5 Best Grinding Spots To Level Up in Pokémon Sun & Moon

This chapter in Pokémon’s history has remained popular because it was a huge deviation from the formula we’ve come to know and love.

While random encounters and challenge fights are an important part of the game, they can only take you so far in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Grinder comes in handy for this task

In order to maximize your time spent on grinding, let’s take a look at some of the best places on Alola’s islands to level up your squad.

5. Ten Carat Hill, Melemele Island

Ten Carat Hill Melemele Island1 5 Best Grinding Spots To Level Up in Pokémon Sun & Moon

After completing Island Kahuna Hala, spend some time on Melemele Island before heading to Akala.

After snagging a Lucky Egg from Professor Kukui’s lab, you’ll want to go to work.

It increases the amount of XP gained by the Pokémon it is held by, making your grinding efforts even more valuable!

While exploring Ten Carat Hill, you may come across a variety of unusual wild Pokémon.

Verdant Cavern is where Zubat, Diglett, Roggenrola, and Carbink may be found in their many forms and capacities.

Your greatest choice for a quick level-up in the caverns is Carbinks.

Machops at level 14 are the greatest EXP farms in Farthest Hollow, where you may continue to grind for Roggenrola.

4. Paniola Ranch

pokemon usum 071 paniola town left 5 Best Grinding Spots To Level Up in Pokémon Sun & Moon

Akala Island’s Paniola Ranch serves as a crossroads for Routes 4, 5, and 6, which it intersects with.

While you’ll encounter Tauros, Lillipup, and Mudbray here, you’ll gain a significant amount of experience if you encounter a Milltank.

Despite the fact that you only have a 5% chance of encountering the Milk Cow Pokémon, it is worth the effort to get a few levels.

During your search for wild Pokémon, don’t forget to use Stoutland Search!

If you’re looking for something specific, he’ll assist you in finding it across the Ranch.

3. Akala Outskirts

pokemon usum 135 akala outskirts left 5 Best Grinding Spots To Level Up in Pokémon Sun & Moon

The Outskirts, located on Akala Island’s eastern coast, is a place full of grass patches that can help you level faster.

Gumshoos produce the most throughout the day.

The Alolan Raticates, on the other hand, come out to play at night.

It’s recommended to stay up late to get the most out of this location’s EXP bonanza since these infants yield far more than other Pokémon in the area.

Also, if you see a Stufful while you’re in town, don’t miss out on it.

Sun and Moon only have a 5% chance of spotting one at the Akala Outskirts, where they may be found.

2. Altar of the Sunne or Moone

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In the Altar of the Moone or Altar of the Sune, you’ll come across the famous Solgaleo or Lunala after traversing Poni Island.

Once you’ve completed that area of the main game, you’ll be able to venture out to grassy knolls where you may encounter Lycanroc, Skarmory, and Machoke, all of which provide a significant amount of experience.

A lot of time will be required to get the most out of this section.

Because it’s your final opportunity to power level before the Elite Four.

Also, the Battle Buffet is fantastic, but you can only go there once a day, which severely restricts your grind.

1. Battle Buffet

Battle Buffet 5 Best Grinding Spots To Level Up in Pokémon Sun & Moon

You can return to Melemele Island and spend some time in the Battle Buffet in order to reach levels 60-70 before facing the Elite Four.

There, you’ll face off against other hungry trainees for a taste of the delectable fare you’ve been eyeing.

In order to defeat as many Pokémon as possible, each trainer only has one level of 55 Pokémon.

In other words, if you defeat the first trainer in two turns, you’ll still have eight more turns to use.

You will gain more experience if you defeat trainers in fewer turns.

Prior to the Elite Four, it’s a terrific method to work on your game.

Even more so if you use your 3DS to go back in time and keep re-playing the same “day”.

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