their powers. 

According to the anime, Eren will succumb to this eventually, if he can brave the huge conflict that lies ahead. Whatever Eren desires to do, it must be accomplished in a short amount of time.

Eren grew up seeing destruction and death all around him. This is why Eren joined the Scouts to try and change the world. The adult Eren is more radical. 

Although it is clear that Eldians have suffered discriminatory treatment over the years, Eren appears to be part of an elite group whose frustrations turned into a quest to exact revenge. 

This emotion was partly responsible for Marley’s attack. However, his actions have already resulted in the death of Sasha.

Marley and Marley might also launch their counter-attack in the next episodes. Eren is the central figure in all of these conflicts, and his actions have caused divisions among the Eldians. 

Some believe in Eren and his extreme methods, while others feel that the military should have the final say. 

We must also mention that Eren seems to be winning public opinion. Naturally, there are the inevitable battles among Eren Reiner, Porco, Pieck, Levi, Zeke, Mikasa, Armin.

There’s also the fact that Zeke is conspiring with Eren to “save Eldia,” but it is clear that the brothers have very different motivations and intentions. 

We almost expected them to betray one another. We know from the manga that Zeke wants to exterminate Eldians and wipe out the Earth. 

Eren works only with his half-brother to activate the full power of the Founding Titan. This could make Eren almost godlike.

Eren has also been able to use the power of three titans, including the War Hammer Titan and Attack Titan’s abilities. He has a significant advantage in warfare, particularly because the War Hammer Titan can provide both offense and defense. 

It does not appear that the odds are against Eren. This being said, we are still concerned about one thing.

Eren’s comrades have always helped him out when he has been in trouble. Even in season 4, when Eren launches an attack on Marley’s family, Hange and his crew arrive to help him. 

In the last few episodes, however, it became clear that Eren was more concerned about the cause than his friends. Eren may be in serious trouble if he doesn’t have their support. 

It seems that it will take more to kill Eren, who has become an anti-hero.

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