8 Best Bleach Arcs You Should Watch

Bleach, one of the most popular shounen series of the past two decades, is divided into four easily digestible arcs

The Soul Society Arc, the Arrancar Arc, the Fullbring Arc, and the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. To create a sense of narrative continuity, it is feasible to divide the story into several subgroups that cross at key moments.

The arcs of Bleach are quite detailed in their explanation, regardless of how many there are, and ignoring the abhorrent filler arcs for their senseless retconning of previously established knowledge.

In the end, comparing them to one another is a subjective exercise because different fans have different expectations for the plot.

8. The Wandenreich Invasion

490Sternritter gather 8 Best Bleach Arcs You Should Watch

Soul Society as a whole crumbles beneath Yhwach and his Sternritters’ powerful battle boots (and all the accompanying Soldat.) It is a magnificent turn because it eliminates Yamamoto Genryuusai, the most vital safety net of all.

It really is up to Team Ichigo, which has expanded significantly by this point, to determine what Yhwach wants and bring him to his necessary end without him being available to pick up the slack.

At this moment, the Zero Squad is finally displayed in all of its splendor, although it is still unclear how much assistance it will be able to provide.

7. Soul Society: The Sneak Entry

entering soul society 8 Best Bleach Arcs You Should Watch

When Ichigo and his pals, with Yoruichi’s help, arrive in Soul Society, Seireitei is immediately alerted to the “invading ryoka.” Renji, one of the hero’s future best friends, is defeated, and this is the point at which Aizen decides to perform his one-act play, the excessively brutal “crucifixion.”

These two incidents destabilize the Shinigami high command, and Ichigo and Kenpachi engage in a huge (and epic) confrontation.

Byakuya, not wanting to be left behind, mocks Yoruichi’s lack of preparation before being embarrassed by the move she had taught him a century earlier.

6. Shinigami vs. Arrancar

220Zangetsu grabs 8 Best Bleach Arcs You Should Watch

There are several exciting battles in this arc, including the finale of Ichigo vs. Grimmjow, Nnoitra vs. Ichigo, Nel vs. Nnoitra, and Nnoitra vs. Kenpachi.

It almost seems as though the Fifth Espada is too tough for one individual to destroy.

When the ferociously powerful Rudborn Chelute takes one glance at Retsu Unohana’s face and quickly backs away from any concept of a confrontation, Retsu Unohana’s true nature is partially revealed.

While Byakuya competes against the interminably dull Zommari Rureaux, Captain Mayuri exposes Szayelaporro Granz as nothing more than a half-wit hack at another place (and his thousand eyes.)

5. The Shinigami agent

Kisuke Urahara 1024x576 1 8 Best Bleach Arcs You Should Watch

The first arc of Bleach establishes the main characters, concepts, and relationships, laying the groundwork for the rest of the plot to develop.

Rukia’s inability to continue fighting allows Ichigo to become a Shinigami, but after a supposed “friendly” wager with Ishida Uryuu goes horribly wrong, he is soon pursued by Hollows.

But this demonstrates Orihime and Chad’s distinction since they both acquire quite exceptional powers (arm-cannon and Godhood.) In the end, Urahara says that becoming a pure Shinigami would be the only way to keep Rukia safe.

4. Arrancar: Karakura’s Decisive Battle

arrancar decisive battle of karakura arc 1 8 Best Bleach Arcs You Should Watch

As the army of Fraccion and the first three Espada arrive in Karakura Town, the Vice-Captains assume command and repel them (and Aizen, Gin, and Tousen.)

The original zanpakuto Yumichika used against Charlotte Cuuhlhourne is dismantled, but Hisagi, Kira, and Ikkaku ultimately fail to carry out the assigned task.

Yamamoto is forced to cremate Ayon with the radiant flames of Ryuujin Jakka when he is summoned to inflict some public destruction, demonstrating that the elderly man doesn’t need to use many muscles to “teach wicked children a lesson.”

3. Turn The Pendulum Back

maxresdefault 3 8 Best Bleach Arcs You Should Watch

This tale arc delves deeply into the past of the Soul Society, transporting viewers/readers to a more ideal time (when Aizen was “good” and there was no talk of blasphemous matters like Hollowification.)

Unfortunately, Aizen’s as-yet-unknown betrayal makes the world of the Shinigami much darker by transforming Kensei, Mashiro, Shinji, Rose, Hachigen, Hiyori, Love, and Lisa into hideous proxies for his ultimate objective.

He isn’t happy with the situation, so he makes an effort to hide his tracks by conveniently blaming poor Urahara and Tessai.

2. The King’s War For The Soul

The Kings War For The Soul 8 Best Bleach Arcs You Should Watch

Yoruichi makes an attempt to defeat Askin Nakk Le Vaar, but she is unable to do so because of the Schutzstaffel member’s extremely rapid evolutionary rate and her feline reiatsu frequency. Urahara enters the battle, activating his Bankai, and winning the battle (with a little extra help from Grimmjow.)

The final Shinigami trio, Kenpachi, Hitsugaya, and Byakuya, battle Gerard Valkyrie, a mini-boss who appears to be invincible.

They don’t have to, as Yhwach indirectly takes care of things for them, as it turns out.

1. Arrancar: the downfall

bleach arrancar arc part 9 2 8 Best Bleach Arcs You Should Watch

This arc marks the end of the Arrancar era of Bleach, with all but Gin of Aizen’s henchmen being vanquished by various coalitions of Visored, Vice-Captains, and Captains.

However, Ichigo and Ulquiorra’s final match is the crucial conflict in this situation, not Kyouraku vs. Stark or Hitsugaya vs. Harribel.

When Ichigo is allegedly murdered, the plot suddenly changes, and when he reincarnates as White, his most pure Vasto Lorde form, he turns back with a terrible rage.

Ulquiorra is humiliated and compelled to understand the true meaning of love at the same time, and after that, he fragments into the Hueco Mundo winds.

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