Why Did Historia Get Pregnant in Attack On Titan?

Warning! This article contains significant spoilers of The Attack on Titan manga. You should read this article with discretion!

The most recent episode of Attack on Titan reveals a number of exciting new details for viewers of anime. 

Zeke’s strategy, Historia getting pregnant, and the overall strategy that Paradis will implement to protect themselves.

Additionally, Marley has united the world against Paradis through Willy Tybur’s speech. Paradis could be in serious danger.

Zeke’s idea was to have Historia take over his Beast Titan. The reason for this was that Zeke wanted the titan to pass to a person of Royal Blood as he has.

This will ensure that the person associated with the Beast Titan can come in contact with the Founding Titan and also protect Paradis from harm.

This plan was put on hold after Historia was pregnant. Let’s examine the reasons.

How old is Historia Reiss/Krista Lenz

Historia is 19 years old. Her birthday comes on January of 15th.

What is the significance of Historia’s pregnancy?

The plan was to have Zeke hand over his Beast Titan to Historia so that Paradis could be saved.

The lawmakers of Paradis would like this to take place as quickly as possible to protect the power of the titan and use it to impose their will on other nations.

Zeke decided to let go of the titan due to his own reasons.

Similar to the military police, they were also in the process of requesting Historia to be the next Titan to ensure that they would remain in the position of power. 

Both sides just would like to utilize Historia to gain their own advantage.

It is worrying for people who are concerned about Historia. 

Then, add this fact, that Historia will live just 13 years old after she inherits the titan to make the situation worse.

Historia herself is in agreement with the plan, but this idea is opposed by Eren who later finds out that she is pregnant.

The fact that Historia is pregnant means she won’t take on the titan’s role since her body may not be capable of handling it. 

This means that she has at least 9 months to devise an alternative plan.

Who persuaded Historia to become pregnant?

Why Did Historia Get Pregnant 1 Why Did Historia Get Pregnant in Attack On Titan?

We’ve already mentioned that Historia was in agreement with Zeke’s plan. 

What made her reconsider her decision?

Evidently, she was told about the ways in which people tried to manipulate her. 

They persuaded Historia to allow herself and their family sufficient time to come up with new plans that would not risk her life.

The MPs from Paradis think that the person in question is Yelena. 

They also presume that Yelena took this action in order to ensure that Zeke can live more time on Paradis and does not die too early.

At the end of the day, there is no wine that can convince them to feel safe around a foe!

They don’t yet know what they’re actually making plans for and what’s the purpose of this delaying.

Zeke insists on passing his Beast Titan down to royal blood, and they’re unable to find a person who can be the heir to this titan.

Who was the one who actually planned Historia’s pregnancy?

This is where fans of anime are pleasantly surprised. Do not read this chapter in case you don’t want manga spoilers.

Why Did Historia Get Pregnant 1 Why Did Historia Get Pregnant in Attack On Titan?

Short Answer. As is known that only her childhood friend, the farmer has been confirmed to be the father of her child. 

Many people consider it’s an untruth due to the mystery of the events leading to her birth.

Historia herself made the decision of becoming pregnant.

However, it wasn’t to stop the transformation to a Titan however, it was to allow Eren the time to think of an alternative in place of the Rumbling Eren originally recommended to her.

The truth is that it was Eren who informed Historia about the plan of the MP of employing her.

Eren has been proven to care about people around him to an enormous degree. The same is true of Historia too.

He isn’t sure if she wants to become the title of Beast Titan right away for one reason. 

She’d be able to continue the pattern of royals feeding children.

There’s only one option. She’d have to hand over this titan onto her child who’d then had to take her. 

The child then has to transmit the titan to their children and so on.

After Historia’s experience after his encounter with Rod Reiss and trying to transmit titans to His children Eren could not make Historia the exact same experience.

Thus, Eren goes to Historia and explains his plan to Historia. Concerning the Rumbling, and about the destruction of the world beyond the walls.

Peace is achieved by eliminating all those who are threatening it.

Historia was not in favor of the plan but Eren was not going to change his mind. 

The time was too precious to spend. It was a key element in this particular scenario.

This is why she’s considering the possibility of having a baby in order to have more time available for Eren. 

Nine months is the precise timeframe.

To put it in a nutshell; Historia got pregnant to give her time and Eren to think of alternatives to the Rumbling. 

In fact, she wanted to make him think twice about it.

But, as manga readers, we are aware of what the end result came to be.

Who did Historia marry?

It’s the second of Historia’s canon ship The other being YumiHisu which is where Historia, as well as Ymir, were in love up until Ymir’s passing. 

While FarmHisu isn’t the most well-known ship in the fandom but it does appear to be a great one with lots of potentials. 

It’s not known when Historia got married to the farm owner and what the name of the child they had is.

What are your thoughts about Historia being pregnant? 

What do you think that the dad of this child might be? 

Please share your views in the comments!

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