20 Ugliest Pokémon Of All Time (Updated In 2024)

We have looked at Pokemon with fairy types, cute types and some adorable ones,

but today we are going to talk about the Pokemon that won the award for being the ugliest of all time.

As a dedicated fan, I enjoy talking about the various types of Pokemon,

but occasionally I find myself griping about the Pokemon I consider to be the ugliest.

I believe that these Pokemon should never have been made in the first place.

Let’s take a look at the list I’m going to make today of the 27 Pokemon that I think are the ugliest of all time.

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Updated in June, 2024, by Swati : Each generation introduces an endless number of new Pokemon designs that are subject to admiration, disapproval, and debate.

Our perspectives may change as we spend more time with those generations.

It is possible to develop an appreciation for certain designs and subsequently lose interest in others.

We typically suggest that items such as this be reviewed and modified.

27. Exploud

12 Facts About Exploud - Facts.net

The picture of Exploud is of a maddening swarm of Majin Buu Tentacles.

There’s little question that this thing wasn’t meant to be attractive.

Both its terrible, crimson eyes and its large, gaping mouth,

which is always screaming, are incredibly ugly.

It is fortunately that its muzzle is closed since it seems less unattractive.

However, it is once again damaged by the existence of more ugly dogs,

just like other sad candidates on this list.

Why are they in that particular place and how come there are so few?

26. Alolan Grimer

Pokemon: Moon - Alolan Grimer

An ugliest pokemon, Grimer is not typically a visually appealing Pokemon in its original form;

however, the addition of its large, goofy canines and yellow outline around

its mouth explains why a straightforward colour palette change can have such a significant impact.

It appears to have residual vomit trailing from its muzzle,

as if Grimer were not already unappealing.

The Alolan form’s coloration is also unappealing and emaciated.

Grimer, similar to Guzzlord, was likely intended to be exceedingly unattractive. They succeeded.

25. Guzzlord

PU Suspect Coverage: Guzzlord - Smogon University

Guzzlord is an Ultra Beast,

which is intentionally designed to resemble aliens and be unattractive in order to imply that they migrated to the Pokemon world from a peculiar, distorted dimension.

Fortunately, Guzzlord is an optimal match for those who were endeavouring to evoke this aura.

The spike-ball tail, tiny visage, and peculiar round claws of this Dark/Dragon-type,

as well as its arms protruding from its maw, render it hideous.

Its teeth are a repugnant yellow colour that resembles gnashing. Very well done, Game Freak.

24. Cursola

Making Cursola smile feels so... fulfilling : r/pokemon

This Pokemon’s design, which is similar to of the deteriorating coral reefs,

suggests that it is intended to serve as a political statement, rather than merely an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Typically, Galar’s Corsola is pink and vibrant in its pre-evolutionary state;

however, it adopts a more spectral appearance to address the issues of coral bleaching and climate change.

Galarian Corsola and Cursola are somewhat disruptive in this state. An ugliest pokemon

23. Toxel

18 Facts About Toxel - Facts.net

It seems that Toxel is the most haughty, grumpiest, and largest Pokemon.

It is more reminiscent of a purple alien cartoon than a Pokemon when it screams as an infant.

It is quite peculiar to observe.

The eerie atmosphere is further enhanced by the natural diaper,

as diapers are not a feature of the natural world and are intended to invoke images of humans.

It also generates some horrifying notions that it is a Poison-type creature with that nappy. An ugliest pokemon

22. Amoonguss

Amoonguss | Smogon Forums

Apart from the existential terror of a living mushroom,

its design does not make up for its lack of attraction.

Generally speaking, Amoonguss is unduly curvaceous,

which gives him an alien-like mouth and a beer gut.

It doesn’t help either that Amoonguss’ eyes,

like those of the other Pokemon on this list, nearly always seem enraged.

If your skull is not well offset, for some reason it holds Pokeballs.

