14 Signs You Are A Terrible Anime Fan

Hey Otakus!!!! It’s safe to say that anime is a top-notch form of entertainment that appeals to people of all ages.

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As avid fans of anime, we are always striving for the betterment of the industry.

The anime and manga industry has experienced significant growth in recent years. Additionally, the COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in an increase in the number of people watching anime worldwide!

Netflix has seen a remarkable 50 percent increase in the number of users who enjoy watching anime. This is truly exciting news for the anime community!

When it comes to discussing the community, it’s important to acknowledge that like any other group of people, there can be instances where the community can become toxic.

There are individuals who appreciate and value culture, while others may not share the same level of appreciation.

In this article, we will discuss the fourteen signs that indicate you may not be the most knowledgeable anime fan.

Well, it’s natural for all of us to exhibit some of these signs from time to time. But the good news is that we can always strive to get better once we acknowledge our shortcomings, don’t you think?

Updated on May 23, 2024, by Govind: I believe that many anime enthusiasts have endured their fair share of subpar shows that try to pass themselves off as quality television.

Perhaps we believed that the worst was behind us and gradually found ourselves sinking further and further into a state of despair. I have also watched shows that I didn’t particularly enjoy.

Some films can be quite painful or boring to watch without the comedic commentary of Joel and the bots in the corner, But I changed myself and became a better person. Now, i’m going to point out those same things for you.

14. You think Mainstream Anime is Trash!

You think Mainstream Anime is Trash!

If you’re reading this and still haven’t watched that top anime from the last season just because it got too popular go watch that right now!

There is a reason an anime becomes popular and most of the time the reason is that the anime is actually good or probably it has some good memes.

Bottom line, guys get over yourselves and watch those mainstream anime that you haven’t and please keep an open mind!

13. Every show has to be deep!

Every show has to be deep!

Not many out there are looking for a subliminal message in every source of entertainment they consume. Honestly, I enjoy anime for the escapism I get from it!

Anime like any other media has varied genres and shows. There are some anime fans that look for depth in every anime show! I mean not all anime is HxH.

Some anime just exists to make you laugh, some to give you some casual sadness and that’s it. Don’t look for deeper meaning in shows that don’t exist. If you like that watch slice of life!

12. Peer Pressure to Watch Anime

Peer Pressure to Watch Anime

I saw a meme going around Instagram in the past few months about how some people have experienced more peer pressure for watching anime than for drinking alcohol or something and damn that hurt me!

I am always out here recommending anime to all of my friends but some of them are just not interested in it.

We as a community need to realize that not everyone is gonna be into anime and that is completely fine. People are built differently and some people are just not interested in anime.

We as a community have got to accept that fact and move on.

11. Can he beat Goku though?


Stop it.

Get some help.

Not just with the Goku comparisons but all comparisons in general.

Just stop comparing two very unique anime according to the power of the protagonist.

Comparing anime on the basis of the protagonist’s strength is just a terrible thing to do.

You don’t do justice to either anime and piss off both the fandoms.

10. I watched Naruto and it is the Best Anime ever!

I watched Naruto and it is the Best Anime ever!

Again, Stop it and Watch some more freaking anime.

Naruto is definitely not the best anime that Japan has given us I can name some if not the best but still beat Naruto to the punch when it comes down to entertainment.

Naruto ain’t even the best anime out of the Big Three of Anime!

That one definitely belongs to One Piece.

To all the Naruto fans, I don’t mean disrespect but there are some in the fandom that just hasn’t even watched any other anime and declared Naruto the best ever!


9. If anime becomes mainstream it will die!

If anime becomes mainstream it will die!

Well, some anime have become mainstream and I don’t think that it has affected the community or the industry adversely at all and why should it?

Anime making it to the mainstream media is what the industry wants and it has been happening recently.

If you haven’t realized it by now anime is a business and to run a business you gotta have customers.

The more the number of customers more the profit!

Why shouldn’t anime be mainstream?

It deserves every bit of attention it is getting right now!

8. Nitpicking Criticism

Nitpicking Criticism

Sometimes I feel like a lot of people in the anime-watching community jump to conclusions like kangaroos!

Give the anime a chance!

At least watch it before reviewing it or passing comments on it.

Nitpicking is probably the worst form of critiquing anything or anyone.

I can get behind positive criticisms like plot holes or character executions but some of this criticism of the recent anime, I just have no words.

7. Larger Fanbase == Dumb Show

Larger Fanbase == Dumb Show

Right now the fanbase of MHA has all the attention drawn to them!

The fanbase has grown so much in recent years that I think MHA has become one of the most popular mainstream shows in the USA.

Although the show is progressing amazingly well and the character and plots are holding up to the hype the fanbase is getting made fun of so much right now!

I mean I ain’t about the whole shipping and all but the anime is still good.

Just because the fanbase is large does not mean the show is dumb by any means

6. Skip the movies!

Skip the movies!

Please don’t skip the movies that come out between seasons of the anime!


Why are you sabotaging your watching experience?

Just watch the freaking movies!

I can understand skipping fillers, but come on don’t skip the entire 2-hour long movie giving you so much backstory, plot lines, character depth.

I am telling you watch them! You’ll thank me later.

5. I am gonna watch it in 2x speed.

Skip the movies!

Oh my god!

It hurts me in my head, my heart, my entire body when someone watches anime on 2x just cause it is slow.

Do not do that!


I humbly request you!

Anime is a form of entertainment it is meant for leisure, it is meant to give you happiness, or at least entertain you.

It is not a recorded college lecture that you need to watch to understand the laws of physics.

Watch the anime like the director wants you to watch it.

Also isn’t it disrespectful to the animator, the mangaka/writer, and the fanbase of the anime if you just breeze through the anime on 2x speed?

4. I am Elite. I have the best taste in anime!

Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. Wallpaper 2 500x282 1 14 Signs You Are A Terrible Anime Fan

Well, buckaroo, sorry to burst your bubble but that is just your opinion mate!

Get out of the house and figure out how to respect other people’s opinions or at least learn to coexist.

I do not want you to respect the fact that some people believe that the earth is flat because that is just plain stupid but nonetheless you still gotta coexist with these people or learn how to shake them off!

Do not go around boasting like you are the best anime fan there is and the anime that you do not like is just trash and everyone watching them is stupid.

3. Every anime after (insert random year) is just trash!

trash 1 14 Signs You Are A Terrible Anime Fan

How is this even a worthy of discussing?

Let us just move on to the next because this is just plain stupid.

If you are one of these anime fans, I suggest you start watching some seasonal anime, help yourself.

2. No Fun Allowed

Skip the movies!

Anime is for entertainment.

It is not your job to watch it, it is for leisure and sheer fun.

Some people just take it too far with being serious when it comes to anime.

Relax guys.

We do not need to argue so much about the best shounen protagonist or whether someone can beat Goku or not.

Sit back on the couch and watch some relaxing slice of life anime. Have fun.

1. Shounen Enthusiasts

Shounen Enthusiasts

I get it, you watched Naruto growing up and it gave you some form of escapism.

As a teenager, you might’ve enjoyed it because well that is exactly why Naruto is called a shounen.

But now you are 25 and some of you might’ve even been 30 so stop getting so hyped over shounen.

They do say that never let the child inside you die but do not be the child all the time either!

Watch some other genres, explore! and here is an article where you can see how many genre anime has to offer.

Shounen is just the tip of the Anime iceberg.

There is so much more waiting for you in the deep sea!

If you practice any of these, now is the time to change!

Just do it, Nike lol.

We appreciate your time and attention. Please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

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