Snake Pokemon

15 Ridiculous Snake Pokemon

There are various Pokemon of many styles and shapes but some of the fans like real life inspired Snake Pokemon creatures.

Most of the Pokemon fans love cute Cats Pokemon and Dog Pokemon but what about Snake Pokemon ?

So today we thought why not we remind you how cool are these creatures are that manage to borrow the creepy-crawly element from real life to Pokemon Universe.

So lets start the count down of these Ridiculous 15 Snake Pokemon.

15. Ekans

Ekans Snake Pokemon

Ekans is a purple, serpentine Snake Pokémon. Its eyes, underbelly, the thick stripe around its neck, and rattle are yellow. Ekans has three pairs of black lines encircling its body, as well as another line that connects to each slit-pupiled eye and curves toward its nose.

Its large mouth has a round, pink tongue and no visible teeth. While painful, a newborn Ekans’s bite is not venomous. This Pokémon grows longer with age.

Ekans lives in grassy savannas and plains, where it moves stealthily through grass. It can also be found in forests and desolate wastelands, where it preys on Eggs from Pidgey and Spearow nests, but will strike other prey from behind.

14. Arbok


Arbok is a serpentine Snake Pokémon that resembles a cobra. It has narrow eyes and several sharp teeth. Just below its head is a large hood with a face-like pattern. This pattern has over 20 possible variations.

The pattern typically has two red and yellow eyespots outlined in black, a wide black streak resembling an upturned mouth, and a black V-shaped stripe above the eyespots.

Arbok is capable of crushing opponents by coiling its body around them and squeezing them tightly. It can even flatten steel oil drums.

13. Seviper


Seviper is a serpentine Snake Pokémon that is usually depicted scrunched up like an accordion. It is mostly black, but has several markings on its body.

It has yellow hexagon markings that run from its head to its tail, small yellow bumps where it touches the ground, and various purple scar-like marks. It has elongated red fangs that protrude from its upper jaw and fierce red eyes.

Its tail is partially red and has a blade-like shape. Seviper sharpens its tail on rocks, and can use it for its former signature move, Poison Tail.

12. Rayquaza


Rayquaza is a large, green, serpentine Snake Pokemon. It has red-tipped, rudder-like wings on its shoulders and down its body, and similarly patterned fins on the tip of its tail. Yellow ring-like symbols run across the length of Rayquaza’s body and it has an additional yellow ring on top of its head.

Rayquaza has two limbs with three-clawed hands, and two long, flat, horn-like structures on its head, with two shorter horns along its jawline. It has small, yellow eyes with black pupils, prominent pink gums, and two discernible fangs in its upper jaw.

As Mega Rayquaza, its body becomes longer and gains more features. Its head becomes longer with the Δ symbol appearing on its forehead. Its eyes now contain yellow pupils and red irises, and black, tree-like markings trail behind its eyes.

11. Onix


Onix is composed of a giant chain of gray boulders that become smaller towards the tail. Its length makes it the tallest Rock-type Snake Pokémon. It has black eyes and a rounded snout.

On top of its head is a rocky spine. As it grows older, it becomes more rounded and smoother, eventually becoming similar to black diamonds. Inside its brain is a magnet that serves as an internal compass, guiding Onix wherever they need to go and prevents them from getting lost while digging.

Onix tunnels under the ground at over 50 miles (80 kilometers) per hour, which causes tremors and a terrifying roar that echoes a long way. Hard objects encountered while tunneling are absorbed into its body, which makes it very sturdy.

10. Steelix


Steelix is a long, serpentine Snake Pokémon with a silvery-gray body made up of rock-like sections, which can possess chips and scrapes from fights and tunneling. Three of those sections have long rock spikes coming out of them on either side.

It has a massive head mainly made up of its large, wide jaw with sets of large square teeth inside. Along its bottom jaw are ridges: there are two pairs of ridges on a male Steelix, while there is only one pair on a female. Several small, square lumps cover the underside of its lower jaw.

Its eye sockets are slightly deep set, and the eyes themselves are red. Its head has two long ridges going from the eyes up to the top of its head. The tip of its tail is conical with a blunt tip.

9. Dratini


Dratini is a serpentine Snake Pokémon with a blue body and a white underside. It has white, three-pronged fins on the sides of its head and a white bump on its forehead. Above its round, white snout are oval, purple eyes.

Dratini’s life energy is constantly building, so it is always growing and can reach lengths of over six feet. As it grows, it sheds its skin regularly and hides behind a rapid waterfall during the process.

