Who Is Black Bulls Vice-Captain Nacht?

The Dark Triad members have gone in search of arcane stage mages to build The Tree of Quiploth. While they’re away, an unknown figure appears to be hovering within the Spade Kingdom Castle. 

It appears to be a person seeking to learn about the plans of the Dark Triad. He is looking over the table at Dante. When he is stopped by an unidentified guard, he discovers and discusses what is known as the Tree of Quiploth. 

The man has unique shadow magic when he slips into his personal shadow to get the guard out. When he gets out, we get the logo around his waist. Surprisingly, it was the Black Bulls. 

Updated on May 30, 2024, by Govind: Nacht Faust, the Black Bulls’ vice-captain, wields one of the oddest and most deadly magical abilities. He may enter the scene late, but his magical power is critical to the plot, especially during the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc. So, what type of magic does this mystery man possess? Read on to learn more about it.

What are his strengths?

Nacht Faust is randomly named vice-captain of the Black Bull squad by Yami Sukehiro. It is the Magic Knight who was formerly an active member of the Julius Novachrono squad, Grey Deer. 

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The devil is also a host, but unlike the other, there are four devils. The viewers or readers, he was employed as a spy by the Clover Kingdom in the Spade Kingdom. The Spade Kingdom.

We are truly introduced to him when the battle is over. The situation had turned extremely dire due to the massive destruction caused by the battle. 

Yami was taken prisoner, and Asta was wounded. Asta discovers a new grimoire with a sword of Yami coming through it. It brings him back to his lack of help and he rushes out to assist his captain. 

While in the hallway, he’s confronted by a mysterious person. He scolds Yami as well as points out Asta’s inability to save his life. Asta gets angry and decides to try and take on Yami when the latter is held down by several shadowy hands. 

Then the announcement is given where the Shadow Magic user is revealed as Nacht, the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, and a Devil Host. The night also provides Asta with the opportunity to teach him how to use his demon abilities to make him stronger enough to face Yami.


Nacht and his brother 1024x642 1 Who Is Black Bulls Vice-Captain Nacht?

It is not known much about the family history of Nacht, other than that he may be a royal. 

It’s a fact from his rants to Magna that he is an ordinary peasant. 

We also get an image of his time when he was ridiculed by the brother he was with for going to people and offering them food

Another hint that he is an heir to the throne was that, as a result of Asta’s education in the Devil Union, Nacht brings the castle to destruction. 

The possibility that Nacht was aware of the castle indicates that he may have been associated with this location.

Grey Deer

As I mentioned before, Nacht was formerly a member of the Grey Deer Squad. 

If the Magic Knight Captains have a meeting, Nacht barges in with Asta. 

Amid the meeting, when the captains try to take on the captain, Nacht stops them using his devils. 

In the meantime, Julius vouches for him and claims that he was Vice-Captain of his Black Bulls Squad. 

In addition, at one point, when he was a member of the Grey Deer Squad under Julius and was working alongside Yami and William, It is also confirmed that Jack the Ripper can also identify his name.

Relationship with Yami

Nacht and Yami 1 Who Is Black Bulls Vice-Captain Nacht?

Yami is one of those who chooses his associates based on their personality, motivation, or behavior. 

This means that it is believed that each of his crew members is naturally good. 

Therefore, it is an assumption that Yami will appoint the post of Vice-Captain to someone who he believes in the most. 

However, that’s not the way Nacht feels. 

To put it simply, Nacht does not like Yami Sukehiro. 

He is unhappy with being assigned the job of the Black Bull’s vice-captain arbitrarily. 

His hatred of Yami could be the main reason the Black Bull has only been at the base once. 

While he does appear to enjoy Asta, however, his dislike for Yami appears to be a source of irritation when he observes a similarity in the actions and beliefs of Asta to Yami.

One reason why Nacht was selected could stem from his past. As we all know, each Clover Kingdom citizen has a grimoire that has the Clover symbol. 

