Strongest Asta’s Swords Ranked!

Asta’s newest addition to his sword collection, it’s the Demon Destroyer sword, can stop magical reincarnation.

In addition to his physical strength and power of antimagic, Asta is well on his way to becoming one the most powerful mage mages in the Clover Kingdom, even without Mana. 

Let’s look at the Asta’s Swords collection.

Will Asta get the fourth sword?

Asta has been in possession of three swords: Demon Slayer, Demon Dweller, and the Demon Destroyer sword

Asta isn’t getting a fourth sword anytime soon, since even in the manga Asta isn’t quite grasped his Demon Destroyer sword.

But technically it is true that he’s received his “fourth sword” from the manga. 

Following the time that Yami was taken prisoner by Zenon Zenon, the Bull captain exchanged his prized Katana to Asta. We have seen Asta utilize the katana to fight Nacht and Liebe (AMD).

The first is known as”the Demon-Slayer sword that can cut and block magic. 

The other is called the Demon-Dweller sword which can cut and steal the power of magic from users.

The final weapon in Asta’s collection that is able to absorb and block the effects of spells including reincarnation, is called the Demon-Destroyer sword. 

Asta hasn’t had his own fourth sword yet, however, the likelihood of him getting one when his powers grow is very high.

About Black Clover

Asta’s Swords

Black Clover is a Japanese manga written and drawn by Yuki Tabata. 

It’s been serialized by Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since February 16th in 2015.

The story revolves around Asta the young boy born with no magical powers, which is undiscovered in the world that he lives. 

Together with the other mages of the Black Bulls, Asta plans to be the next Wizard King.

Asta’s Swords Ranked

Here are 3 swords of Asta that we know till now.

III. Demon-Destroyer Sword

Demon-Destroyer Sword

Demon-Destroyer sword: Asta’s 3rd and strongest sword is equipped with the ability known as Causality Break.

Cause and effect break is a method that absorbs and breaks the cause-effect relationship of the course of an ability. 

This technique allows the sword to produce Anti Magic tendrils that can take away the effects of spells.

Its greatest strength is that it could even defeat Reincarnation Magic and poison.

II. Demon-Dweller sword

Demon-Dweller sword

Asta’s second sword i.e. the Demon-Dweller’s sword, is able to project slashes that are Anti Magic, allowing him to destroy spells from the distance.

It also has the ability to take the magic from people who surround him, allowing him to release slashes with the attributes of other magic properties.

In addition to Licht and Asta Asta is able to use the sword since he has no mana like other mages could not utilize any magic near the sword, and would also have their mana reserves exhausted.

I. Demon-Slayer sword

Demon-Slayer sword

Asta’s demon-slayer sword was one of the swords that first appeared in his grimoire that had five blades. This antimagic sword technique pushes magic and condenses it around its edges.

The sword can be extended by the extension of Anti Magic from the edges of the blade while the flat surface of the sword could be used to block spells.

Asta is also able to be controlled remotely by as well. Asta can also control remotely the Anti Magic within the sword which allows him to call the sword back to him by keeping his hands open, calling out its name, and then removing it in the air.

Do You Think Asta Receive an Oath?

In addition to the Demon-Slayer, Demon Dweller, and the Demon-Destroyer swords, Asta has not yet demonstrated the other weapons.

But, as Asta’s abilities develop and his relationship with the devil’s grimoire becomes deeper, there’s an opportunity that Asta to get the fourth sword.

I. Asta’s Five Leaf Grimoire

Asta's Five Leaf Grimoire

Asta has the Grimoire of Despair with the power of antimagic. 

Antimagic is a form of energy that can be used to destroy other types of magic. 

It comes from the devil and is linked by Asta’s grimoire.

Asta could even take the powers of the demon that is residing in the grimoire and transform into a quasi-demon state, in which his power increases exponentially.

There are certain weapons, like demon slayer as well as demon dweller’s swords which are contained in the grimoire, and allow the user to unleash their full potential. 

They can be used to cut, reflect or even negate spells made by magic.

Asta can be the sole person who is able to use it since he’s not possessed of any magic, and is consequently, the perfect fit with the grimoire.

II. Is it true that Asta has Sword Magic?

Is it true that Asta has Sword Magic

Asta is without in magic. 

The same is true of sword magic as well. 

Asta can only be used to summon swords that are infused in Anti Magic thanks to his grimoire.

The swords are used for different offenses that could negate magic. 

They can be used to penetrate magic but can be reduced to blunt weapons when they are used to attack anything else.

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