25 Intriguing Fish Pokemon For Fish Lovers

Have you ever thought about whether or not people in the Pokemon universe eat fish?

or should I say Fish Pokemon?

Well, we all know that people in this universe are not that different from us.

But I wanted to know which Fish Pokemon are good to eat, which are better as battle partners, and which one I should train.

So, you already know that we’re making lists for Pokemon fans, from plants to bats, and that’s why we’re making this list of fish Pokemon.

Let’s keep going with our list of the 25 most interesting Fish Pokemon for all of you who like fish.

25. Arrokuda

Arrokuda fish pokemon

Arrokuda is a fish Pokémon that looks like a barracuda. It is brown and tan. It has two big black eyes and two small jaws that point up. It is very proud of its small jaws.

It also has five fins: two pelvic fins, two anal fins, and one dorsal fin. This Pokémon has two red spots, one behind each jaw, and three white scales on each side of its body, for a total of six.

Arrokuda’s tail has three back fins that look like ship propellers. They are tan at the beginning but turn brown at the end.

24. Mantine

Mantine fish pokemon

Mantine is a big Pokémon that looks like a manta ray. It has wide fins and two marks on its back that look like rings.

Its back is dark blue, and the edges of its wings are jagged. It has a long “tail” that looks like a streamer and long “ears.”

On its gray underside, you can see two sets of gills, a pair of beady eyes, and a small mouth. Usually, a Remoraid, which is like a cleaner fish, is attached to the underside of one wing.

Mantine can fly 300 feet into the air if it gets fast enough, just like a real manta ray can break the surface of the water.

23. Dracovish

Dracovish fish pokemon

Dracovish is a fossil-type Pokémon. It is made up of the fish fossil’s head and the dinosaur fossil’s back legs and tail. The cutoff at the end of the tail is a circle.

Most of the legs are green, but there are two pink stripes. There are three red claws on each foot. The neck is also mostly green, but there is a red stripe going up the middle. On both sides of the stripe, there are three curved spikes.

The top of Dracovish’s head is a triangular plate with a rounded corner. There is a red and white area between the eyes on the plate.

22. Sharpedo

Sharpedo fish pokemon

Sharpedo is a shark Pokémon that looks like a torpedo and is covered with tiny, sharp teeth. It has a big mouth that is full of sharp, triangular teeth. It has deep red eyes that light up in the dark.

It has two holes for breathing that are right behind each eye. It is mostly dark blue, but the bottom is white. It has a yellow star on the tip of its nose and another star on its back.

It has a pelvic fin right next to its dorsal fin, which is a tall fin with two cuts in it. It has two fins on its chest that look like the fins on the back of a torpedo.

21. Gible

Gible fish pokemon

Gible is a small, two-legged Pokémon that looks like a dragon and is mostly blue. It has a big mouth full of sharp teeth, no neck, and arms that start at the edges of its jaws.

It has a red underbelly that goes from the bottom of its jaw to the bottom of its stomach.

Gible has two horns that look like jet or plane engines. In the middle of each one is a light blue stripe. One light blue stripe goes all the way around its back.

It has a dorsal fin on top of its head, which has a notch for the male. It can carry a person on its back fin, which is very strong.

Gible seems to be a good digger because he digs deep holes in caves to make homes. It likes to play fight with other animals of its kind.

20. Basculin

Basculin fish pokemon

Both the Red-Striped Form and the Blue-Striped Form have the same bodies. Their bodies are green and round, and their tail fins are trapezoidal.

From their mouth to their tail, there is a thick black stripe on the top of their bodies. They also have a white dorsal fin with four spike-like protrusions.

Their lower jaw sticks out farther than their upper jaw, and there is a small depression near the edges of their mouth. Both types have three black dots behind their pectoral fins, on both sides of their bodies.

The main difference between the two kinds of Basculin is the color of the stripe that divides their black and green bodies.

19. Qwilfish

Qwilfish fish pokemon

Qwilfish lives in the sea. It has a round body and a tail that looks like a paddle. The top half of its body is a dark teal color, while the bottom half is a very pale yellow.

Its tail is long and thin, with two dark teal dots in the middle and a dark teal outline. Its eyes are the same size as its body, and they always look angry. It has big, pink lips below its eyes.

It has sharp, cone-shaped spikes all over its body, which grew from scales over time. For a fight, Qwilfish drinks more than 2.6 gallons of water to make its body bigger.

18. Remoraid

Remoraid fish pokemon

Remoraid looks like a light blue fish. It has eyes that look like saucers and a mouth with four sharp teeth. On its back, there are two dark stripes that look like the barrel of a gun.

It has a single pelvic fin that looks like the trigger on a revolver, two small pectoral fins, and a dorsal fin near its mouth that looks like the front sight on a gun.

It also has two tail fins. The bottom one looks like the barrel of a gun, and the top one looks like the hammer. The only fin that isn’t white is the one on its back.

Remoraid is well-known for its ability to shoot water jets from the surface with amazing accuracy and range. It often does this to catch flying insects.

