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Sonia is the daughter and assistant to Professor Magnolia. She was also Leon’s childhood acquaintance. 

Sonia, along with her companion Pokemon Yamper, was part of the Gym Challenge with Leon, but eventually, they walked out. 

She plays the main game exploring what she’s going to accomplish in her life and ultimately decides to investigate what is the real story behind myths of the first King from Galar in “The Darkest Day.” 

Along with the player and Hop she learns about the existence of Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus and publishes her discoveries in a book that allows her to become a respected Professor as her mother.

In the game’s “The Crown Tundra” expansion, Sonia is a resident of an apartment in Freezington and asks the player to study strange footprints left by a specific group of legendary Pokemon

When the player has spotted and presented Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion to Sonia, she goes back to Sonia’s Pokemon Research Lab.

Sonia’s Pokemon



Yamper is the only Pokemon that Sonia is aware of. He assists Sonia during her investigations and has been known to aid Leon with his perception of the world, which is horrendous. None of the actions of Yamper are recognized.

Like her game counterpart, Sonia is quite intelligent but a bit distracted. While traveling with Goh Sonia, she was shown to be a reckless driver, though she’s reluctant to admit it. 

She had been Leon’s child partner and travel companion as was the case with the games. However, their relationship changed after Leon began to become closer to Chairman Rose

This led Sonia to decide to pursue her own direction, which was quite different from the direction Leon was seeking.

When she was traveling together with Goh, Sonia showed an excellent relationship with the young Trainer, encouraging him to pursue the research and suggesting that he may become an academic shortly.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings

In the early evening, in the waves, Sonia comforted Nessa following the defeat of the former at the Champion Cup. 

She then spoke to Nessa over the phone and discussed her plans for the future as the Gym Instructor.

When she was in Moonlight She spoke with Leon via phone.

In the sky, she viewed the fight of Leon Raihan and Leon Raihan using Yamper.


In “The Gathering of Stars,” she set off for the Crown Tundra. After leaving, she presented her friend Hop an invitation to an invitation to the Galarian Star Tournament.

Sonia did not pass Opal’s performance despite having all three of her answers right. 

Opal’s notes about Sonia include: “You have talent, that’s for sure, but you give up a little bit too quickly. Then again, I imagine it’s not easy being the granddaughter of Magnolia.”

Sonia has been the first character to be granted the title in the role of Pokemon Professorover the course of video games as well as anime.


Friendly and knowledgeable, Sonia provides practical advice to assist the player in their journey. 

While she’s the heart and very sociable but she is often annoyed by Leon’s behavior, specifically his tendency to remain in the cloud. 

She’s also not afraid to express her opinions and expresses her opinions, as demonstrated in her rants against Sordward and Shielbert during the game.

Although she appears mature, Sonia actually doesn’t mind being a child to people younger than her. 


What is Sonia’s relationship with Leon?

Sonia and Leon are childhood friends and acquaintances, and they have known each other for a long time. Leon is also the older brother of Hop, another important character in the game.

What is Sonia’s personality like?

Sonia is portrayed as intelligent, curious, and kind-hearted. She is passionate about her research and takes a keen interest in the player character’s progress throughout the game.

What is Sonia’s backstory?

Sonia is the granddaughter of Professor Magnolia and grew up in the Galar region. She became interested in the region’s history and mythology at a young age and has been conducting her own research ever since.

What is Sonia’s signature Pokemon?

Sonia does not have a signature Pokemon, as she is not a gym leader or a member of the Pokemon League. However, she is often seen with a Yamper, a friendly and loyal Electric-type Pokemon that belongs to her grandmother.

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