Mitsuki’s Sage Mode: Explained

In a moment, it seemed that Boruto’s world was swaying toward the idea of an Orochimaru 2.0 villain, but the story shifted away from this redundancy thanks to Mitsuki’s growth. 

Mitsuki’s revelation as the son or artificial human derived from Orochimaru’s DNA provoked some shock and anxiety. 

However, history doesn’t repeat itself, and team 7 is still unbroken. This can be attributable to Mitsuki’s loyalty, love, and generosity were not shattered by the complexity of his genetic makeup. 

The dark shadow of Mitsuki’s power that is not fully utilized is well explored in his personal arcs, steering Boruto the show in an optimistic direction.

Mitsuki succeeds in achieving an impressive feat in the show when he becomes the youngest ninja in history to reach Sage Mode, an option that is available to most toads and ninjas of high calibre. 

It is possible to recall the amount of effort and determination Naruto made to reach Sage Mode to understand Mitsuki’s ability in the context of that. 

We’ve put together a piece that explains the details and background for his Sage Mode.

How did Mitsuki achieve Sage Mode?

Mitsuki’s Sage Mode

While Naruto and a few ninjas prior to him had to be fervent runners and be one with nature in order to harness this power, Mitsuki was simply engineered with a special genetic code that allowed him to harness this power. 

According to speculation by some fans. Orochimaru implanted cells, not only of himself but of the first Hokage from Konoha, Hashirama, into the boy.

This basically transforms him into a vehicle to channel Sage Energy. 

Hashirama had the power to be a master at Sage Transformation, ergo why it is believed that Mitsuki’s cells are similar to this as well as the fact that Orochimaru might have included the Cursed Seal to boost his power.

Mitsuki tested the method repeatedly in conjunction with Orochimaru through a variety of extreme and stressful trials.

In one of these instances, the full force of the technique was actually triggered through an emotional trigger. 

When Orochimaru as well as an old Mitsuki replica, Log, tried to make the boy choose his path, he made the decision to make his own decisions. 

This resulted in being in Sage Mode and overall transformation to a high speed and showed his creator that the boy was more unique than he believed.

Sage Mode vs. Sage Transformation

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Both have been accomplished by Mitsuki, however, using unconventional strategies. Sage Transformation is a way to achieve Sage Mode via bodily reactions displayed by Jugo’s clan. 

They expose their bodies to natural energy, which increases their physical capacity and ability to change shape. 

The Sage Transformation state is one where Sage Transformation, there is no harmony between the natural energy of the body and one’s personal chakra. 

In contrast, Sage Mode is at the highest point and is an enlightened state that is achieved by balancing the natural energy with the chakra of one’s self, resulting in the senjutsu chakra. 

Sage Mode opens possibilities of making use of the natural force of the universe, as well as the numerous techniques associated with it. 

Mitsuki can access Sage Mode by combining the power with Sage Transformation along with his genetically engineered physique. 

However, Mitsuki is unable to fully manage the effects of his Sage Mode.

Mitsuki’s Sage Mode Powers

Mitsukis Sage Mode 2 Mitsuki’s Sage Mode: Explained

In Sage Mode, Mitsuki is able to stretch his limbs in a manner similar to Luffy of One Piece and manipulate snakes that are enhanced in Sage Mode. 

When in Sage Mode, a green aura in the form of snakes protects Mitsuki which indicates a strong chakra flow. 

The snakes created from an aura’s energy can be safer as Kabuto or Orochimaru’s since they’re made from real snakes. 

Mitsuki’s Sage Mode is linked to the Great White Snake Sage from the Ryuchi Cave, which is apparent in his sage appearance where the horn of a dragon or viper appears upon his forehead. 

The senjutsu horn also functions as a bubble of protection that protects his life, as shown during his underwater workout with Shino. 

One of the most distinctive features in Sage Mode is the lightning-fast speed that is comparable to the speed of Yellow Flash himself.

What can Mitsuki’s Sage Mode do?

Mitsuki does have the capacity to stretch his legs like the Marvel character Mister Fantastic and even use snakes, which is increased when he’s in Sage Mode. 

When he activates it, the aura of green appears surrounding him, which indicates the presence of a powerful chakra flow, and, ironically, this energy takes on the form of snakes that protect. 

They act as additional legs and are a vast away from the likes of Kabuto and Orochimaru Kabuto earlier in time, who could only show their powers by using real snakes, which rendered them vulnerable.

Mitsuki’s talents are more likely to be tied to his connection to the Great White Snake, the Snake God, in the Ryuchi Cave, as evidenced by the horn that proliferates from his forehead in the shape of the size of a dragon or viper when he’s in this state. 

In particular, he has the lightning speed to match the fastest shinobi in history and that’s his name is Yellow Flash, who’s also Naturo’s father Minato

Another characteristic of the boy is that this style is a kind of bubble that protects Mitsuki’s existence and his memories, as evident when Mitsuki engaged Shino underwater in a specialized exercise in Konoha and proved that he truly is in touch with the elements.

How potent does Mitsuki’s Sage Mode?

For the fear of being scrutinized, Mitsuki generally does not use Sage Mode, as his power is unwise for someone so young. 

Mitsuki has been able to take on Shino who is a well-known Jonin master and bug master with his Sage Mode. 

Additionally, there are examples of his mental abilities as he defeated Orochimaru along with login a bid to steal a mysterious scroll. 

In addition, he has used his abilities to defeat the powerful rogue ninja organization that is led by Ku. 

In spite of all this, Mitsuki does not have complete power over his Sage Mode and the remnants of the dragon-like characteristics indicate the fact that Sage Mode isn’t perfected. 

Mitsuki has a lot of raw power, but it’s not yet polished to allow to make it more effective. However, he’s still among the most powerful Ninjas of his time and within the series.

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