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15 Emotional Anime That Will Strike You In The Heart

Even if you’re thick-skinned the following list will give you palpitation. Make sure you keep enough tissues by your side. 

We have to agree that anime is a very divisive phenomenon. If you dive deep enough into the otaku world you may notice that the Japanese animation filmmakers specialize in playing perfectly with the viewers’ emotions.

The Japanese culture is special in itself so it’s no wonder that anime is gaining ground in more and more countries, as there is always a background story behind anime, an underlying content, a life lesson, if you will.

15 Emotional Anime That Will Strike You Straight In The Feels

Let’s list the top 15 anime that will make you bawl-out crying even though there is almost an endless list of unbelievably sad anime series to pick from, either way, prepare to cry.

15. Kokoro Connect

With an emotional appeal, this is a life series revolving around five high school students, who experience a supernatural side of life.

Kokoro Connect 1

This makes them exchange some secrets that will test their connection to each other.

14. Steins; Gate

The protagonist of Steins; Gate is Okabe Rintaro, a college student seemingly driven by delusions: constantly introducing himself under a pseudonym, imagining himself as a mad scientist, flanging in a lab coat, keeping a laboratory in a rented apartment.

Steins Gate 2

Accidentally discovering a way to change the past has a counter effect.

13. True Tears

Shinichiro lives a relatively normal life until he meets a strange girl, Noe Isurugi, who is quite smitten with chickens.

However, one day one of Noe’s favorite chickens dies, and she confesses to Shinishiro that she can’t cry as she gave away her tears. 

True Tears

Questions arise: to whom did Noe give her tears, and why? And why does Hiromi behave differently at home than at school, and how does she really feel about Shinichiro?

12. Shiki

A vampire story, but not really. Mysterious deaths start to happen in a quiet Japanese town when a family moves into an abandoned mansion. 

Shiki 1

The story shows us that monsters are not necessarily hiding in the shadows, rather they are in all of us.

11. Elfen Lied

A young naked woman wearing only a metal helmet escapes from an experimental center while slaughtering the soldiers guarding her and the clumsy secretary who gets in her way.

However, during the escape, she gets injured and her personality splits into two parts: the innocent, ignorant, fearless, barely able to speak Nju, and the vengeful, cruel, seemingly heartbroken mass murderer Lucy. 

Elfen Lied 1

A prominent representative of the genre of horror, not for the faint hearted.

10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Because of the pain of losing their mother, young alchemist Edward Elric and his younger brother, Alphonse, a genius, are paying a heavy price for interfering with the world’s fundamental law.

They want to resurrect their late mother with a forbidden transmutation, but they do not take into account the main basic law of alchemy, the principle of equivalence, according to which only the same amount can be created from a unit of matter.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 1

The failed attempt takes a high duty: Ed “only” pays with his right hand and left foot, while his brother’s entire physical body vanishes, and he tries to tie his soul to armor with his last strength.

9. Orange

The struggle Naho goes through is in most of us, thus we easily connect with her, because it is a slice of our life.

Orange 1

This series makes it easier for us as well. Present Naho receives a letter from the future – from herself. A better future is what we all strive for. Don’t miss this anime!

8. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Mirai reluctantly agrees to take his younger brother to the robot fair held in Odaiba. Their visit to the fair is unexpectedly interrupted by a catastrophic 8.0 magnitude earthquake that hits the very center of Tokyo, cutting off Odaiba from the rest of the city.

Together with Mari, the woman they befriended, the three of them embark on a vigorous journey through the ruins of the city to their home.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 1

This series follows the aftermath of a natural disaster and the personal battle of the characters.

7. Plastic Memories

A series first and foremost concentrates on the inner struggle of the individual.

The protagonist of Plastic Memories has a seemingly easy task, which turns out to be one of the hardest things to do.

Plastic Memories 1

Falling in love with someone who doesn’t have as much time as previously thought is challenging and devastating.

6. Angel Beats!

If you’ve ever wondered what life after death is, this anime series gives you a unique perspective. Shinda Sekai Sensen is a group that revolts against God. Does God exist?

We don’t know. If he does, he won’t leave it at that. This is a place for young folk who never got to live a fulfilled life, due to its short span.

They are in a place that is basically a school for second chances. However, ever since the formation of the SSS group, the school much more looks like a battlefield.

Angel Beats 1

They are determined to take out Angel, but when the true nature of the school is revealed, Otanashi begins working with Angel to help people move on.

5. Chrono Crusade

A story of Rosette Christopher and her assistant, Chrono, who are members of the Magdalene Order set  to eliminate demonic threats while searching for Rosette’s brother.

Chrono Crusade

This way, the fate of the two of them is inevitably intertwined in the search.

4. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

It was summer. There were 6 friends and an accident changed everything. After Menma’s death, the remaining group of friends dispersed.

Everything was different. Years later, on a similar summer day, Menma appears to Jintan in a spiritual form. She wishes to finally fulfill her childhood dream so she could move on.

Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day 1

The problem is, Menma doesn’t remember what the wish was. Thus begin the adventures of the remaining 5 friends, reuniting them once again. 

3. Clannad

Clannad is possibly one of the best-known anime out there. Throughout the series, we get to experience the character’s whole life from high school to adulthood and the struggles they come with.

We witness that life can change in an instant and a blissful life takes on another turn.

Clannad 1

Misfortune can happen to anyone at any point in life, but that only makes us harder and makes us love the people close to us even more.

2. Violet Evergarden

A heartbreaking journey of discovering one’s life purpose as a war comes to an end, as Violet is no longer a warrior.

Violet Evergarden

She longs to understand the complexity of the words “I love you”.

1. Your Lie in April

The central theme of this series is talent and its related personal tragedies, the possibility of early burnout because the human mind can truly be efficient in childhood. 

Your Lie in April 2

The anime follows the relationship between Arima Kousei and Miyazono Kaori- as well as Kousei’s struggle with his inner demons. Arima needs to find a way to play the piano again.

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