However, that’s not the case with Nacht because his grimoire has no symbol. 

Yami comes originally from his home country, the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan), which, within the Black Clover universe, is often referred to as”the” Hino Country. 

In the same way, the word Nacht is a German word that translates to “Night,” which matches with the name Yami, which means “Dark.”

So, being a foreigner may be the reason Yami was able to recruit Nacht to be his vice-captain.

A Spy

As previously mentioned, Nacht has been a spy in the Spade Kingdom. 

This is likely due to his ability to use shadow magic. 

When Nacht is at his Black Bulls’ base, he can identify every member of the group. 

He can spot every flaw they have while discussing their past. 

He smears them all and calls them the “good for nothing” people. 

The fact that Nacht has only been at the base once means that he was monitoring all members. 

He also informs Asta that it was possible to observe every battle from the beginning.


Nacht is a very sensible and rational person. 

He doesn’t hesitate in speaking his mind freely, as he informs Asta that losing a fight is always the fault of the loser and thinks that losers are stupid. 

He doesn’t hesitate to speak up with those who disagree with him about his liking or disliking of them, as the man was not afraid to express his displeasure towards all of the Magic Knight captains on their faces. 

Based on his beliefs the only way to be good is when it is good right from the beginning. 

However, anything that is bad and chooses to turn towards the positive side will undoubtedly be and eventually be negative. 

Nacht believes that just a few positive actions at the moment aren’t enough to make one forget the past’s calamity. 

As we have learned from his days as a Grey Deer, Nacht was extremely jovial.

However, his period in the Spade Kingdom changed him. The Spade Kingdom has altered his character.

Ability: Shadow Magic

Nacht Shadow Magic 1 Who Is Black Bulls Vice-Captain Nacht?

If Jack notices Nacht at the table the next day, he’s quick to highlight the way his magic used to be different earlier in the day. 

Nacht returns to say that the person has gone, and the one before him is still there. 

This could mean that, like we witnessed when we saw Mars, Nacht could have created something within himself to instill Shadow Magic within him to accomplish his goals. 

It also could mean that there is still the ability to do this to achieve his goals.

For Shadow Magic, as for Shadow Magic, he uses it to alter shadows. 

He could be able to move through different shadows, sliding in and out of them. 

He can suffocate his enemies by entering their shadows and then dragging them into their shadows. 

This means the cane can do a variety of things, making him ideal for missions of reconnaissance. 

The ability to travel between shadows allows him to move and teleport. 

As cunning as his character is, he can utilize this power to its fullest benefit.

Ability: Devil-Possessed

It is evident from the horns that hang on his face that Nacht can also be seen as a host for devils, just like Asta. Nacht is joined by four devils who grant him different capabilities and powers. 

He uses various relics to temporarily bring them into the realm of the living. At the time of their appearance, they could be in the form of a huge disguised beast or smaller self-created versions.

The four devils he has to include are Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and an unidentified one similar to a rooster. 

Gimodelo can join with all his offerings, which provide him with various Devil Union forms and abilities. Gimodelo is an evil demon that is usually found on the shoulders of Nacht as he combines with him.

This can give Nacht the power to summon clones from his shadow. Gimodelo’s Devil Union form, together with Gimodelo’s, is known as Unite Mode: Canis. 

Gimodelo appears to come from a dog, as Gimodelo’s larger beast form features an orange dog-like mask, and his power is known as “Pack.”

Slotos is believed to be a horse, as observed by his horse-like purple mask. When playing Devil Union with Slotos, Night’s costume is known as Unite Mode: Equus. 

This form gives him extraordinary strength and resiliency that is enough to withstand the force of gravity set in his place by Dante.

Plumede is believed to be based on an animal, as evident by his grey cat mask. In Devil Union with Plumede, Nacht’s body is called Unite Mode: Felis. 

This form gives him greater agility and physical speed, similar to cats. 

However, his final enemy is not named, and there isn’t much information concerning him. However, he appears like a rooster.

His abilities are not yet known.

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