20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

At this point, the Pokemon series has a wide variety of pocket monsters, from scary dragons to cute electric mice.

There are many different types of Pokemon, like Normal, Fire, Water, and Grass. Many Pokemon, like Charizard, have two types, Charizard is a Fire/Flying-type Pokemon.

Most of the time, the mixtures of types are pretty easy to guess. Some good examples are Bug/Poison and Fire/Dragon.

There are, however, a few Pokemon with interesting types that are worth mentioning. These aren’t the only Pokemon with unusual or rare pairings of types.

The Rarest Type Combinations

Pokemon fans should keep a few things in mind to figure out how rare certain type combos are. As of this writing, there are just over 900 Pocket Monsters, but many of them are the same type as other animals.

Because of this, there are a lot of type combinations that are only represented by one creature or one line of development.

Some of these creatures are a lot easier to find than others, like Bibarel, which is the only Normal/Water Pokemon in the series at the moment.

This problem is made worse by the fact that some Pocket Monsters won’t be available after the Nintendo 3DS eShop closes next year, and Pokemon Bank will only be available to people who already have the app downloaded.

This makes the Pokemon that can only be caught in the DS and 3DS games even rarer than most legendaries, since modes like the Dynamax Adventures have made it much easier to catch legendaries. Below are the types of Pokemon that are hard to catch and get together.

  • Fairy/Ice
  • Dragon/Fairy
  • Ground/Dark
  • Rock/Electric
  • Ground/Electric
  • Poison/Fairy
  • Grass/Ground
  • Electric/Fire
  • Electric/Normal
  • Ice/Fire
  • Normal/Grass
  • Electric/Grass
  • Dark/Psychic
  • Electric/Psychic
  • Dark/Steel
  • Water/Steel
  • Rock/Dark
  • Bug/Fairy
  • Psychic/Poison
  • Bug/Ghost
  • Dragon/Fighting
  • Ice/Steel

Why these Types Combinations are the Rarest in Pokemon?

Even though it may seem like some type combinations on the list above are more common, players may think one type combination is used more than it is because a Pocket Monster with that type combination may be very popular and the only one of its kind.

Sandile and its evolutions, for example, may be available in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but they are surprisingly the only Ground/Dark-type Pokemon in the series.

This happens a surprising amount in a series where there are so many animals to catch.

Stunfisk is easy to find in its Galarian Form in Sword and Shield. It is the only Ground/Electric type from Generation 5 that is still in its original form.

So far, Mega Altaria is the only Dragon/Fairy-type Pokemon in Pokemon, but it can’t be caught in any Switch game.

As an especially bad example, Deerling and Sawsbuck are both generation 5 Pokemon that are both Normal and Grass types, but players can’t catch either one in any Switch game.

These are just some of the most interesting ones.

20. Galarian Weezing

Dual-Type Pokemon

The original Weezing was just a Poison-type Pokemon. However, the Galarian Weezing is the only Poison/Fairy-type Pokemon in the series.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to add to your main party, because it’s not.

The Galarian Weezing has good Attack and Defense numbers, but its other stats are below average.

Its move set is also less than impressive, so you’ll need to use TMs or TRs to get your Galarian Weezing ready to fight.

On top of that, it doesn’t have the best skills, except for Neutralizing Gas, which helps Galarian Weezing compete.

19. Hisuian Zorua

1026 p2 01 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Zorua is a Dark-type Pokemon that has been in the series since Black and White, which is the fifth generation.

In the eighth generation, Zorua got a Hisuian form. This new form is a Normal/Ghost type Pokemon, which is a type mix that no other Pokemon has. Zoroark is also a Normal/Ghost type and evolves from Zorua.

The problem with this Pokemon is that when it levels up, it doesn’t learn any moves of the Fairy type.

It has some good Dark moves, but they aren’t even close to the best Dark moves.

Even so, Hisuian Zoroark has good enough stats that it would be worth using a TM or two to improve its moveset.

18. Great Tusk

IMG 6162 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Great Tusk debuted in Scarlet and Violet and is a good Pokemon to add to your main team.

This Ground/Fighting type has great stats overall and a move pool full of powerful strikes.

Great Tusk’s Attack is one of its best stats, and almost all of its attacks use Attack instead of Special Attack.

It doesn’t seem likely that the Ground/Fighting type would still be special after nine generations of games. In fact, these two types seem to go well together.

But if you use Great Tusk, you should know that six types of moves are very powerful against this type combination.

17. Grafaiai

p03 02 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Some Pokemon look scary, while others are cute and almost look like they aren’t going to hurt you.

Grafaiai, which grows from Shroodle and is a Normal/Poison type, is a little bit of both. This Pokemon was added in Scarlet and Violet, along with Great Tusk.

This Pokemon’s ability to poison opponents who use physical attacks against it is a good reason to make it your main poison-type Pokemon.

It also has above-average Attack and Speed stats, and some of the best Poison-type moves are in its move set.

