15 Ridiculous Snake Pokemon

There are many different kinds of Pokemon, but some fans like Snake Pokemon that look like snakes in real life.

Most Pokemon fans like Cat Pokemon and Dog Pokemon because they are cute, but what about Snake Pokemon?

So we thought, why not remind you today how cool these creatures are that bring the creepy-crawly part of real life to the Pokemon Universe?

So let’s start counting down these Ridiculous 15 Snake Pokemon.

15. Ekans

Ekans Snake Pokemon

Ekans is a purple, serpentine Snake Pokémon. It has yellow eyes, a yellow belly, a yellow stripe around its neck, and a yellow rattle.

Ekans has three sets of black lines around its body, and each of its slit-pupiled eyes is connected to another line that curves toward its nose.

It has a big mouth with a round, pink tongue and no teeth that can be seen. The bite of a young Ekan is painful, but it is not poisonous. As this Pokémon gets older, it gets longer.

Ekans live in grassy savannas and plains, where they sneak through the grass to avoid being seen.

It can also be found in forests and deserted wastelands, where it steals eggs from Pidgey and Spearow nests and attacks other prey from behind.

14. Arbok


Arbok is a snake-like Pokémon that looks a lot like a cobra. It has small, slanted eyes and many sharp teeth.

A large hood with a face-like pattern is right below its head. There are more than 20 ways to change this pattern.

The pattern usually has two black-outlined red and yellow eyespots, a wide black line that looks like an upturned mouth, and a V-shaped black stripe above the eyespots.

Arbok can crush its enemies by wrapping its body tightly around them and squeezing them hard. It can even flatten steel oil drums.

13. Seviper


Seviper is a snake-like Pokémon that looks like an accordion when it’s drawn. It is mostly black, but there are a few spots on it.

It has purple marks that look like scars and yellow hexagons that run from its head to its tail. It also has small yellow bumps where it touches the ground. It has long, red teeth that stick out from its upper jaw, and its eyes are red and fierce.

It has a blade-shaped tail that is partly red. Seviper sharpens its tail on rocks so it can use it for Poison Tail, which used to be its signature move.

12. Rayquaza


Rayquaza is a large, green, serpentine Snake Pokemon. It has wings with red tips that look like rudders on its shoulders and down its body.

It also has fins on the end of its tail that are shaped like rudders. Rayquaza has yellow symbols that look like rings all over its body. It also has a yellow ring on top of its head.

Rayquaza has two arms with three-clawed hands, two long, flat, horn-like structures on its head, and two shorter horns along its jawline.

It has small, yellow eyes with black pupils, pink gums that stand out, and two clear fangs in its upper jaw.

When it turns into Mega Rayquaza, its body gets longer and has more parts. When the symbol shows up on its forehead, its head gets bigger.

Its pupils are now yellow and its irises are red. Behind its eyes, it has black marks that look like trees.

11. Onix


Onix is made up of a long chain of gray rocks that get smaller as they move toward the back. It is the tallest Rock-type Snake Pokémon because of how long it is. Its eyes are black, and its nose is round.

It has a rocky spine on top of its head. As it gets older, it gets more smooth and rounded until it looks like a black diamond.

It has an internal compass in the form of a magnet in its brain. This helps the Onix get where they need to go and keeps them from getting lost while digging.

Onix digs underground at more than 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour), which makes the ground shake and makes a terrifying roar that can be heard for a long way.

Its body absorbs any hard things it comes across while tunneling, which makes it very strong.

10. Steelix


Steelix is a long, slithering Snake Pokémon with a silvery-gray body made up of sections that look like rocks and can get chips and scratches from battles and tunneling. On either side of three of these sections, there are long rock spikes.

It has a big head that is mostly made up of its big, wide jaw, which is filled with big, square teeth. It has ridges on the bottom of its jaw.

A male Steelix has two sets of ridges, while a female only has one set. On the bottom of its lower jaw, there are a few small square bumps.

Its eye sockets are a little bit deeper than average, and its eyes are red. It has two long ridges on its head that go from its eyes to the top. The tip of its cone-shaped tail is blunt.

9. Dratini


Dratini is a snake-like Pokémon that has a blue body and a white bottom. It has a white bump on its forehead and white fins with three points on each side of its head.

It has oval purple eyes above its round white nose.

Dratini’s life energy is always getting stronger, so it is always growing and can get to be more than six feet long.