17. Stunfisk

Stunfisk fish pokemon

Stunfisk looks like a flat fish and has a wide, mud-brown body. From behind, the yellow tip of its tail has a yellow mark that looks like an exclamation point.

It has small, horizontal, oval-shaped eyes that are white with a small black pupil and no iris. It has two thick gray lips that make up its mouth. They are almost right in the middle of these two eyes.

It has two small, thin fins on each side of its body. Each of these fins has two lobes. People have seen it jump into the air and flap its fins like wings to stay in the air.

16. Luvdisc

Luvdisc fish pokemon

Luvdisc looks like a fish, but its body is more flat and shaped like a heart. This Pokémon got its name from a couple who saw it swimming in the ocean. Its main color is light pink, and its lips and cheeks are marked with small circles.

In the spring, it gathers into groups that make the surface of the ocean look bright pink. Luvdisc lives in warm seas, where it builds its nest in the branches of Corsola or on coral reefs. Luvdisc is a Many-Splendored Thing! shows,

When two Luvdisc kiss, they can use their thin bodies as wings and fly for short periods of time.

Luvdisc is a natural prey of Pelipper.

15. Lanturn

Lanturn fish pokemon

This Pokémon is blue and looks like an anglerfish. It has big, red eyes with a yellow mask-like mark around them, and its pectoral fins are small and light blue.

The bottom half of its tailfin is yellow, and the edges are sharp. It has a Y-shaped antenna with a round ball at each end. This antenna is a change to its dorsal fin.

Inside its orbs are bacteria that use Lanturn’s body fluids to make light. It uses the glow to attract prey, then blinds them with a strong flash before swallowing them whole. Its flash can be seen on the surface from more than three miles down (five kilometers).

This is why people call it “The Deep-Sea Star.” Lanturn and Lumineon compete to catch the same prey, Starmie. Lanturn lives in the water.

14. Bruxish

Bruxish fish pokemon

Bruxish is a Pokémon that looks like a fish. It has colorful scales and fins. It has large dark purple lips and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

The front of its body is light blue. Most of the top half of its body is light purple, while most of the bottom half is yellow.

It has light blue spots on the purple part of its body. Its light purple eyes have light blue pupils, and the bottom of its body is yellow. Its eyelids are dark purple, and its eyelashes are long and light blue.

All of its fins are dark purple, light blue, or a mix of the two. The pectoral fins are mostly dark purple with a short blue line along the bottom, the dorsal fin is light blue, the ventral fin is dark purple, and the tail fin is dark purple with a light blue heart-shaped mark in the middle.

13. Whiscash

Whiscash fish pokemon

Whiscash looks like a catfish, but it is dark blue and has a yellow belly. It has a huge mouth with light blue lips that have short, thin whiskers growing from them.

Long yellow barbs grow out of its cheeks, and its forehead has a yellow mark that looks like a W. The light blue dorsal fin has three spots in the shape of a triangle. The horizontal tail fin, on the other hand, has no spots.

Its pectoral fins and belly fins are the same color as the rest of its body. It can cause earthquakes that can be felt for more than three miles and can tell when natural earthquakes will happen.

12. Carvanha

Carvanha fish pokemon

Carvanha is a Pokémon that looks like a fish. Its body is covered with tiny, sharp teeth. The top half of its round body is blue, and the bottom half is red with a yellow four-pointed star below its mouth.

It has two yellow fins on its back that look like shark fins and a pelvic fin on its belly that matches them. The fins on its chest are also yellow.

The caudal fin is made up of two red spines connected by a thin yellow membrane.

It has strong jaws and razor-sharp teeth that can chew through solid steel, rip up boat hulls, and tear wooden boats to pieces.

11. Lumineon

Lumineon fish pokemon

Lumineon looks like a fish and has scales that are dark blue. It has deep pink eyes and a light blue face and eyelids. It has two sets of big fins on its chest that look like butterfly wings.

The edges of these fins are marked with light blue waves, and the lower pair on the female is longer. It has a light blue band that goes around its body from top to bottom.

It has a long tail with a dark pink spot at the end, and its pelvic fins are light blue.

Most of the time, Lumineon lives deep in the ocean, where it walks along the seafloor with its fins. This helps it stay safe from predators.

10. Barraskewda

Barraskewda fish pokemon

Barraskewda is a Pokémon that looks like a fish. It has a long body and a narrow head. It has a brown head with small, black pupils and no irises that can be seen.

It has a noticeable underbite, and when it closes its mouth, you can see two teeth on each side of its lower jaw.

There are two dark spirals on each corner of its mouth. Barraskewda’s head has four spikes that stick out of its sides. One spike sticks out from the top and bottom of each side.

Its main body is tan, and on each side of its middle, there is a white line that runs for most of its length. Other white markings, which look like fish bones, branch off from this line.

9. Gorebyss

Gorebyss fish pokemon

Gorebyss is a pink Pokémon that looks like a snake and has a long, thin mouth. This mouth has a point that is used to stab prey and drain their blood.