16. Lokix

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Lokix Thumbnail Temp 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Nymble is a Bug-type Pokemon that changes into Lokix, which is a Bug/Dark-type. This is another type combo that doesn’t seem like it should be that rare. This bug looks like a robot, and it is just as scary as it looks.

Lokix may not have the best stats overall, but its Speed and Attack are good enough to compete with high-tier Pokemon.

If it has less than one-third of its full health left, its Swarm ability does 50% more damage. It has a secret skill called “Tinted Lens,” which makes moves that aren’t very good do more damage.

This Pokemon also has a large number of different kinds of moves in its move pool. This makes it easier to make move sets that fit your needs.

15. Shedinja

01fkgsced9smbr1b53rh 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Shedinja is a Pokemon that is both a Bug and a Ghost. It was first seen in the third generation (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald).

Shedinja is the only Bug and Ghost type Pokémon. You can get this one-of-a-kind Pokemon by changing Nincada into Ninjask while holding an empty Poke Ball in your collection.

Shedinja is also different because it has only one HP.

This isn’t a huge advantage, but Shedinja’s Wonder Guard ability keeps it from getting damage from moves that aren’t very good against it. It is weak against moves that are Fire, Flying, Rock, Ghost, or Dark.

14. Drampa

a92ca2151eae9cbc9ea2d7aa6038d7ef 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

In the early days of Pokemon, only Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite were Dragon-types. Some of them, like Charizard, looked like dragons, but they weren’t dragons.

Dragons are more common in Pokemon games than in Elder Scrolls games these days. There are also many different kinds of dragons, but only one that is both normal and a dragon: Drampa.

If you got that Drampa looks like an off-color Falkor, you just got a few cool points. Even the way Drampa is described says that it is kind and likes to play with kids.

Drampa isn’t as strong as some other Dragon-types, but it’s not terrible in fight either.

13. Volcanion

Volcanion MS019 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

One thing that makes Volcanion one of the coolest Fire-type Pokémon is its combination of two of the most popular types in the series: Fire and Water.

The joining of these two types is more than decent defensively because it is only weak to three types and resists five others.

When it comes to offense, the combination of Fire and Water can also be viable.

Together, they are super-effective against seven types, and the best part is that Fire can deal with Grass-types, one of Water’s weaknesses, while Water can deal with Rock and Ground-types, two of Fire’s weaknesses.

12. Centiskorch

sandaconda centiskorch get gigantamax forms in pokemon sword shield centiskorch 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Centiskorch is a Pokemon that is both a Bug and a Fire type. It was first seen in Sword and Shield.

Due to its Fire and Bug types, Centiskorch can’t be hurt by Fighting, Ice, Grass, Fairy, Bug, or Steel moves. If it has the ability Flash Fire, it can’t even be hurt by Fire moves.

It is only weak to Water, Flying, and Rock types. Bug-type Pokemon, on the other hand, have a bit of a bad name for being bad in battle.

This fire bug can also use some of the best Bug-type and Fire-type moves, such as Bug Bite, Lunge, Fire Lash, and Burn Up, to name a few.

11. Jellicent

Jellicent 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

A Water/Ghost-type Pokemon was introduced in Generation 5, which had never been seen before and hasn’t been seen since.

This Pokemon is called Jellicent. It is a huge blue flying jellyfish with the face of the Pringles mascot.

Even though Jellicent might not have the best stats in the game, it makes up for this by knowing moves like Shadow Ball and Water Spout, which are very powerful.

The best thing about this Pokemon is the list of things it can’t be hurt by. Normal and Fighting moves don’t hurt Jellicent, and neither does water if it has the Water Absorb ability.

However, moves like Fire, Ice, Bug, Steel, and Poison do half as much damage.

10. Alolan Raichu

733139 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

If you want to use a Psychic/Electric type Pokemon, you only have one choice. Before Sun and Moon, you didn’t have that choice until Alolan Raichu came out.

Since generation one (Red, Blue, and Yellow), the standard Raichu has been a part of the Pokemon series, but it has only been an Electric-type.

The Alolan Raichu is weak to a wider range of types of moves than the normal Raichu.

In exchange, you can use Psychic, a powerful psychic attack move. It would have been cool if Alolan Raichu had a few more Psychic strikes, but Psychic is good enough.

9. Marshadow

Marshadow 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Belonging solely to the Generation VII Mythical Marshadow, the dual-type combination of Fighting and Ghost has its strengths and weaknesses.

When defending, it helps its Pokémon a fair amount by giving it four weaknesses, three resistances, and two immunities.

The immunities are helpful, but only a small number of resistances leaves it open to neutral damage from most of the series’ types.

Offensively, the type combination is incredible. On their own, the Ghost-type cannot hit the Normal-type, and Fighting cannot hit Ghost.

However, Ghost is super-effective against itself and Fighting is super-effective against Normal.

In addition, Ghost can take care of Psychic, which resists Fighting, and Fighting can take care of Dark, which resists Ghost. The two types complement each other very well offensively.

