18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Okay, you slobs, pay attention because we’re about to establish some guidelines (Alright, I’ll stop using the military analogy before it becomes annoying.)

Putting tank jokes aside, we do have certain requirements before we can get started with this list.

No myths or legends, to start.

If not, you would see many of them here.

There will be no mega evolutions, Dynamax, or wormhole Pokémon for the same reason that legendaries are banned.

Finally, this will not simply be a carbon duplicate of the Pokémon with the highest basic defense in the series.

There are a number of factors that will influence how effective it is in combat, and I want to consider them all.

Therefore, it’s not only about raw statistics but also about typing and move set.

In order to liven things up a little, I’m going to toss in one or two unconventional recommendations.

You can come to me if you have any issues with it.

18. Mantine

mantine spotlight hour pokemon go shiny mantine june 2022 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

This is because Mantine is a Pokemon with a low profile.

A trainer may overlook it in favor of more prevalent water types because of the broad grin on its face.

Despite its outward appearance, Mantine belongs to the water type category of Pokémon which is considered to be very hefty.

Its type makes it extremely vulnerable to electricity, which is problematic but ultimately irrelevant.

When it comes to electric-type strikes, special attacks are by far the most prevalent and potent, and Mantine has excellent special protection.

It is resilient enough to withstand blows of such magnitude, and it is an effective counter against Pokemon that specializes in fighting the fire, flying grass, or absorbing water.

This manta ray may seem a little dumb at first glance, but it can actually withstand considerable force.

17. Carbink

2703 Shiny Carbink 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

It’s hardly shocking that a rock-type like Carbink has solid defenses.

This Fairy-type Pokemon isn’t the strongest, despite its sparkling gems, and its little size and height may lead one to believe that it isn’t as durable as it truly is.

Furthermore, Carbink possesses the protective bulk that is absent in other forms of rocks.

Carbink has a respectable 150 defenses and 150 special defenses, but its health is abysmal at 50.

This makes Carbink less desirable as a delaying Pokemon or wall, although it still performs adequately in both roles.

With the addition of Calm Mind, it can even more convincingly play the part of a menacing adversary.

You could also just have it blow up when it has finished its setup. What a miserable existence this rock has.

16. Corviknight

Corviknight 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

One of the better tank possibilities is the relatively new Pokemon Corviknight, introduced in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games.

It’s a hybrid of the Flying and Steel types, two of the most versatile and powerful groups of creatures.

Additionally, its HP, Defense, and Special Defense are all rather impressive.

Corviknight’s type and stats make it an excellent competitor and an extremely difficult opponent for other Pokemon.

The abilities that come with Corviknight are what truly set it apart.

Pressure and Mirror Armor are two of those that are useful for slowly wearing out the opponent Pokemon.

Pokemon using Pressure is required to expend twice as many PP on each attack, and Pokemon using Mirror Armor are protected against status-changing attacks.

This implies that Pokemon attempting to battle Corviknight will use up their limited resources or maybe weaken themselves in the process.

With its high health and defensive stats, Corviknight may make use of a status move that is effective in most scenarios but seldom employed because of the high risk involved.

With Swagger, you may increase your opponent’s Attack while also throwing them off guard, allowing them to inflict significant damage on themselves.

If the victim avoids taking damage, however, they will deal damage using their increased Attack stat.

Given that Corviknight is both a Flying and a Steel dual-type, it is much safer to take chances with this Pokémon than it would be with others.

15. Bastiodon

15 bastiodon pokemon anime screenshot 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Due to my status as a Diamond player, I was never able to encounter Bastiodon firsthand.

And yet, that doesn’t prevent it from being included here.

With a massive 168 Defense and 138 Sp. Defense, this dinosaur wants tobe is one of the sturdiest hybrid tanks available.

However, beyond these numbers, Bastiodon offers next to nothing in a combat situation.

Its HP and other metrics are very insufficient.

There must be some justification for its placement in PU on Smogon.

It’s also rather ugly and boastful for a monster, which is why it’s so far down on our list.

14. Shuckle

14 shuckle pokemon anime 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Among Pokémon fans, Shuckle is practically a myth.

