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25 Intriguing Fish Pokemon For Fish Lovers

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Have you ever wonder… does people in the Pokemon Universe eat fish ? or should I say Fish Pokemon? well we all know that People in this Universe are not so different from us.

But I was cruise to know which Fish Pokemon are good to eat or which are better for battle partners and which one should I train.

So as you know we are creating specify lists for Pokemon fans from plant Pokemon to bat Pokemon that why we are creating this list of fish Pokemon.

25 Intriguing Fish Pokemon For Fish Lovers

Lets continue with the list of 25 most intriguing Fish Pokemon for all of you fish lovers.

25. Arrokuda

Arrokuda is a brown and tan fish Pokémon resembling a barracuda. It has two big black eyes and two small jaws pointing upward, the latter of which it is very proud of.

It also has five fins scattered on its body; two pelvic fins, two anal fins, and one dorsal fin. This Pokémon has two red spots, one behind each jaw, as well as three white scales on each side of its body for a total of six.

Arrokuda fish pokemon

Arrokuda lastly has three back fins on its tail resembling a ship propeller, starting off tan in color, but having a brown coloring on the end.

24. Mantine

Mantine is a large, manta ray-like Pokémon with wide fins and two ring-shaped marks on its back. Its back is a dark blue with a jagged outline on its wings. It has a streamer-like tail and long “antennae”.

Two pairs of gills are visible on its gray underside, as well as a pair of beady eyes and a small mouth. Generally, it is pictured with a Remoraid attached to the underside of one wing, much like a cleaner fish.

Mantine fish pokemon

Mantine can fly 300 feet into the air if it builds up enough speed, in a similar manner to how real-life manta rays breach the surface. 

23. Dracovish

Dracovish is a hybrid fossil Pokémon. It consists of the head of the fish fossil and the back legs and tail of the dino fossil. The tail region ends abruptly at a circular cutoff.

The legs are mostly green with two pink stripes. The feet have three red claws. The neck is also mostly green but has a red stripe going up the middle. The stripe is lined with three curved spikes on both sides.

Dracovish fish pokemon

Dracovish’s head is roughly circular with a rounded triangular plate on the top. On the plate is a red and white region that extends between the eyes.

22. Sharpedo

Sharpedo is a torpedo-shaped shark Pokémon covered with tiny, sharp denticles. It has a large mouth filled with triangular, sharp teeth. Its eyes are a deep red color and glow in the dark.

It has two gill slits situated directly behind each eye. It is mostly dark blue with a white underbelly. There is a yellow star-shaped marking on its snout, and another star marking on its rear.

Sharpedo fish pokemon

It has a tall dorsal fin with two notches cut into it, with a pelvic fin directly opposite it. Its two pectoral fins are arranged so that they resemble the fins on the back of a torpedo.

21. Gible

Gible is a small, bipedal dragon-like Pokémon that is primarily blue. It has a big mouth filled with sharp teeth, no neck, and arms that start at the outer edges of its jaws. A red underbelly stretches from its abdomen to the bottom of its jaw.

Gible has two horns that resemble jet or plane engines, each with a light blue stripe in the middle. It has a single light blue stripe wrapping around its back. On top of its head is a dorsal fin, which has a notch on it for the male. Its dorsal fin is strong enough to carry a person.

Gible fish pokemon

Gible appears to be a good digger, making deep holes for homes in caverns. It enjoys play-fighting with other members of its species.

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