It is easy to understand why this Pokemon is hated by all. An ugliest pokemon

21. Rhyperior

16 Facts About Rhyperior - Facts.net

The Rhyperior, a Pokemon, may be one of the most potent evolutions of Generation IV; however, it is not visually alluring.

This Rhydon evolution alters a visually attractive design into a squat, discoloured, and blocky shape.

The Pokemon’s irregular stump-like appearance and life-vest-like orange design,

which is affixed to an overbite, are not particularly appealing.

It seems to have been beguiling its fairy godmother rather than drilling something, as evidenced by its nasal horn.

In general, the Rhyperior seems to be more functional than fashionable. An ugliest pokemon

20. Snubbull

Snubbull Ugliest Pokémon

Snubbull is an Ugliest Pokémon that looks like a pink bulldog and has blue polka dots all over its body.

It looks like a dress because its lower body is covered by loose skin that hangs down like a skirt.

Around its neck is a small blue ruff. It has a big underbite,

but its jaws are still very strong.

It also has two flat, curved, and black-tipped earflaps, as well as a small, shiny black nose.

It has short, stumpy arms and beige feet with three toes and a pink pad in the middle. An ugliest pokemon.

19. Exeggcute


Exeggcute is an Ugliest Pokémon that looks like six light pink eggs.

Its heads are usually huddled together around its sixth head.

Each “head” has a slightly different expression,

but each face has triangular eyes with tiny black pupils and a small mouth.

Each shell has some cracks, and usually one of the group has its yellow brain or insides showing.

It is getting ready to change when there are more cracks in it.

Even though Exeggcute looks like an egg, it is more closely related to plant seeds.

It is thought that it has genes from plants and other animals. An ugliest pokemon

18. Drowzee


Drowzee is an Ugliest Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a tapir.

It has eyes that look like they are tired, a short trunk above its mouth,

and triangle-shaped ears with brown insides.

Drowzee’s upper half is yellow, and its lower half is brown.

The two parts are split by a wavy line.

It is round in the middle and has short legs.

It has brown feet, but its two big toes are yellow.

There is a small, round, pink pad in the middle of the bottom of each foot.

Each of its hands has three fingers.

Munna and Musharna are thought to share an ancestor with Drowzee. An ugliest pokemon.

17. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime is an Ugliest Pokémon that looks like a human.

It has a pale pink head with blue growths on the sides that look like clown hair.

Each cheek has a magenta circle.

Its jaw is bent inward, like a wooden dummy’s mouth.

It has a round, white body with a magenta spot in the middle.

Its light pink arms and legs are connected to its body by magenta spheres,

and it has small white coverings on its knees.

Its white hands look like gloves because they have pink pads on the tips of their white fingers,

and the tips of its dark blue feet curl up. An ugliest pokemon

16. Seismitoad


Seismitoad is the Ugliest Pokémon. It looks like a blue toad and has two legs.

Its underside and the bumps that look like speakers on different parts of its body are cyan,

but the edges around its belly are black.

It has three big fingers on each hand and foot.

Seismitoad also has long tongue, red eyes, and cyan decorations on its legs. An ugliest pokemon.

15. Feebas


Feebas is an Ugliest Pokémon that looks like a worn-out old fish.

Its body is light brown and covered with dark, irregular spots.

It has big, pink lips and big, deep-set eyes.

The pectoral fins and tail are a dull blue colour and look worn.

The dorsal fin has a hole in the middle of a triangular shape.

Because it looks bad, most hunters, Trainers, and researchers don’t bother with it.

This hardy Pokémon, on the other hand, can eat anything and live anywhere.

It lives in oceans and ponds with a lot of plants, even if there isn’t much water.

Even though there are a lot of this Pokémon, they tend to all live in small areas.

Once found, it’s easy to catch because it’s not very smart. An ugliest pokemon. An ugliest pokemon

14. Purugly


Purugly is an Ugliest Pokémon that looks like a fat grey and white cat with a crescent-shaped head.