Being a little yellow noodle curled up in its shell on sunny beaches is the definition of calm.

I feel like I’m finally retiring in style.

Despite this, its base defense is higher than that of every other non-legendary Pokémon in the series combined.

It’s not only a defensive measure either.

Equal to its base 230, its special defense is 230 as well.

The remainder of its statistics, though, are dismal.

Ingenious strategies exist for harnessing Shuckle’s full potential.

The problem is that these tactics aren’t really viable in the real world.

There’s a good reason why Bastiodon and Based Shuckle are both PUs.

13. Cloyster

maxresdefault 12 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

As a tank, Cloyster is one of a kind due to its versatile use as either a sweeper or a wall buster.

The fact that it can learn skills like Spikes and Shell Smash certainly helps.

On paper, however, defense is where Cloyster should shine.

The 180 basic defense is rather high.

To put it another way, even for a Pokémon of yesteryear.

However, there is a major flaw that precludes this wall from being competitive:

Cold typing, as it were.

Competing ice types are rare.

Even if a Pokémon has excellent stats, its protections against fire and ice kinds are easily breached by a large number of opponents.

Simply by virtue of its numbers, Cloyster deserves a mention; strangely, it might end up on a list of unlikeliest of attackers.

12. Miltank

2694 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Now, Miltank distinguishes itself from the majority of the Pokémon we’ve been discussing by virtue of its unique abilities.

It has a meager 105 defense but 100 speed, which is far better than expected.

However, there is only one reason I am adding it, and that is Whitney.

Is your stomach in knots just reading that? Each of us may recall the agony of finally reaching that wall in Gold and Silver.

You are not prepared to handle Miltank’s self-healing and damage absorption abilities at the level you first meet at this gym.

For sure, this pink menace won’t be sending any athletes to the Championships any time soon.

Many of the survivors still have vivid recollections of Whitney’s gym.

11. Metagross

metagross 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Metagross has solid numbers across the board, making it competitive in every format save for Ubers.

As it has a basic defense of 130 and an attack of 135, Metagross may be built to prioritize either offense or defense.

Metagross isn’t the finest steel type, but it’s a fantastic hybrid in standard playthroughs of any generation.

Given the time commitment required to capture Beldum’s early evolution, this is to be expected.

Though we have superior steel-type tanks lower on the list, Metagross is still worthy of some praise.

10. Snorlax

18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Choose Snorlax as your hunky male Pokémon.

If you think that it isn’t, you have really bad taste.

While I have a soft spot for this OG, Snorlax hasn’t exactly been rolling in the previous years.

The rosters of subsequent generations consistently demote Snorlax farther in the hierarchy of Pokémon.

Although it has a low Sp. Defense, at 115, Snorlax can still hold its own.

In addition, your HP is a hefty 160.

Because of its Curse builds, it is still used in lower-tier competitive teams, although that is about all it can do these days.

No matter what generation you play, solo runs are fun and rewarding.

9. Umbreon

pokemon tcg umbreon card art 2 06b8 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Even while Umbreon doesn’t appear to be particularly sturdy, it can absorb blows.

This evolution’s poor Sp. Defense and Defense stats ensure it will always be relegated to the bottom tiers of competition.

One of the finest clerics in the game, regardless of format, thanks to its access to Wish and Heal Bell.

It’s a shame that fans don’t get to see more of it when the pros play.

8. Chansey

Chansey 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Many of you may be confused by the look of Chansey and its evolved form.

There is some merit to both, even if they are viable only on distinct playing fields.

Since Chansey hasn’t progressed, it can utilize the Eviolite.

The Defense and Special Defense stats of Chansey are each multiplied by 1.5 thanks to this rare item.

Although we won’t be discussing defense, the 1.5x increase to a base Sp. defense of 105 is certainly not inconsequential.

Particularly when one considers Chansey’s absurdly high basic HP of 250.

The remainder of its stats are laughable, yet this glorified egg is often used in competition against legendaries anyhow.

Assuming optimal conditions, Chansey has the potential to become a dominant force in any competition.

