Asta’s Origin: Who is Asta’s dad? Dante?

Despite his humble beginnings, and the fact that he is Mana-less Asta is on the way toward becoming the greatest magic knight of the Clover Kingdom.

In the most recent chapters, Yuno was revealed to be a prince from the Spade Kingdom.

 However, Asta was, who was buried in the church with Yuno, was shrouded in mystery.

In the more recent chapters, there could be clues that reveal his father’s name.

Is Dante Asta’s father?

Asta’s story has been hidden from the beginning of this series. But, following the appearance of Dante and his battle with Asta, there are many speculations that he’s Asta’s father.

There is a myriad of motives for this speculation. One reason is the resemblance with their distinctive green eyes.

This theory is only confirmed further by the fact that similar to Yuno, Asta might also be from the Spade Kingdom – the region that was under the control of Dante.

It is thought Asta’s mom was a Spade peasant who had Arcane Stage magic due to which Dante was interested in her. 

But, she was not able to fulfill the dream of Dante for an heir, as Asta did not possess magic. 

In consequence of her mother’s inability to conceive, Dante deemed her insignificant and attempted to murder her.

In the fight in the battle between Dante and Asta, there are a few additional pieces of information is revealed that could prove that they are Father and Son.

Dante and Asta’s Flashback

maxresdefault 6 1 Asta’s Origin: Who is Asta's dad? Dante?

In the most recent chapters, when Dante took on Gauche Asta’s real feelings were revealed.

At that point, Asta experienced brief flashbacks where an injured person called him to be their son. It is believed that the person who was stabbed is Asta’s mother.

In the next episode, when Dante experiences a flashback we find Dante with a woman lying sleeping on his bed. 

The theory is that the woman could be Asta’s mother, giving Dante as his son.

However, none of this has been verified by the Black Clover series yet.

What is Asta’s origin?

Asta de ni o 1 Asta’s Origin: Who is Asta's dad? Dante?

Asta’s story is still unknown, as Asta was thrown into the Hage Village orphanage along with Yuno just a few days after being born. 

His early years were spent living there along alongside other children who served as part of the family.

In the most recent chapters, the story finally reveals that Yuno comes from an ancestral lineage that was part of the royal family that controlled the Spade kingdom. 

We can speculate that Asta may also have origins in his family’s roots in the Spade Kingdom.

Many theories suggest Dante was the emperor of the Spade Kingdom as his father. 

The reason for this is in their eyes are similar to the woman who appeared in their flashback.

Although these theories sound interesting, however, they can’t be verified.

Is Asta a Demon?

There were many theories regarding Asta’s lack of magic, like being a member of a Demon race. 

However, it was evident by the creators of the show to be the case that Asta is human.

Asta’s lack of mana and magical powers is due to the mutation. 

The mutation could be the most important or even the primary reason Asta is the only one with a Grimoire of despair.

Grimoire of Despair

Astas Flashback Asta’s Origin: Who is Asta's dad? Dante?

If an owner of a four-leaf clover’s grimoire goes through a period of absolute despair, the book gets affected by the owner’s deep sadness and hate, transforming into what’s known as a Grimoire of despair. 

The clover is turned black, and it develops its fifth leaf.

The five-leaf clover Grimoires can be snatched and used by demons who use the books to show their power. 

The Grimoire can then become the only connection between the human race and the devils.

When Licht was in deep despair over the elves’ slaughter His four-leaf clover was five, bringing forth the Grimoire of despair. 

When the devil of kotodama magic was unable to obtain it was the anti-magic devil who seized the Grimoire.

Asta was later given the Grimoire that contained an evil demon. He was the only one to control it because of his mana deficiency.

So, Asta does not have an inner demon or is controlled by one. 

The demon, instead, is in his Grimoire and may provide his power to Asta whenever needed.

The Reason Behind Asta’s mutation

As stated in the Witch Queen Asta most likely has a mutation that renders him less manga-based and grants Asta the power to utilize Anti-Magic

One theory is that this mutation could be the result of the abilities of his parents that canceled each other out.

Another theory is Asta’s mom was cursed while she was pregnant with him, resulting in his current condition.

The real reason for Asta’s mutation isn’t yet known.

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