It has pointy ears with purple tips.

It has whiskers that end in a shape that looks like a zigzag.

It has a forked part at the end of its spiraling tail, but it usually wraps it around its waist, making it look less fat.

Even though Purugly seems slow, it won’t hesitate to attack if it’s mad and can move very quickly. An ugliest pokemon

13. Muk


Muk is a big, sticky, amorphous Ugliest Pokémon made of living purple sludge.

It has two small eyes with black pupils that look like beads.

It also has a huge mouth with a grey tongue and strings of slime that connect its upper and lower jaws.

Even though you can’t see its legs, it has two arms and three fingers on each hand.

But most of the time, it keeps one hand tucked in and holds out the other. An ugliest pokemon

12. Barbaracle


Barbaracle is a two-legged Ugliest Pokémon.

It has an orange waist with several segments connecting two grey rocks that make up its body.

It is made up of four orange arms that reach out from the top of the rock.

It has a brown head that looks like a left fist.

It has four clawed fingers on top and a clawed thumb on the right side of its face.

Its face is orange and has two eyes, but nothing else makes it stand out.

Each arm has a brown hand with a single eye in the middle of the palm, four long claws, and a brown band around the middle.

It has orange legs with two brown bands, brown feet with four claws and a star with four points. An ugliest pokemon

11. Alolan Persian

Alolan Persian

Persian is a large, quadruped, feline Ugliest Pokémon.

Its fur is pale tan, except around its ears, which are black.

It has a short muzzle with a small, black nose, red eyes with slit pupils, round ears, a pair of pointed teeth in its upper jaw, and three whiskers on each side of its face.

Its thick whiskers are very sensitive to changes in how the air moves, so it can find its prey just by watching how it moves.

It has a red gem in the middle of its forehead.

It has a long tail with a curl at the end.

Persian uses body language to talk, and when it wants to attack, it stands on its tail.

It has long legs and paws with three toes and claws that can be pulled back.

It can also walk silently because its muscles are so flexible. An ugliest pokemon

10. Electivire


Electivire is a big creature that looks like a human and has yellow fur with black stripes on it.

It looks like it doesn’t have a neck. It has red eyes, a black spot on its forehead, and two antennae with rounded tips.

Electivire’s back has a pattern that looks like an electric outlet.

It has rough, spikey fur on its cheeks and shoulders.

It has two black tails that look like open electrical wires because they end in red balls.

Electivire has three clawed toes on each of its black feet, and each of its black hands has five fingers. An ugliest pokemon

9. Magmortar


Magmortar is a large Ugliest Pokémon with a body that looks like an egg.

It has red and yellow stripes and a vaguely humanoid shape. Its dark face has pink lips.

It has yellow, tube-shaped arms with a black “band” around each one.

The black part of each “hand” has three small claws.

Its legs are small compared to the rest of its body.

The thighs are pink, the feet are red, and there are black chains around the ankles.

It has a big yellow flame on its head and big red flames on its shoulders and at the end of its tail.

On its back, there are also four pink spikes. An ugliest pokemon

8. Alolan Raticate

Alolan Raticate

Raticate is a large, rodent-like an ugliest pokemon.

Even though it is often shown standing on its back legs, it is a four-legged animal.

It is mostly tawny, but the underside is cream.

It has black, narrow eyes, ears with rough edges and dark insides, and big teeth that keep getting bigger.

On each side of its face, it has three whiskers, which it uses to keep its balance.

It has short arms with three-fingered hands and feet with three toes on each webbed foot.

It can swim because its feet are webbed.

It has a long, scaly tail.

A girl’s whiskers will be shorter, and her fur will be lighter. An ugliest pokemon

7. Probopass


Probopass is a mostly blue Pokémon that looks like a rock.

It has small, round eyes, a big red nose for its size,

and a bushy black mustache that looks like it is made of iron filings.