7. Blissey

best blissey build pokemon unite moves items stats 1024x576 1 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

When compared to the evolved form of Chansey, Blissey is far better.

Even if you discount the possibilities presented by Eviolite.

With an Sp. defense of 135 and a health pool of 255, Blissey easily has superior statistics.

Like Chansey, it has a single major flaw, but this one is far more significant.

Which Blissey line version you like depends on your own choice and level of comfort with its features.

It is possible to field a more powerful Chansey, but then you’re stuck with having to switch to an Eviolite.

There is less of a limit on how you may play when using Blissey because of this.

6. Tyranitar

71JVSNlYlAL. AC SL1500 2 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

No matter how much time you’ve spent creating genetically engineered animals to pit against others in battle, you can’t deny the popularity of this Pokémon.

Normal Tyranitar construction emphasizes assault.

To be fair, with a basic attack of 134, it’s not hard to see why.

The 110 Defense and 100 Sp. Defense is nice, but there are other features to consider.

When you consider that Tyranitar is also optimal for a Sandstorm team, it becomes clear why so many trainers choose to use it.

These attributes, along with its high STAB potential, make T-Tar one of the most formidable hybrid tanks in the whole Pokédex.

5. Steelix

yyrezacyeyp8hbvt 1619776494 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

This is when the real defensive players come in.

Steelix’s strong typing and enormous 200-base defense keep it out of the spotlight at the top levels of competition.

In addition, it has a mega evolution that, with Shuckle, has the greatest defense in the game.

Its offensive capabilities aren’t to be sneered at, though. Although you won’t be using a Steelix designed for cleaning floors.

On top of everything else, Steelix can use Stealth Rock.

In a tank, what else could you possibly need?

4. Skarmory

bxxcbk7eil6euohn 1619768813 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

You may make an unusual request for a huge metal bird with razor blades for wings.

Skarmory’s stats are lower than Steelix’s: defense 140 and attack 80.

However, Skarmory still sees use in the uncontested territory near the peak of the Pokémon mountain.

Skarmory’s setting up skills are solely responsible for this.

Its arsenal includes the poisonous Toxic, the whirling winds of the Whirlwind, and the sharp spikes.

These three are essential to many different types of teams.

No legendaries or hyper wormholes are legal in the formats where Skarmory is played, yet there are better overall selections than Skarmory.

3. Avalugg

Avalugg best moveset in Pokemon Go amp is it any 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Avalugg is a specialist recommendation, yet it is quite powerful in its field.

Having an offense of 117 and defense of 184 is a significant accomplishment.

In spite of being surpassed by more advanced creatures.

The iceberg’s typing speed is its greatest weakness.

It has been a long time since the ice was supported in the metagame.

Despite this, Avalugg has a purpose at OU as a formidable physical barrier.

2. Toxapex

maxresdefault 13 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Toxapex is a new player in the industry.

It has, however, had an effect on the metagame equivalent to that of established powerhouses like Garchomp and Hydreigon, but for very different reasons.

Toxapex’s defenses are 152 at the base level and 142 at the special level.

That alone would be sufficient to warrant its inclusion, but Toxapex improves upon even that.

Among its incredible arsenal of techniques are a variety of healing effects, Haze, and toxic spikes.

Moreover, Toxapex’s poison/water type makes it one of the best defensive choices among Pokémon.

1. Ferrothorn

01 ferrothorn pokemon anime screenshot 1 18 Best Tankiest Pokémon of All Time

Back when Ferrothorn was originally released, it quickly rose to the top of the game.

Since since, it has maintained its status as a top tier hazard setting.

A counterattack and Sp. The combined defense of 131 and 116 places it in the upper echelon of defensive strength.

When compared to other Pokémon, Ferrothorn stands out due to its type and move set.

I think the grass/steel combo is awesome.

Also, having easy access to both Spikes and Stealth Rock is priceless.

In addition to being able to establish hazards at the point of entrance, it can also learn the moves Knock Off and Leech Seed.

Ferrothorn has been a mainstay in the Master’s Division for quite some time, and that won’t change anytime soon.

Excellent for both teamwork and solitary play in the major games.

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