15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Nintendo did a tremendous job of lowering the entry barrier to the Pokémon competitive scene.

You have to breed for the proper IVs and nature in earlier games.

This was not only very time-consuming, but it was also really dull.

Then came the laborious work of EV training and levelling up those Pokémon.

So here we made a list of our top 15 competitive Pokemons.


Competitive Pokemon

Man’s best friend will always be by his side, no matter what. The dog-like creature known as Arcanine plays that function in the Pokemon universe.

Arcanine is the ideal Pokemon to represent a person’s best buddy.

It has a strong attack state, sharp black stripes, and a relatively high HP level.

You can discover a pretty woman relaxing on a bench in Vermilion. She will request that you show her five Meowth’s. If you succeed, you will have a cuddly new friend.


pokemon go ditto disguises 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Don’t let its tendency to copy mislead you. Don’t be duped by its tendency to copy.

Ditto is fantastic. Ditto is fantastic. Copying and pasting Ditto accomplishes just that—copies and pastes.

Once you’ve defeated the Elite 4 and earned the title of champion, you can discover this Pokemon in Cerulean Cave.

However, once you do, this weak-appearing normal type Pokemon will become a valuable addition to your pokedex.

Ditto may turn the tide of any battle with only one move by changing into your opponent’s pokemon and mimicking its actions.

Although this iconic Pokemon may appear to be made of jelly, it always has a hidden punch.


131 Lapras 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Lapras is a highly amiable water-type pokemon that offers rides over bodies of water just because it loves to, drawing design cues from that renowned cryptid known as “The Loch Ness” monster.

Additionally, it is highly clever and has the capacity to comprehend human speech. It is a helpful pokemon and a wonderful friend.

It’s also Veronica Taylor, the voice actress for Ash Ketchum’s preferred Pokemon. I’m not sure what else will tell you something if that doesn’t.

After luring the guards with tea and getting into Saffron City, you’ll weave in and out of the Silph Building. But if you manage to solve all of the puzzles inside, you’ll receive Lapras as payment.


149 Dragonite 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Not your typical dragon, but undoubtedly extraordinary.

The strongest Pokemon in generation one, Dragonite is one of the rarest and is only surpassed in power by mega or legendary Pokemon.

The best of the best is Dragonite, which is the development of a Dragonair.

In addition to being difficult to locate and even more difficult to capture, defeating Dragonite in a fight against the last Elite 4-member Lance is the standard for the top trainers.

You need to capture a Dratini that will eventually turn into a Dragonite in order to obtain a Dragonite.


15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

We all have a little Snorlax inside of us, let’s face it.

Look up “lazy” in the dictionary to find an image of a Snorlax whenever you want. This sleeping giant is a typical Pokemon with thick, fatty skin that excels in defensive battle.

This 6 feet 11 inch teddy bear of a Pokemon is an excellent addition to your pokedex because it has a high HP and respectable attack stats.

But keep in mind that you must use a Poke Flute or music from Pokegear to awaken a sleeping Snorlax before you can capture it.

10. The Alolan Dugtrio

18051 Shiny Alolan Dugtrio 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Alolan Dugtrio is a strong physical attacker thanks to its high Attack and Speed ratings. Because you want it to happen as quickly as possible, the Jolly nature comes into play. In each competitive battle, setting up Stealth Rock is crucial since it has the ability to defeat specific teams on its own.

Just be warned that Alolan Dugtrio is an unusually poor Steel type defender and will take a lot of damage from any special attack.

9. Alolan Muk

16089 Alolan Muk 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

What I like to refer to as “juggernauts,” powerful offensive Pokémon that are also able to take a hit themselves, appear to be very popular in the Let’s Go competitive environment. Alolan Muk’s Crunch and Poison Jab techniques are strengthened by the fact that it is of a Dark type. Its weak Speed stat means it rarely hits first, but that’s okay because it also rarely gets one-shot.

There is no use in learning all the special moves Muk can because it’s Sp. The attack stat is terrible. Instead, take advantage of Muk’s move-pool to cover any form of coverage you require.

8. Zapdos

145 Zapdos 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Please bear with me as I explain the biggest surprise on the list. The manner in that Zapdos is employed is distinctive.