Its magnetic nose seems to be drawing these pieces of iron.

It has three small things on its sides and back that it can control.

These are called Mini-Noses in Japanese.

It has a big magnet on top of its head that looks like a red hat,

and its whole body is very magnetic. An ugliest pokemon

6. Bruxish


Bruxish is an ugly Pokémon that looks like a fish. It has colorful scales and fins.

It has large dark purple lips and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

The front of its body is light blue. Most of the top half of its body is light purple, while most of the bottom half is yellow.

It has light blue spots on the purple part of its body.

Its light purple eyes have light blue pupils, and the bottom of its body is yellow.

Its eyelids are dark purple, and its eyelashes are long and light blue.

All of its fins are dark purple, light blue, or a mix of the two.

The pectoral fins are mostly dark purple with a short blue line along the bottom,

the dorsal fin is light blue, the ventral fin is dark purple,

and the tail fin is dark purple with a light blue heart-shaped mark in the middle.

It has a bump on top of its head that ends in a dark purple bulb.

The bulb can open up like a flower to show a light blue ball in the middle. An ugliest pokemon

5. Vullaby


Vullaby looks like a young vulture.

It has a fat, stocky body covered in dark gray feathers, small wings with gray tips, and pink feet with three clawed toes.

It has a short neck and a round, pink head with only a crest on top. It has no feathers on its head.

Around its neck is a collar of soft, light gray feathers.

It has red eyes and a small gray beak. An ugliest pokemon

4. Garbodor


Garbodor looks like a big, torn garbage bag with trash spilling out of it.

It has a round, bumpy body that is mostly tan but has some blue and pink bumps.

Its head looks like the tied end of a trash bag that has been torn open and is now hanging down like a cape.

It has two things coming out of its head that look like clumps of trash.

It has big, round eyes with small pupils.

When it opens its mouth, you can see its big, triangular teeth.

Garbodor has two long arms made of trash.

One arm is held together by piping, and its fingers are also made of piping.

The other arm is held together by rebar.

It has three fingers on its right hand and one finger on its left.

It also has big, flat feet. An ugliest pokemon

3. Gurdurr


Gurdurr is a bipedal Ugliest Pokémon that is gray and has a big, round, dark-violet nose.

Its head has round bumps that look like curls of “hair.”

Its large, muscular arms, thighs, and chest are covered with purple bumps that look like swollen veins.

Its shoulders are also covered with thick purple bands.

It has the shape of an hourglass. It is known to carry an I-beam girder in its arms most of the time.

Gurdurr uses the steel frame to train its muscles, and it brags to its friends about how strong it is.

It is so strong that a group of professional wrestlers won’t even be able to move it.

It is often found near building sites. An ugliest pokemon

2. Crabominable


Crabominable is an Ugliest Pokémon that looks like a crab with white fur all over it.

Around its mouth, shoulders, and claws, its fur is fluffier. It doesn’t have fur on its face, the tips of its legs and arms, and parts of its chest, abdomen, back, and arms.

It has a patch of yellow fur on top of its head with two tufts that stick up.

It has light blue skin, black eyes that look like needles, and a big mouth with two blunt teeth that can be seen.

It has a dark blue mark in the shape of a dumbbell just below its mouth.

Its abdomen is also dark blue, with lighter blue stripes.

These two parts make it look like you have chest and stomach muscles.

It has two dark blue spots on its back. It has three separate parts on each arm.

The arm segments get bigger from the body out, with the smallest one being closest to the body.

The middle segment has a dark blue spot on it. an ugliest pokemon

1. Jynx


Jynx is an Ugliest Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a woman.

Its face is purple, its lips are pink, its eyes look like saucers, and it has long blonde hair.

It has two gold circlets on the chest of its red dress.

In the anime, it has feet, but in the 3D games, all you see under the dress is black, and there is no footprint.

It has white arms and purple hands with five fingers.

Jynx is a species that only has females; there are no males.

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