As it grows, it constantly sheds its skin and hides behind a fast-moving waterfall while it does so.

8. Dragonair


Dragonair is a long, snake-like Pokémon with scales the color of the sky and a white bottom. It has a round face, purple oval eyes, and a small white horn on the top of its head.

On each side of its head, there is a small, white, stylized wing that curves into a swirl at the base. It has one blue crystal ball on its neck and two more on its tail.

Dragonair gives off a soft glow that makes it look mysterious.

7. Servine


Servine is a thin, two-legged Snake Pokémon that is mostly green on top and cream on the bottom. It has small red eyes.

It has a yellow structure in the shape of a V that goes from the chest to behind the shoulders.

Servine has short arms and legs and a small crest on the back of its head. Along its back and tail, there are three palm-shaped leaves.

The photosynthesis process can happen in these leaves, but only when they are clean.

Because of this, Servine will go to great lengths to avoid getting dirty. This fast Pokémon hides in thick plants or in the shadows to avoid being attacked before it strikes back.

6. Serperior


Serperior is a snake-like Pokémon that is mostly pale green. It has a white face and throat, and its back is a dark green color. Its white face has curled, mint-colored patterns, and its red eyes are small and close together.

When its mouth is open, you can see two fangs on the bottom of its jaw. On the back of its head, there are two sharp yellow spikes.

From the sides of its lower neck, dark green coils spread out in a curving pattern, making up the rest of its body. It has two small hands that look like leaves coming out of either side of its neck.

It has yellow markings that curve around its middle, and its tail has several leaves that look like palms.

Serperior will only attack with full force against foes that don’t get scared by its piercing gaze. It can use its body to make solar energy stronger.

5. Milotic


Milotic is an aquatic Snake Pokémon that looks like a snake and has a mostly cream-colored body. It has long, pink antennae that stick out from its red eyes.

Also, above its eyes, there are long fins that look like hair and get thicker towards the end.

These eyebrows reach almost half the length of a Milotic’s body and are longer on females than on males. It has a straight spike on top of its small head.

On each side of its neck, there are three black dots that look like gills. It has blue and pink diamond-shaped scales with black edges on its lower body.

The tail has four big blue fins with pink ovals in the middle of each one. Each tail fin overlaps the next one just a little, making it look like a fan.

Milotic’s scales are said to change color depending on how you look at them. This has only been shown in Pokémon Battle Revolution so far.

4. Huntail


Huntail is an aquatic Snake Pokémon that is light blue and has a snake-like body. It has two orange fins on the bottom of its lower jaw and two orange fins that run the length of its spine.

The top of its head has a large fin that looks like a fan. It has orange rings around white spots on its body, which look like its eyes.

It gets food by waving its fish-shaped tail, which has glowing eye spots, one dorsal fin, and one pectoral fin.

Huntail has a big mouth with sharp teeth that lets it swallow its food whole.

3. Eelektrik


Eelektrik is a blue-black, eel-like Snake Pokémon with a beige underbelly. It has red lips and a round, toothy mouth like a leech. Its eyes have small pupils with yellow circles and spots around them.

It has three yellow spots on the sides of its body, which are actually organs that make electricity. It has beige fins above and below its head. It has a fan-shaped tail fin that is red.

Eelektrik is a strong meat eater with a big appetite. When it sees prey, it attacks and stuns it, then coils around it and shocks it with electricity from its circular organs that make electricity.

Only then does it eat the prey.

2. Dunsparce


Dunsparce is a Snake Pokémon with a mostly yellow body, a blue underside, and a blue-and-cream-striped back. It looks a bit like an insect.

It has a round head with a wide mouth that goes under its jowls and curves up toward the middle of its face.

It has two blue, round points on its chin. Its round, blue-rimmed eyes are closed, so you can see that its eyelids are cream-colored. Two tiny white wings are on the top of Dunsparce’s back. Its tail looks like a drill.

1. Gyarados


Gyarados is a Snake Pokémon that looks like a snake. It has a long body with scales that overlap slightly. It is mostly blue, but its underside is yellow, and it has a row of yellow spots on each side.

It has a very big, gaping mouth with four sharp teeth and yellow lips.

On each side of its face, it has a small white fin and a barbel. The barbels on a female are white, but on a male they are tan.

It has small red eyes, a dark blue crest with three points on its head, and four sharp white fins on its back.

The structure of Gyarados’s tail fin is similar to that of its head crest, except that there is a thin, white fin in between the points.

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