You want Zapdos to have the most speed possible and to act as a nuisance rather than a traditional legendary Pokémon that annihilates others.

Zapdos can switch in and out while remaining healthy and keeping your opponent’s Pokémon poisoned thanks to U-Turn, Toxic, and Roost.

Don’t worry about absorbing a few blows; legendary Pokémon are naturally clumsy. Just be cautious to remove Zapdos’ counters before properly sending them out!

7. Melmetal

Ash Melmetal 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

It’s new to the Pokémon Let’s Go versions, so if you’re scratching your head and wondering why you’ve never seen this Pokémon before, that’s why.

This legendary monster, which can be obtained by gifting a Meltan 400 Meltan Candies, shares the same base stat total as Mew but has significantly higher HP, Attack, and Defense values. However, Melmetal’s Speed is essentially 0.

Melmetal should be constructed for full attack with the potential to add a special move, while not having the worst Sp. Attack stat in the world.

Few Pokémon currently competing are as powerful as Melmetal overall!

6. Gengar

94 Gengar 1 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

With its enormous evolution and wide range of moves, Gengar makes for a strong and adaptable party member.

There are additional moves (like Psychic) that could take the place of one of the ones on the above list.

This Pokémon can cover practically any match-up in the game and hits like a truck. You only require the proper IVs, candies, and MVOes!

Gengar needs to be able to outrun speedy Psychic type Pokémon in order to succeed, therefore the Timid nature is there to aid.

5. Rhydon

112 Rhydon 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Rhydon is the best player in the game when it comes to needing a defensive bulwark that can strike like a truck. This Pokémon is unmatched in terms of tankiness compared to damage potential among physical Defense-based Pokémon.

Building a physical move-set to cover your team’s deficiencies is not at all difficult because it can learn a wide variety of skills.

Rhydon has always struck me as being quite fantastic, but his lack of effectiveness in the plot has turned me off. But I’m sure going to include him in my squad for combat!

4. Gyarados

61D9Njm44AL. AC SL1500 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Although I don’t understand why it can’t learn any Flying type moves, it is my all-time favourite Pokémon. In any case, Gyrados has an odd move pool and is a total brute.

There can be some significant variances here and there because to the ability to learn Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, and even Ice Beam.

However, as they are all unique attacks, Gyarados ought to be entirely attack-based.

Due to its ability to Mega Evolve into a Water/Dark type, it has S.T.A.B bonuses on Crunch and Waterfall, which are typically sufficient to at least do a tonne of damage!

3. Alakazam

2065 Shiny Alakazam 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Alakazam, a monster with some genuinely ridiculous numbers, uses its Mega Stone to strengthen itself. Few Pokémon can equal this one’s base stats of 175 Sp.

Attack, 105 Sp. Defense, and 150 Speed when Mega Evolved.

If you can get a few of Calm Minds rolling, your Alakazam can easily defeat whole teams on its own.

Really is rather amazing, but naturally, attempting to catch one with the proper nature and IVs is a complete nightmare because Abra keeps escaping!

2. Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl AG anime 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Only by bringing some Old Amber (repeatedly found in Cerulean Cave) to the Cinnabar Lab will you be able to obtain an Aerodactyl.

So it feels fantastic to get one with the appropriate stats, not that I’d know. The Mega evolution of Aerodactyl raises its Attack and Speed to levels that are almost identical to those of Alakazam, but with higher defensive characteristics.

It could be advisable to swap out Iron Tail for Crunch or even Take Down. Although it has been grossly undervalued over the years, Aerodactyl is now much easier to obtain.

1. Mew

top facts about mew 15 Competitive Pokemon in Let’s Go

Mew has a random nature; you have no control. It has 100 in each of the stats, therefore versatility is again present.

Maybe hold off on making your advances till you catch a Mew, then? Mew has access to every TM in the game.

However, there is the “annoying” build. In essence, you use Roost, Toxic, Taunt, and Stealth Rock. Mew is very resilient, especially with Roost maintaining its HP.

Put the Stealth Rocks away, use Roost to keep Mew healthy, and try to activate Toxic on every Pokémon owned by your opponent.

Personally, I don’t like this play style because of the theme, but it’s wonderful for competition. I suggested an alternative move set to offer a more aggressive strategy.

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