Yamete Kudasai, Dame, Yada! Meaning Explained

In recent years, it’s almost become normal to speak a little bit of Japanese with someone else who likes anime.

But you can’t say some Japanese words in public, not because they mean something bad, but because of what they are linked to.

And after years of trolls from outside Japan, one of these words finally got the attention of anime fans in Japan.

It’s not a big deal to know a few words in Japanese. But “Yamete Kudasai” is a word we have heard a lot over the past few years.

What does Yamete Kudasai Mean?

– “Yamete kudasai.” = Can you please stop it?

Most of you probably know what this word means, which is “Please Stop!” Outside of Japan, however, this word is often used to talk about adult doujins or adult anime.

So for Otakus who live outside of Japan, Yamete Kudasai has become a “dirty word.”

Even if you search for the term on Google and look at the images, you’ll find some iffy results.

Yamete Kudasai Meaning Explained

This word has been used a lot in jokes in other countries, so most people know what it means. It has a certain tone and meaning, which makes it so enjoyable.

Here are some jokes that all sound the same:

Most Japanese Otaku probably didn’t know that Yamete Kudasai is now linked to doujins and hentai outside of Japan. This information was shared with people in Japan through a famous comment forum.

The subject of the post was “[Sad news] Yamete kudasai (please stop), it will become a new H term in the English-speaking world.” Some of the comments were:

Hmmm, why do the memes that come out of Japan always have to be related to p*rn?


I feel proud to be Japanese


I’ve heard that the Japanese media are horrified by this


Honestly, I think that the foreign otaku is already more embarrassing than the Japanese otaku


Hmmm, do they make r*pe memes too? If not, then the phrase does not make sense

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Some even pointed out that “Oni-chan” and many other Japanese words are used a lot in media outside of Japan.

So, as an otaku, it makes me happy to know that people are slowly but surely becoming more open to Japanese culture.

Yamete Kudasai, Dame, Yada!

As was already said, these phrases are often used in erotic anime or in perverted times. The phrase “yamete kudasai” [止めてください] sounds like the girl is pleading with you to stop.

This phrase is without a doubt the best of the ones we’ll talk about below.

There are also things such as:

The Meaning Of Dame

lady: The word dame [駄目] is often written in katakana [ダメ] and means that something is bad, shouldn’t be done, can’t be done, shouldn’t be done, or shouldn’t be allowed.

This word can be used in a variety of ways, from saying “no” to any offer to scolding kids to more extreme situations like “yamete kudasai” in adult anime.

When women say “lady,”  [ダメ] it’s often as if they want to stop. In this case, they are trying to say something like: I’m too innocent to put up with this kind of embarrassing situation; you’re making me into a bad girl; we shouldn’t do that, but it’s awesome.

The Meaning Of Yada

Yada is a word that means “no chance, unlikely, not at all, failure, and weakness” in its original language.

Some people use this word when something goes wrong, when they don’t want to accept an offer, or when someone tries to grab or kiss them.

It can sometimes be said in a light, unimportant way when someone is about to give up.

The Yamero Meme

At the end of 2016, a comic started going around of someone throwing water on a dog until he gets mad, his eyes shine, and the words yamero! appear.

Soon after, this caption was added to thousands of pictures of animals, characters, and other things that went popular on the internet.

As we can see in the picture below, someone took an image from WikiHow, made the montage, and shared it on Tumblr.

Over time, more and more montages like these popped up, and there are now more than 100,000 of them on Tumblr alone.

Phrases Related To Yameru And Dame

Now that you know the words dame and yada and the verb yameru. This piece will end with some examples and related words to help you learn more about the topic.

Can notダメですdamedesu
completely useless駄目駄目damedame
Stop this. He is our friend.やめろよ。あいつは俺たちの友達だろ。yamero yo. Aitsu wa oretachi no tomodachidaro.
Stop procrastinating and get a job仕事探しを先延ばしにするのはやめなさい。shigotosagashi o saki nobashi ni suru no wa yame nasai.
I gave up following trends.流行に付いて行くことはやめた。ryūkō ni tsuite iku koto wa yameta.
He said the trip is canceled旅行はやめにすると言った。ryokō wa yame ni suru to itta.
You should definitely ask him out.彼を誘わなくちゃだめよkare o sasowanakucha dame yo
It’s all over!もうだめだ。mou dameda
I didn’t like the atmosphere.雰囲気がいやだった。fun’iki ga iyadatta.
I do not want to be alone一人はいやだ。hitori wa iyada


What does “Yamete Kudasai” mean?

“Yamete Kudasai” is a Japanese phrase that translates to “Please stop” or “Please quit it” in English. It is commonly used in anime to indicate a character’s desire for someone to cease a certain action or behavior.

In what situations is “Yamete Kudasai” typically used in anime?

“Yamete Kudasai” is often used in anime when a character wants another character to stop doing something that is bothering, harassing, or causing harm to them or others. It can be used in various contexts, such as to halt physical actions, inappropriate behavior, or unwanted advances.

Are there any specific gestures or expressions associated with “Yamete Kudasai”?

While “Yamete Kudasai” itself is a verbal phrase, characters in anime often accompany it with specific gestures or facial expressions to convey their urgency or frustration. These may include raising a hand or arm in a “stop” motion, widening their eyes, or displaying signs of distress.

Are there alternative phrases or variations of “Yamete Kudasai” used in anime?

Yes, there are similar phrases or variations that convey a similar meaning, such as “Yamero” or “Yamero yo,” both of which translate to “Stop” or “Cut it out” in English. These phrases may be used interchangeably depending on the context and the character’s personality.

Does the usage of “Yamete Kudasai” vary across different anime genres?

The usage of “Yamete Kudasai” is not specific to any particular anime genre and can be found in various types of anime, including romance, comedy, action, or even horror. The phrase is used to depict characters asserting their boundaries or expressing their discomfort, regardless of the genre.

What Does Yamete Yo Mean?

“Yamete yo” is less emotional than “kure” and has a friendlier tone without any hint of anger or criticism. This tone is one that women often use.

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