It has, however, been seen eating seaweed that grows between rocks. In the spring and after it eats, its pink skin gets brighter.

Its body color changes depending on the temperature of the water. The Gorebyss in Alola has colors that are so bright they are hard to see.

The top of its head has a long fin with a purple tip, and the back of its head has a thin, pointy fin.

It looks a little bit like a mermaid because it has two purple shells on its chest. At the end of the tail is a purple circular fin, and near the base are two white bands.

8. Alomomola

Alomomola fish pokemon

Alomomola looks like a pink fish, and its body and fins are in the shape of a heart. It has large fins on its back and belly that look like hands. Each fin is split into four parts and tipped with a lighter pink.

It looks like an ocean sunfish because it doesn’t have a proper tail fin. It has round eyes with golden irises and what looks like an eyelash-like mark that goes up and back toward the rest of its body.

It lives out on the ocean. If Alomomola sees a hurt Pokémon floating in the water, it will heal the Pokémon’s wounds and bring it back to land.

7. Feebas

Feebas fish pokemon

Feebas is a Pokémon that looks like an old fish. Its body is light brown and covered with irregular dark spots.

It has big, pink lips and big, deep-set eyes. The pectoral fins and tail are a dull blue color and look worn.

The dorsal fin has a hole in the middle of a triangular shape. Because it looks bad, most hunters, Trainers, and researchers don’t bother with it.

This hardy Pokémon, on the other hand, can eat anything and live anywhere. It lives in oceans and ponds with a lot of plants, even if there isn’t much water.

6. Goldeen

Goldeen fish pokemon

Goldeen looks like a fish and is white with orange spots. It has big pink lips and round blue eyes with orange lids. It has a big horn on its forehead. The male’s horn is bigger than the female’s.

It has a small, wavy dorsal fin with an orange patch around it. The bases of its long pectoral fins also have orange markings. Goldeen’s tail fin is orange near its base and turns white as it gets closer to the edges.

Many people like its tail because it is beautiful and looks like a ballroom dress.

5. Seaking

Seaking fish pokemon

Seaking looks like a fish and is mostly orange and white. It has round, dark eyes, pink lips that stand out, two small fangs, and a horn in the middle of its forehead that is cream-colored. A female’s horn will be smaller than a male’s.

It is mostly orange, but there is a white patch under its mouth and along its bottom. It has several black marks on its body, including two thick lines under each eye, a large wavy patch on its back, and a few spots near its tail.

It has white fins with black spots on the pectoral fins and a pair of tail fins that look like butterfly wings. But its back fin is stiff and pure white.

4. Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi fish pokemon

Wishiwashi is a fish-like Pokémon. Even though a single Wishiwashi is small and weak, the people of Alola still fear it and call it the “demon of the sea.”

This is because Wishiwashi have a powerful School Form. This form is made when a Wishiwashi is in danger and calls for help by shining its eyes, which can be seen from almost 25 miles (40 kilometers) away as an SOS signal.

Wishawashi is preyed on by many animals in the wild, such as Dewgong, Wailmer, Wailord, Wingull, and Pelipper. But when it goes into School Form, even Gyarados run away from it.

3. Relicanth

Relicanth fish pokemon

The coelacanth is a big inspiration for the Pokémon Relicanth. Its skin is made up of hard, brown scales that look like rough rocks.

It can handle the intense pressure of the ocean depths because of how its scales and fat body are made.

It has big cheekbones on its tan head, which are smaller on a woman. On the back of its head, there is a triangular spike.

It has spots of tan all over its body, and both sides have a red spot. It has two sets of pectoral fins that it uses to move along the bottom of the ocean.

Near its tail, it also has dorsal and pelvic fins. Its tail fin is shaped like waves.

2. Eelektross

Eelektross fish pokemon

Eelektross is an eel-like Pokémon that looks like a lamprey. It has a long, finned arm that sticks out from its head like a tentacle.

It has red eyes, a dark blue body, paddle-like clawed arms with yellow spots, and palms that are yellow and red.

It has a beige fin on the top of its body and legs that look like beige fins on the bottom. It lives in the water, but it comes to land to hunt. It can crawl out of the water with its arms and catch prey with its sucker mouth.

After grabbing its food with its sucker mouth, it pulls it into the water. It shocks its food before eating it.

1. Magikarp

Magikarp fish pokemon

Magikarp is a Pokémon that looks like a fish. It has big, heavy scales that are orange-red. It has pink lips and big, empty eyes.

It has white fins on its chest and tail. It has a stiff, yellow fin with three points on its back, and the same fin on its bottom. Also, its hair is long.

The barbels on a female are white, while on a male they are pale yellow. A Magikarp that lives for a long time can use its huge splashing power to jump so high that it can climb mountains. It also has a strong immune system that lets it live in water that is very dirty.

Trainers usually don’t pay much attention to it, though, because they think it’s weak because it doesn’t do much in battle.

Scientists think that Magikarp’s ancestors were much stronger than modern Magikarp. This made them want to learn more about this species.

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