8. Dragonair


Dragonair is a long, serpentine Pokémon with sky blue scales and a white underside. It has a rounded snout, oval purple eyes, and a small, white horn on its forehead.

On each side of its head is a small, stylized wing, which is white and curves into a swirl at the base. Three blue, crystal orbs adorn its body: one on its neck and two on its tail.

Dragonair emits a gentle aura that gives it a mystical appearance.

7. Servine


Servine is a slim bipedal Snake Pokémon that is primarily green with a cream underside, and narrow red eyes. It has a yellow V-shaped structure that starts at the chest and extends behind the shoulders.

Servine has short limbs and a small crest protruding from the back of its head. Three palmate leaves grow along its back and tail. These leaves are capable of performing photosynthesis, but only while they are clean.

Servine will go to great lengths to stay dirt-free for this reason. This swift Pokémon hides in thick foliage or shadows to avoid attacks before retaliating.

6. Serperior


Serperior is a primarily pale green, serpentine Snake Pokémon. Its face and throat are white, while its back is dark green. Curled, mint-colored patterns extend into the white portion of its face, and it has narrow red eyes.

In the lower jaw, two fangs are visible when its mouth is open. There are two pointed yellow extensions on the back of its head. Coiled, dark green extensions spread out from the sides of its lower neck, forming a curving pattern lower down the body. Just below its neck, it has two small leaf-like hands coming out of either side.

It has curved yellow markings around its middle and several palmate leaves on its tail. Serperior will only attack with full force against opponents that are unfazed by its piercing glare. It is capable of amplifying solar energy with its body.

5. Milotic


Milotic is an aquatic, serpentine Snake Pokémon with a primarily cream-colored body. It has red eyes with long, pinkish antennae above them. Additionally, there are long, hair-like fins above its eyes, which begin thin and thicken towards the tips.

These eyebrows extend to almost half of Milotic’s body length, and will be longer on the female than the male. On top of its relatively small head is a straight spike. Running down either side of its neck are three black dots, similar to gills. Its lower body is a patterning of blue and pink, diamond-shaped scales outlined with black.

The tail consists of four large, blue fins with pink ovals in their centers. Each of the tail fins overlaps the next slightly, causing it to resemble a fan. Milotic’s scales are said to change color depending on the viewing angle, which has so far only been depicted in Pokémon Battle Revolution.

4. Huntail


Huntail is a light-blue aquatic Snake Pokémon with a serpentine body. Orange, semi-circular fins run the length of its spine, and there are two additional fins on the underside of its lower jaw.

A large, fan-like fin projects from the top of its head. White spots that are surrounded by orange rings dot its body, which resemble its eyes. It attracts its prey by wagging its fish-shaped tail, which features glowing eye-spots, a single dorsal fin, and a single pectoral fin.

Huntail’s large mouth features sharp teeth and allows it to gulp its prey whole.

3. Eelektrik


Eelektrik is a blue-black, eel-like Snake Pokémon with a beige underbelly. Its round, toothy, leech-like mouth has red lips, and its eyes have small pupils with yellow circle patterning around them, as well as spots.

Beige fins extend from above and below its head, and its body is decorated with three yellow spots on the side, which are actually its electricity-generating organs. It has a red tail fin that resembles a fan.

Eelektrik is a vigorous carnivore and has a good appetite. Upon spotting prey, it immediately attacks and paralyzes it, then coils around it and shocks it with electricity from its circular electricity-generating organs before eating it.

2. Dunsparce


Dunsparce is a serpentine, and somewhat insectoid, A Snake Pokémon with a primarily yellow body, blue underside, and blue-and-cream-striped back. Its head is round with a wide mouth extending under its jowls and curving up toward the middle of its face.

Its chin is blue with two rounded prongs. Its eyes—round and rimmed with blue—are kept closed, revealing its cream-colored eyelids. On Dunsparce’s upper back are two tiny white wings. Its body ends in a drill-like tail.

1. Gyarados


Gyarados is a serpentine Snake Pokémon with a long body covered in slightly overlapping scales. It is mostly blue with a yellow underbelly and a row of yellow spots down each side. Its mouth is very large and gaping, bearing four pointed teeth and yellow lips.

It has one barbel and a small white fin on each side of its face. The barbels are white on a female and tan on a male. It has small, red eyes, a three-pointed, dark blue crest on its head, and four white, spiky dorsal fins.

Gyarados’s tail fin is similar in structure to the crest on its head, except with a thin, white fin spread between the points.