8. Claydol

Claydol Pokemmon With Rare Type Combinations 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Claydol is a Ground/Psychic-type Pokemon. Other than Baltoy, which it evolved from, it is the only other Ground/Psychic-type Pokemon.

This gives this Pokemon some cool traits that not many other Pokemon have. It has a lot of resistances, but it should be used carefully because it is weak against a lot of types.

Claydol’s Defense and Special Defense are both very good, but its other stats are about average.

The worst thing about this Pokemon is that it doesn’t have any other powerful moves besides Self-Destruct and Explosion.

Claydol is one of those Pokemon you want to like, but it often doesn’t match up to what you need in a competitive setting.

7. Lanturn

20 facts about lanturn 1689819826 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Lanturn is a Pokemon that has both Electric and Water types. It was first released in generation four. Wash Rotom is the only other Electric/Water type.

Since Wash Rotom doesn’t know any Water-type moves besides Hydro Pump, it doesn’t do very well in battle as a Water-type.

Lanturn is a Water-type Pokemon that can be healed by Electric strikes. This is almost never seen in Pokemon games.

Because of this and the fact that it can use Hydro Pump, Lanturn is a great Pokemon to switch to when you’re fighting an Electric-type Pokemon.

Lanturn would have been close to a top-tier attacker if it had better stats. Lanturn may have a lot of HP, but its other numbers are far below average.

6. Mawile

Mawile 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Mawile is a Steel/Fairy-type Pokemon that was debuted in the last game of the third generation, Victory Road. Mawile is a Pokemon with a strange look, but its type mix is very interesting.

It has very low stats, but its long list of resistances makes up for this. Normal, Flying, Rock, Psychic, Bug, Ice, Dark, Fairy, and Grass moves can’t hurt Mawile, and neither can Poison or Dragon moves.

This tiny creature that looks like it came from Cambria is a real dragonslayer.

5. Heatran

pokemon go heatran 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Heatran is the only Pokemon that is both fire and steel. Heatran is one of the few Pokemon on this list that you would always want in your journey group. This Pokemon is a really strong fighter.

All of Heatran’s numbers are much better than average, but its Special Attack is the best of the best.

Heatran is a Fire/Steel type, which gives it a lot of resistances and defenses. It is strong against or immune to 11 types of moves. The icing on the cake is that Heatran can also use some amazing moves.

4. Lucario

Lucario 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Lucario is a type of Pokemon that is both Fighting and Steel. It was debuted in generation four (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum).

This two-legged blue dog is one of the most popular Pokemon, especially in Pokemon Go.

This is because it is so useful in battles with more than one Pokemon. During fight, it can fully heal and protect teammates.

Dragon Pulse, Close Combat, Meteor Mash, and Extreme Speed are all very powerful moves that Lucario can learn.

Lucario can’t be hurt by moves that are Steel, Dark, Dragon, Ice, Grass, Normal, Rock, Bug, or Poison.

3. Galarian Darmanitan (Zen Mode)

Galarian Zen Darmanitan Pokemmon With Rare Type Combinations 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Galarian Darmanitan is an Ice-type Pokemon that came out in the eighth generation. When a Galarian Darmanitan with Zen Mode as a hidden power has less than half of its HP left, it changes to Zen Mode.

The Zen Mode of Galarian Darmanitan is the only Fire/Ice Pokemon in the series. Galarian Darmanitan can learn some strong Ice-type moves, but it needs TMs and TRs to learn Fire-type moves.

Galarian Darmanitan’s Zen Mode is best because it has incredibly high Speed, Attack, and HP. It hits first and hits hard.

Fire and Ice is an interesting combo because it doesn’t give a Pokemon much resistance to other move types.

2. Crabominable

Crabominable Pokemmon With Rare Type Combinations 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Crabominable would not have made the cut if this was a piece about powerful Pokemon with rare or unique type combinations instead of just any powerful Pokemon with one type.

Let’s start with the good things. This Fighting/Ice-type Pokemon has a high Attack rate and a lot of HP, and it can use moves that do a lot of damage. All done.

Now, let’s talk about the bad things. Crabominable’s Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed are all terrible, but its Speed is especially bad.

It is weak to six types of moves, which is twice as many as the types of moves it is good against, which are only three.

This Pokemon might be knocked out before it even gets a chance to move if it faces a strong opponent.

1. Steelix

maxresdefault 1 20 Rarest Dual-Type Pokemon Combinations

Steelix is a Pokemon that is both grounded and made of steel. It first showed up in generation two. Excadrill and Alolan Dugtrio are the only other Ground/Steel types.

Steelix can’t be hurt by moves that use Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Normal, Flying, Psychic, Bug, or Rock. It can also’t be hurt by moves that use Electric or Poison.

Steelix’s Attack stat is surprisingly low, but it can learn a number of very strong attack moves to make up for this.

Double Edge, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, Dig, and Slam are some of the best ones.

Moves like Double Edge that cause recoil damage can be used without fear if Steelix has the Rock Head ability, which protects it from recoil damage.

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