Genshin Impact: Best Jean Build

Ensure the health of the rest of the team with both of Jean’s best Genshin Impact builds

Trying to find the best Genshin Impact Jeans build out there? As far as Anemo characters go, Favonius is probably the second-best Anemo character in the game after Venti (here are the best Venti builds if you’re curious).

In order to play as her, you’ll first encounter her as an NPC, but you’ll need to spend money on the gacha mechanic to do so.

In Genshin Impact, some heroes excel at a single skill, but Jean has at least two. With her Anemo powers, she can not only deal damage and inflict debuffs, but she can also keep the rest of the team healthy.

As a result, they’ll be able to take greater risks in the face of more formidable adversaries.

No matter what type of build you’re going for, Jean’s primary role is to heal the other characters in the party.

All of Jean’s combat abilities and skills will be explained in this Genshin Impact Jean guide, which includes two builds that can be used in both a DPS and utility role.

Best Genshin Impact Jean DPS build

By boosting Jean’s physical damage, this build turns her into a dual-purpose healer/DPS. The best weapon to use on Jean is Aquila Favonia because you’ll need something that can inflict harm.

Her attack power is greatly increased by this weapon, and this benefit increases in proportion to the level of the weapon’s upgrade.

Every time Jean is injured, the soul of the Falcon of the West awakens, regenerating HP equal to at least 100% of her attack stat and dealing at least twice that much damage to nearby opponents every 15 seconds as well.

Both of these effects can be scaled to absurd values (160 per cent attack as health recovery, and 320 per cent attack as damage). The Aquila Favonia is her finest weapon for DPS builds.

Prototype Rancour provides a tiny base attack and defence enhancement anytime she hits a normal or charged attack, which occurs once every 0.3 seconds and has a maximum of four stacks when the Aquila Favonia is too hard to find.

The Black Sword has higher critical rates, attack bonuses, and the ability to heal Jean while attacking, however, the Sacrificial Sword has a higher energy discharge rate.

Four Gladiator’s Finale items in the artefact slots raise Jean’s attack by 18% and increase regular attack damage with a sword, claymore, or polearm by 35%.

Alternatively, if you don’t have all four of these items, you can equip two Bloodstained Chivalry items for a 25% increase in physical damage, in addition to the 18% increase in attack power provided by two Gladiator’s Finale items.

For the other two spots, you might want to try Viridescent Venerer.

Best Genshin Impact Jean support build

When you’ve got the best support build, Jean becomes a support healer who decreases the enemy’s resistance to your other characters’ abilities.

When Jean utilises the Dandelion Breeze elemental burst, she obtains the Skypiercing Might effect, which increases her critical hit rate.

For the next 12 seconds, her movement and attack speed are both boosted by 10%, as well as the damage of both her normal and charged attacks.

To regain six energy, she can make an elemental orb every time she hits her target with her Favonius Sword.

It can happen as often as once per several seconds, depending on how far it’s been updated (from 12 seconds if not upgraded at all, to six seconds when fully upgraded). DPS builds are often better suited to the Aquila Favonia, however, if you already own the item you can still utilise it in your support build.

The Viridescent Venerer increases Anemo damage by 15% and the damage of Swirl (one of the Genshin Impact elemental reactions) by 60% for artefacts equipped with his buffs.

While the Swirl is in use, it reduces an opponent’s elemental resistance by 40% for ten seconds, which allows your teammates to inflict even greater harm on their foes.

The Exile is another worthwhile artefact set to consider. Elemental blasts replenish two energy for all other party members and grant a 20% increase in energy recharge.

The effect lasts for six seconds, however, it can’t be stacked on top of each other. This is an excellent way to re-engage a character that has been sitting on the sidelines due to their high energy needs.

All party members’ attack stat is boosted by 20% for 12 seconds, although this effect cannot be stacked with any other effects. As a result, friends can take full benefit of the Dandelion Breeze’s advantages with every cast.

Genshin Impact Jean’s abilities

Jean 1 Genshin Impact: Best Jean Build

Normal attack: Favonius Bladework

  1. Perform a maximum of five consecutive strikes in the normal attack.
  2. Stamina is used to send an enemy into the air with the power of the wind. The foes that have been launched will eventually come to rest on the earth.
  3. An area of effect attack is done when Jean lands and hits all of her foes, causing them to take damage from the impact.

Elemental skill: Gale Blade

It launches foes in the direction she chooses and does Anemo damage in the process.

Holding down this button causes Jean to summon a storm that draws nearby adversaries to her, albeit at the cost of stamina. During this strike, Jean is rendered immobile, but you have control over the storm’s course.

Elemental burst: Dandelion Breeze

The dandelion field Jean generates causes Anemo to be flung into the air, and the surrounding foes are flung as well.

Jean’s attack stat is used to determine the amount of HP that can be recovered for all party members and surrounding allied troops.

An ally’s health and the Anemo attribute are both restored continually while the dandelion field is active. Anemo damage is dealt with whenever an adversary arrives or quits the battlefield.

Jean Constellations

  1. Spiralling Tempest: Raises Gale Blade’s pulling speed after holding it for more than a second, and increases the damage inflicted by 40%.
  2. All party members’ mobility and attack speed are raised by 15% for 15 seconds when Jean picks up an elemental ball or particle.
  3. When the West Wind blows: Dandelion Breeze’s level raises by three, up to a maximum of 15.
  4. Dandelion Breeze creates a 40 per cent reduction in Anemo resistance for all opponents in the Dandelion Lands.
  5. Three times as powerful: The level of Gale Blade can be increased to a maximum of 15 with this ability.
  6. Mondstadt’s Lion’s Gang stands guard, reducing incoming damage by 35% within Dandelion Breeze’s protective barrier. This effect lasts for 10 seconds after Jean leaves the field, or until he gets hit three times.

Jean passive talents

  1. Normal attacks have a 50% chance of regenerating HP equal to 15% of Jean’s attack for the entire party when they hit the Wind companion.
  2. The dandelion breeze elemental burst can restore 20% of its energy by letting the wind guide it.
  3. When a portion of food with restorative effects is cooked to perfection, there is a 12% chance of obtaining a replica of the same item.

The best Genshin Impact Jean builds we’ve come across so far. Until now, Jean has been the only character to receive an additional Genshin Impact outfit.

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